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  • I've been using 11115.prl. I'd say I'm pretty happy with it.
    I've been thinking of switching to a newer revision, but I've been busy with other things, or been lazy playing Skyrim :D
    That would be great, I lost track of time and stopped trying to learn to theme but ill pick it up again. Thinking about heading over to the HTC Design scene if development picks up. Im not a coder, im a themer!

    Your video would help many people like me who want a quick and easy way to theme. Hopefully we get quality themes :p
    Oh one more thing, should i download the latest ctmod and then create a theme based off that or do i edit another theme ? Dammit i wish there was a tutorial for this
    Yes, thinking of a white theme since we dont have those yet but ill see what i can come up with in my free time. I want to make it professional looking so this could take a while. If i dont have to go to my job today ill spend the night running through some ideas and putting them on photoshop and see how this turns out. i think everyone will like it :D
    Hi rarewolf i noticed you've started on your own theme. How do I create my own theme ? I use to mess around with photoshop a lot when i was younger and would like to start creating some stuff to ease my boredom.
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