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  • Just had a random thought that I decided to share with you. Buddy of mine got the SGS2 (Bell - Canadian) and I helped him root the damn thing. I have never seen such a complex method to rooting Android devices. We're damn lucky to have HTC devices lol.
    Thanks for coming behind me and answering my various questions and kindly correcting my many mistakes. I am very grateful to have such kind mods at this forum such as yourself. Just wanted to show some appreciation on your page, take care!

    I just trade my epic 4g for an evo 4g..i was able to root my epic no problem and it was really of course i want to root my evo..the thing is, is that its running 2.3.3 and from what i was reading there is no root for 2.3.3...Is that true?? and if so is there any way at all that i can root it..i guess im a little confused..hopefully you can shed some light on this for me and point me in the right direction..Thanx
    Hi novox77,

    I was thinking about rooting my phone (I think that is what you call it?) but don't know how and am a bit scared to do it because I've heard bad things about losing ny warranty yadayada... Any advice on how I would go about changing it around? I talked to someone who gave me the website and I see where the EVO 4g Rom is but when I tried to dowload it, it told me that I didjt have an application that could open it on my phone? Furthermore I just dowloaded gingerbread and I saw somewhere where you had written to NOT root my EVO if I had already downloaded the 2.3 update manually. As u cab see I have no clue what in doing really and would appreciate the help!!! Thanks :)

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