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acer iconia tab a500

  1. J

    Help Iconia One 8 Sound not working?

    Hi guys,, sorry but didn't know where to post this. I just got a Iconia one 8 tablet for my 6 yr old daughter. I brought it home today waited to charge it for her then when we turned it on,,,no sound!! Funny thing is if I plug in earphones sound comes through that,, just not any other way...
  2. C


    En breve me olvide el patron y se bloqueo, pidiendome una cuenta que no me acuerdo. intente resetearla con las teclas pero sale un android acostado con un signo de esclamacion AYUDENME!
  3. C


  4. P


    I can not load xbmc on my tablet.
  5. K

    Help Rooting Acer A500: Assistance Needed

    I am needed to root an Acer A500 To get a version 4.1 or higher on to it. I followed these ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1546593 ) steps But when I get to the end of it, I am informed that Rooting failed due to "/system/bin/su" not existing. I have read that it sometimes...
  6. Skynet11

    Official Acer Iconia Tab A500 User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Acer Iconia Tab A500 User Manual - The official Acer Iconia Tab A500 User Guide Read more about this resource...
  7. P

    Help Dropped on edge - display only shows bright white

    The tablet was dropped and it fell on the corner closest to the power switch. Now it will power on but the display shows a bright white and nothing else happens. I was hoping that someone might have an idea about what might be the cause. Thanks in advance to any suggestions Pat
  8. S

    Iconia tab a500 Poor Network Coverage

    Hi, I recently purchased a used Iconia A500 on Ebay and am trying to see if I can update it. When I go to System Update I get a message saying that the Network Coverage is poor. I have searched and some people say that the fix is to download an app from Acer in the Play Store for an...
  9. H

    Tethering problems

    Hi guys, so recently I upgraded to windows 8.1 and after that I began to have usb tethering problems. I have a galaxy note 2 and I have no problem connecting but after a few minutes the connection closes. I have also noticed that when I'm using my phone the connection begins again but when the...
  10. H

    Help Super Mario 64 on Acer A500

    Hello everyone. As you may or may not know, the Acer A500 Iconia Tab has a very handy dandy USB port. I was just wondering if it was possible to get a N64 emulator plug in a generic N64 controller with a USB port, and start playing. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this idea before. Thanks!
  11. H

    Help SIM card on Acer A500

    Around 2 months ago I bought the Acer A500 Iconia TAB. Upgraded the android os to ICS and had less problems with it. Anyways, I noticed there was a slot you could put a SIM card in. When I went to a website where it tells you phone specifications, the page said that this tablet is not capable of...
  12. S

    Help Recovery Image

    It seems that my A500 has become corrupted and needs to be rebooted with an image. Does anyone know where to find the most current image to use in a reboot? I tried the ones from the Acer site and none of them worked. I keep finding references to ROMs or images, but not the actual things...
  13. Z

    Root how to remove 'root'

    hi all. this is my first post and i really need help. i have an acer iconia a500 tablet, and i recently found out that it was rooted by a previous owner. well im not that tech savvy and i basically want it origonal and standard. ive tried using the kingo android root app to remove the root but...
  14. A

    How to determine the region code for Acer Stock Rom?

    Hi, I am just wondering how to determine the region code for Acer Stock Rom? :confused:
  15. D

    Help Another A500 stuck on Acer logo

    Hello all, I would like to discuss another Acer Iconia Tab A500, that is stuck on Acer logo. I spent almost whole day searching the Internet trying to find a solution. Nothing worked. All I can get actually is that lying android with exclamation mark with red triangle. It is not my tablet so I...
  16. O

    Is it possible to use wireless display on Jellybean 4.3

    Hi, Newbie here, Just rooted my acer A500 and installed Jellybean 4.3 with all the great info from this forum. Does anyone know if it's possible to run miracast on this tablet? I don't see the wireless display option on this version. thanks
  17. W

    Wi-fi Authenticating WPA/WPA2

    Hi Everyone, I'm still rather new to the android terminology so lets just assume i know nothing. (I do have know a bit about wi-fi setups and networking but for everyone's sake lets just start from square one?) ok so heres the situation; i have an Acer a500 tablet running android V4.0.3 and...
  18. Zoandroid

    Root No sign of life, after working fine yesterday.

    I'm currently using CM10.2. In fact I just made a nandroid backup a few days ago, because it was acting a little flaky (freezing) and so I meant to start looking for a different ROM. Other than that, I've been using it several hours each day, and it charges every night. This morning it won't...
  19. R

    Help broke power button

    My A500's power button has fell off. Has anyone had to fix this problem? I was thinking of changing to a slider switch. Has anyone done this and if so where would I get the bottom?
  20. F

    cell standby battery drain when i dont have 3g support on tablet

    hi there, the battery monitor app is showing huge proportions of the battery drain attributed to the cell standby, i have stock jellybean. i found many references to this problem on the web. my issue is however that my tablet has only wifi, no cell hardware. is this misreporting by the app...
  21. F

    new tablet for child, setup with my google account or hers?

    Hi there, I am going to unbox & setup , should I use my google account (i.e. that of the parent, the one who will be paying for games) or the google account of the user (my daughter) Can I change this later? or once setup a tablet will have to be reset to change the google account? thanks
  22. D

    Help Acer A500 locked-too many pattern attempts

    Hi, all,and thank you in advance for your help. My niece has an Acer A500 tablet and her sister locked it by trying to unlock it too many times. It says onscreen to go to her Google account to unlock. She had to change the password for her Google account, she had forgotten it. Now the tablet...
  23. S

    Root bootloader status: Bct Write Failed (code: 22)

    Please help! I tried to update the bootloader to v9 but after installing the zip file thru cwm, rebooted it said flashing failed and black screen. I can only get to APX mode. When I use the blackthund3r_A500_APX_Flash_Tool to flash, it did not detect the APX mode but I can see the APX...
  24. A

    Root New Update September 2013

    Acer_A500_AV04.RV21RC03_WW_GEN1 I just got a system update notification. That is the version number that is displayed for this A500 update. I have rooted ICS on mine for the rotation fix so I haven't/can't apply the update as of yet. So has anyone else gotten this, what's in it?
  25. bettynotready

    Help play store wont recognize my acer a500 iconia

    I just picked this tablet up about a week ago. Nd I can't seem to download anything there's due only to an error nothing specific . I've noticed the play store online and the market app both dont recognize my device. I have my sg3nd lucid witch it knows from my account. So I made a totally new...