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  • Hi,
    My LG Marquee is currently bricked to where i cant boot normaly when i turn it on it bootloops with soft keys flashing. I've tried to boot into recovery and it starts to act like it wants to go to recovery when i release keys, but the screen flashes then goes back to bootloop. The only hope that i can see is download mode which i can get to, but, i have followed every set of instructions i can find and have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled every LG Driver i came across and the MD5 sums checked out when i use KDZ it states that my phone is not connected ive tried CDMA, Q3PST...etc and tried Diag emergency and cs emergency same thing phone is not connected ive tried with windows enabler on and off no luck. If you have any suggestions please fill me in because im dumbfounded now i try to search for any LG Marquee bricked tips i can find even desperately search Optimus Black forums no luck thank you for your time.
    I was going to try the kdz method but I don't know how to pull just the radio.img. So instead I flashed zvc. I was trying to see if maybe the basebands has something to do with the CM9 MMS issue, since Phrantic told me that he is on zv9 and his is working fine with his mms/apn fix. But even with ZVC I get the MMS force close. So I don't think that's going to help anymore. BTW, I checked out Marky beats, nice work!
    What's up bro? Do you know if it possible to swap just the basebands on the marquee like we used to do with the prevail? I want to through zv9 on my phone to test something.
    hey can u update ure links on the marky beats rom cus none of them work, and i need the boost rom so i can restore my fone again thanks, nd also update the hotfix too thank u
    I was wondering if you could give me a link for your icsCM7 rom. I've been wanting to try it for a while but can't find it any where. I'd really appreciate it.

    As far as the ril issues have you checked the build.prop for the appropriate ril lines and check to see if the radio drivers are present in the cm7 build, missing drivers may be causing the issue.
    Hello lMonsterl. I have found some build.prop tweaks that can be very helpful on our devices, and future rom updates...I have also found that Bloodawn has included some build.prop tweaks that are device specific to qualcomm chipsets and are only useful on that hardware,
    ok, the tweaks..

    persist.sys.ui.hw=1 ( seems to help smooth the ui overlay)
    ro.mot.hw.HAC=1 (enables call settings menu option)

    ok now for the kernel tweaks...
    Minfree KBytes: 4096
    Dirty Ratio:90
    Dirty Background Ratio:70
    VFS cache pressure:30
    oom kill allocating task: 1(disables memory hogging task checking to increase performance, it does increase cache size so i recommend clearing app caches at least twice daily)

    I used these settings on Markybeats, and it made the rom smooth as butter,(i.e. ctmod smooth)you should include these into your rom, until you can get a stable cm7 released.
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