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acer iconia tab a100

  1. M

    Root Please help!

    My daughter forgot her password on her a100 and for some reason after countless password attempts we do not get the "Forgot Password" button to put in her gmail account although I do remember setting it up in the beginning... So we just get try again in 30 seconds, over and over. I've looked...
  2. J

    Cbs app

    Has anyone tried the cbs app on their a100? It's supposedly compatible, but I keep getting a connection lost error message. I was just wondering if it is the tablet itself or something with my particular set up. My tablet is not rooted. Thanks!
  3. jreink01

    Help Possibly bricked A100 Help!

    I was trying to go back to stock ICS and cwm recovery. When I tried to go back, I was currently rooted, running twrp recovery and a custome rom (carbon). I followed this procedure: The simple method to revert back to stock ICS from a custom ROM on an A100. +++Locked bootloader, no custom...
  4. jreink01

    Back to stock rom

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have a acer iconia a100 rooted and currently running the carbon rom (4.2.2) and twrp recovery ( I would like to go back to stock rom (ICS). I have not changed any kernals or anything like that. Can I just...
  5. jreink01

    Help Carbon Rom Issues

    I just installed this rom from stock. (A100)This rom is nice but I am having a few issues. I only have 6 apps on the device and under storage its saying that I only have 1.1gb free and 4.1 gb used. I looked under storage and there is nothing taking up that much space. If I install all my app...
  6. S

    Help Antivirus App for Acer Iconia A1oo tab

    Good morning (UK time) Total newbie! Retired. Live Cornwall in sight of Atlantic. Bought Acer A100 last year for use when travelling abroad. First question please, it seems I need Antivirus for Acer, any suggestions or recommendations? On desktop have McAfee, but this cannot be extended to Acer...
  7. S

    Help Attempt to increase Internal memory

    I get "low memory" error messages when attempting to update apps. I have 6GB Internal Memory and a 32GB External SD chip. In Settings/Storage/Internal I have 5.1 Gb used and 446Mb available free space. Part of the 5.1 GB was taken up with Pics and Videos (1.51 Gb). I tried to Move all of the...
  8. M

    A100 google aps will not work

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I have an Acer a100 that is throwing me errors for every Google app that is on it. It will not give me access to the internet through Google (wi-fi is working). I cannot access Google market. I keep getting error messages. Is there a way to reinstall the...
  9. K

    Help Advice for removing digitizer from LCD screen? Outer glass/digitizer is fine and needs to remain so.

    My LCD screen underneath the glass/digitizer is cracked. I have an Acer Iconia Tab a100, a pretty nice little device. Sadly I was foolish and didn
  10. K

    Help Copying music

    I can copy music files from my PC to my Acer Iconia using Explorer or by syncing with Media Player, but I can't play the music. If I try opening the .wma files with Google Play Music I get a message "Couldn't play the track you requested" and 7 Digital brings up the album info but says "An...
  11. T

    Help shake to change song

    OK I'm new to android 4.0.3 but and used to android 2.3.6 so its kinda a stupid question I just can't find the option to turn off the the shake to change song in either esmedia player or the stock music app. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. F

    Such the deal... NOT!

    So my Acer 100 is coming up on its 1 year anniversary, I get this nice letter in the mail from Acer offering to continue my warranty for $109.99 plus $9.95 tax for a total of $119.94. One, TAX WTF! and two $119.94 for a one year extension? for another $30 I could buy another one brand new, or at...
  13. R

    Help Android Task Manager

    I have Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 which run on Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo). in order to shut down open applications there is a dedicated button that shuts down open application. My young grandson owns a newer tablet Acer Iconia that runs on Android 4,1. On his tablet there is no button like this...
  14. D

    Help Default Camera App Missing

    Hello Everyone, new user here. I did a quick look over the forums, but did not see anything that pertained to my issue. If I missed anything, please direct me to the correct place. Thank you. Anyway, I turned on my tablet this morning to find out that my little brother had managed to remove my...
  15. K

    Help acer iconia A100 will not factory reset.

    My acer iconia A100 will not do the factory reset. it will load the acer screen and wont do anything eles. i was using it and it just quit working. is there something i can do ti fix it.
  16. A

    Root Rooting Acer Iconia A100 and Installing Latest Jelly Bean Version

    How can I root the Acer Iconia A100 and where do I download the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 for the Acer Iconia A100? Please help. I am a brand new "newbie" to Android tablets and just bought an Acer A100 off eBay last week. Frankly I do not know anything at all about the Android O.S. although I am...
  17. G

    Help Missing System memory?

    I have an Acer Iconia A100 7" tablet, and love it, but am having a storage area problem. I have a 32GB card (/mnt/external_sd)added, and the memory programs say that it has 8GB free, but that the internal storage (/mnt/sdcard/) has 12.8G, and only 474 MB free. I then get "out of memory space"...
  18. S

    How to move movies on galaxy tab 2 to external sd

    How do you transfer movies from the galaxy tab 2 to the external sd card?
  19. J

    3g for acer

    Is it possible to get a Acer tablet with a 3g set up like a Kindle. It would work when you were out of range of a WiFi connection. With my present A100 I can get a MiFi to carry with the tablet when traveling but it is $50/ month. I doubt if there is a way around this, but Kindle has the 3g set...
  20. H

    Password lock

    Hi, i need help and advice, i bought a acer iconia 100 from my local carboot sale and i was shown it working but when i got home the battery had ran out so i charged it and its saying password needed, i rushed back to the carboot but the seller had packed up and had gone so now i am stuck with...
  21. J

    E Mail inbox

    Every time I log in to my E-mail accounts there are 25 messages. I delete them and the next time I log on there are the same 25. Sometimes there are some new messages, but it downloads a total of 25 every time I log on. This happens on both of my accounts. Very time consuming to delete each...
  22. B

    Help A100 tablet doesn't boot up.

    I have an Acer Iconia Tab A100 and I bought it off someone on kijiji, so the warranty is void. I've had it since October (about 3-4 months) and a couple weeks ago it busted. It was working perfectly fine before then. What happened: was I was trying out chrome on the tablet and opened...
  23. B

    Root Wi-Fi connection

    Baffled, need Help. My newly accquired GT-N8010 tablet is up and running. My Wi-Fi is ON (I am connected to my Router) I can view TV Catchup OK. BUT when I select either BBC iPlayer or BBCMedia Player I get get the screen up with the programs on it but they will not play...I get a message on the...
  24. G

    Root need help with semi bricked a100!!!!!

    im pretty good with working with rooted androids so i dont knowm what went wrong but when i was trying to set the tablet back to stock unroot something happen. i looked at the thread to un root and did everything it told me i loaded up stock bootloader with cwm then flashed unrooted rom with the...
  25. V

    Help Acer a100 tablet touch screen not working

    Hi, I got acer a100 tablet and its started working perfectly for two days. third day i try to switch on tablet now the touch screen is not working. then i put on charge suddenly its started working then i did factory reset , then for full one day i didnot use the tablet now again its...