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alcatel onetouch evolve

  1. E

    loading launcher problem, nothing happens

    So I've been trying to play pokemon go, and it gets started up to sign in, once I sign in it changes my screen to my background with a circle symbol and says loading laucher but then after a minute it´ll disappear and nothing pops up. Any idea what I can do to fix this ? My phone isn't rooted...
  2. S

    Root Alcatel One Touch 4037T

    Does anyone have a backup file that you can send me.. Accidentally deleted some system apps and need it..
  3. MaryJayne82

    Help Alcatel one touch evolve black screen tried everything need help please....

    My evole phones screen is black, the blue notification light at the top right of phone is on as well as the home, back and menu buttons on the bottom. I've taken the battery out, this has worked in the past but doesn't work anymore. I have tried to factory reset with power and volume up button...
  4. D

    Help I can't use a song for my ringtone

    When I go into settings and pick incoming call ringtone, it doesn't give me the option to select an incoming call song, so I can pick one of my own songs to use. I do remember it did allow this feature before, and I don't know what I did in the meantime to eliminate that choice. Can you help?
  5. Skynet11

    Root Official Alcatel OneTouch Evolve User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Alcatel OneTouch Evolve User Manual - The official Alcatel OneTouch Evolve User Guide Read more about this resource...
  6. P

    Help Weird status bar problum

    Ok so i have a problem with my status bar. It will work for about 10 minutes after I boot my phone then it will go int a crash restart loop. "Unfortunately, Status bar has stopped" wit force close at the bottom. But the status bar works flawlessly when my phone is plugged in and charging, ether...
  7. brattydroid35

    Root Has Anyone Found Out How To Unbrick MetroPCS Version?

    I have this phone as a spare but it has been bricked for over 6 months now. Just checking to see if there is a fix out there. I only have access to stock recovery. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  8. F

    Root Root Help Plz

    Does anyone know how to root an Alcatel one touch evolve 2 I just got it from MetroPCS plz help
  9. D

    Root I need help pliz

    I need help with my phone, and deleted the wrong apk, I deleted jrdsetup, I think, and now my one touch still thinks its in setup mode, and I can't receive calls, I can make them thought. If someone would be kind enough to upload a copy of their Jrd setup apk, in the custpack, I think its...
  10. M

    Root data connection

    My alcatel phone. does everything good when Im connected to the Internet but my data connection has no bars and says cannot connect to it data connection when you try to make a call or text data please please someone help me with that
  11. F


    How do I change my ring tone on the Alcatel One Touch Evolve? I can't find the ringtones anywhere.
  12. E

    Root screenshot

    How to take a screenshots
  13. C

    Help Alcatel One Touch Revolve SD card problems

    I just bought this phone and it comes with a 2g micro SD card but for whatever reason I can't figure how to make the cards space available and I can't find anything regarding these phones so I was hoping someone here could help me. Thanks so much if you can!
  14. S

    Root Rom need for 5020N

    I need a link or 2 for the Rom's/Kernal for Alcatel one touch 5020n I've can't read chines/japan script!
  15. Kuroneko

    My alcatel One touch evolve is stuck on the start up screen!

    Let me start form the top. I wanted to transfer stuff from my laptop to my phone. I mounted the phone to the laptop. (big mistake) It said please format the.... (I obviously didn't know what to do) so I closed the window and took out the usb. I noticed that my phone said It was still mounted I...
  16. J

    No Voice call in onetouch evo7hd

    Hi friends, I just bought a new Onetouch Evo 7 HD and finally noticed that I really cant make or receive a voice call. Is there any means, to solve my issue? Kind regards, Jeff
  17. D1358531

    Help Download Mode

    How do we put this phone into download mode?
  18. Spdfreak34

    Help USB otg

    Is there any way to enable USB otg on this phone?
  19. 2prevail

    Make it great

    Anyone who has or has owned this phone knows that it is not a top tier performer. A 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM is incredibly dated but being with Android since 09 has let me deal with even worse phones. This phone is one of them until you tweak it right. I'm not referring to rooting...
  20. epicpixelz

    Root Have a ALcatel One Touch Evolve for metroPCS and in Have "The Bootloop Virus", READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Everybody, i got a alcatel one touch evolve from metropcs that's rooted but i dont know how to make a backup file if anyone can help me out i'll happily make a stock ROM to cure "The Bootloop Virus" everyone has been getting, So if you Can Help I can make the Vaccine.:D Thanks in...
  21. cammykool

    Audio when headphones plugged in?

    When I plug in my headphones music plays through the headphones just fine. But the speaker too.
  22. K

    Alcatel One Touch Evolve 5020N no incoming calls.

    Hello. This is my first post here, just trying to solve this: Well, I got my Alcatel One Touch Evolve 5020N (MetroPCS) second hand. Everything was working just fine, until 2 days ago. I can use my data, make calls, send and receive sms, but not receive incoming calls. I can see the call as...
  23. D

    Root list of bloatware safe for removal

    Used "Uninstall" root app from google play pretty helpful can move all apps to SD n tells u what is safe to delete n apps that u should definitely not delete. Heres my list of apps deleted so far... Google Partner setup google play books,magazines, movies n tv,search,music,google+ market...
  24. B

    Root TWRP?

    anyway to get TWRP on this phone?
  25. B

    Meaning of little White Light?

    At the top of the phone face, just under the power button, there is a bright white light. Once in awhile, it blinks. A phone call is not arriving. The phone is sitting on my desk, switched off. What does that blinking light mean?