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acer iconia tab a200

  1. iiBatmanSwavy

    Root OmniRom for Acer Iconia A200 (4.4.2)

    I have encounter the lastest update to the Acer Iconia A200. Of course this is not my work, because i'm not experienced like them. I wish someone taught me, and i would be gladly to learn. But this is an update version 4.4.2 the ROM is called Omni created by small team composed of: HenrikE...
  2. F

    Help is this newbs A200 bricked

    Hello All, complete and utter newb here... went to power up my a200 acer tab, and saw the "Erasing Userdata... Unrecoverable bootloader error (0x19000008) and the iconia tab screen so i go diving around the net and now i can get into the following two screens bootloader v0.03.06-ics...
  3. B

    Help Buenos dias

    Good morning my English is very bad sorry: I need install operating system download from Acer in my tablet from USB how do it? thanks
  4. T

    Help Backing up Bookmarks Question

    On my A200, running 3.2.1 Honeycomb, how the heck do I back up bookmarks (or anything else?) I have a Google account with Sync turned ON, Google sees the A200, auto-sync is enabled, but Google doesn't have any backup data. Documents and photos I can copy to my PC; that's easy enough,the...
  5. H

    Help Stock, bricked, failed verified on hard factory reset

    Alright, so here's what's going on. I have an Acer Iconia Tab A200. Recently, something happened and the tablet asked to do a factory reset. After it did it's factory reset, it stopped at a screen that terminated in red text "Failed verified" or some such. It is a completely stock load. The only...
  6. L

    deleting photos

    How do I delete photos in my auto backup folder in my gallery?
  7. L


    So how can we get this?
  8. K

    Help A200 & sdhc thru card reader

    I have a A200 I got from my son. My main reason for getting it was to use to transfer pictures from my sdhc cards from my game cameras. My plan was to use a USB to sdhc card reader to transfer them to the tab, but I can't get the tab to read the sdhc card thru the usb, but it will read a flash...
  9. S

    Help any way to load a bootload in my a200.

    i had problems with gps and decided to try a different rom or even stock rom. sometimes i can get things fixed by a simple wipe. my problems started with getting a rom to load up., had no luck what so ever. today i called acer support. they had me do a hard reset by using the lock button. but...
  10. M

    Help USB Troubles

    My tablet (Acer Iconia a200) is about 9 months old. When I first got it, I was able to plug my digital camera into the USB port and download photos. At some point - April maybe? - I plugged the camera in and it did not read. I have since been unable to: use anything plugged into the USB port...
  11. T

    Help A200 sure seems bricked, but I believe it's repairable.

    After loading my Motorola Xoom with CM 10.1 to get JB 4.2.2, it was such a straight-forward process and great operating system, that I decided to do it on my Acer Iconia A200 as well. I had done it on one with no problems, how hard could it be a 2nd time, right? Well, there in lies the pitfalls...
  12. J

    Help how to get new update

    I don't know how to get the new update because I am rooted and have the CWM recovery. I unrooted but CWM was still there and it seems if its not letting me update. I don't want to total lose everything by factory reset I want every little thing the same except updated and no CWM recovery. So I...
  13. L

    OTA Update July 2013

    I assume the OTA update that I received this morning was just for the android bug that recently came to light. Can anyone confirm?
  14. kraziejedi

    Root {CM10} CM10 Build + More

    Hey guys... The Download included is a zipped up file of everything to help you get cm10. Everything is tested and works... -REMINDER - The CM10 Rom is buggy, so don't expect it to be perfect -Ron Link - [ROM][A200] CM10 (Update - 22.11.12) Link posted for Rom origination Credit to go to...
  15. kraziejedi

    Root [ROOT] Easy as Pie ROOT!

    Believe it or not, all the methods to gain root access failed for me... sad day after having to completely wipe the A200... opppss... lol But I had to share this.... Forum TegraOwners • View topic - [ROOT] ICS Root for Iconia Tab A500/A501/G100W I found it searching through XDA for A500...
  16. kraziejedi

    Root [Team Osiris] Acer A200 Rom Coming Your Way...

    Just wanted to post up that we are now starting to work on an Acer A200 CM10 Rom to bring JB here! There is one working from XDA but it was dirty ported from A500 and is very buggy. More news will come soon as we get started from Scratch. Due us a favor though, Post any suggestions of anything...
  17. N

    Acer A200 Kiosk Enclosures

    Hello to everyone. I am new to this forum, but I am excited to learn about the issues surrounding the Acer A200 & A500. I work for a company nClosures.com that designs and manufactures tablet enclosures for kiosk and POS applications. We sell to a lot of people using these two models for...
  18. stayboogy

    Root [ROOT] update.zip method--the stayboogy way [ROOT]

    i developed the first and only update.zip method of rooting (many have tried to copy my work and distribute as their own) i did this for the zte merit / avail smartphone i have since been working on porting this method to other devices. here is the attempt for the acer iconia a200 tablet...
  19. V

    Root back up for a200 tablet

    Can someone make a back up for me and give it to me!
  20. N

    Root Unrooting?

    I used the Acer SimpleTool to root my iconia and it didn't go right. Followed all directions properly, yet still didn't work. I'm not rooted, yet when I try to watch a movie on Google Play movies, it won't let me. Please help me unroot it, I don't want a workaround for the movies. Thanks.
  21. S

    Help Cracked Digitizer

    My poor a200 had a meeting with the floor which resulted in the digitizers death :(, the lcd is still working. Anyone know where i can get one for it in the uk.
  22. soberbyker

    Chrome for Android freeze problem

    Has anyone downloaded the latest version of Chrome on their tablet? What have been your experiences. My tablet kept locking up if I had more than two tabs open while using Chrome, I got rid of Chrome and the problem stopped. It's a shame because I liked using Chrome. A lot easier to...
  23. T

    Help tablet doesn't recognize usb card reader?

    I purchased an Acer tablet but when I plug a card reader in the USB port I cannot see the files. I downloaded a file manager app but still cannot locate the USB drive. Can someone tell me what to do? Thank you in advance!
  24. T

    Help locked out of my acer

    I am locked out of my Acer iconia tab. After too many pattern attempts it is now asking for user name and password for my Google account which I don't know because I don't use this account. I have done the whole Google account recovery thing and it is still not letting me in. :( help!!!
  25. T


    Were is the setup for setting automatic screen rotation in Acer Icona Tab A200 running Androit 4