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  • hello, do forgive me for being an idiot! :) i just got the samsung s3 and i think it's a new one out. i tried the 2 listed/posted methods to no avail. i DL'ed the skip tool, and mine is not listed. i am afraid to try something 'close' as it might 'blow-up' something. info: carr: metropcs tele: sgh-t999n (the t999 = t-mobile, NO listing from anybody on the t999N) os: 4.1.2 build: jzo54k.t999nuvame4 i have done my Connect and Motion w/o a hitch. and YES, i did use the supplied usb cable... ;) i also tried in usb hub and straight to pc...same thing basic error is directory not found. as if new directory structure is in place... if it was a pc, i could do something...this is 'over my head'... any help/direction would be appreciated! thanks! ken :)
    I used ODIN to restore Samsung Galaxy Indulge metro pcs, but marked "Re-partition" by mistake. i unplugged right away. still messed up have message E: Can not mount / dev/block/stl12 (Invalid argument) tried oden over & over still stuck. please help :(
    hi tiede,

    thinking about upgrading from my indulge to a S3 and your name popped out at me when I came to read at the forum. Your threads were always really helpful in the Indulge forums.

    Are you still with MetroPCS? when you upgraded to the S3 were you allowed to keep your plan you have been on forever or did they make you switch to a newer plan/rate? I notice most of the new stuff has data caps and throttling, my $60plan is supposed to be unlimited, If I can keep it I will probably upgrade, if they try and make me switch I probably won't.

    just wanted to know how the upgrade worked for you and do you still think the new phone is worth the big $$$.

    thanks for the advice
    hey man, i understand your a busy man and i'm not even sure if this would work but is it possible to compress that 2.2.2 stock tar down to a compressed size that is emailable, or even push it to me through ssh (not sure if that's possible either i dont use ssh ever)? I wouldnt send you a private message about it, i'd just wait for you to get back to me on the forum with a new upload link, but this is my last option for trying to get my sd card to stay mounted whilst unplugged from the charger lol. Thanks in advanced! (no worries if we cant) And no your not obligated to pay for a upload host just so i can have it :)
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