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  • hi mate


    Originally Posted by InGearX View Post
    why don't manufacturers ever make a devices with multiple SD/microSD slots ?
    Some do, by supporting USB OTG via the microUSB port. All you need is a $10 host cable and you can connect anything that has a standard USB interface. I've successfully mounted a 320GB external drive as well as various CF and microSD cards via a tiny card reader.


    I also want to mount 320 GB - please advise what drive were you able to mount like that?

    thank ..
    I am play a game called Rage of Bahamut and I have multiple accounts it is a hassle to log in and out 50+ times everyday. I am looking for a way to have multiple versions of the app on 1 device i know iOS is able to do it after it has been JB just wondering if it is possible to do it on Android. (sidenote if my device has to be rooted it already is)
    I know a few folk from work who visit when looking for solutions etc, but I don't believe they've created accounts/post on a regular basis. I was somewhat taken aback when I saw your location. Nice to see someone local.
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