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b&n nook tablet

  1. nvreeland

    Root Lag on newer cm

    So i was running cm 10.1 for a while. It was stable for awhile then after one update it started running laggy. I have an 8gb so i know i have only 512mb ram. I upgraded to 10.2 and then recently to 12.1. lt is running really slow and haven't gotten it through the setup yet. Ive heard cm7 runs...
  2. LowEndGeek

    Root Anyone still running their nooks

    I'm just curious how many people here still run their nook tablet and have it rooted. I've done a couple of roms (and doing a couple more) and i'll post them here but first I need to know if anyone has any interest in them first. Let me know if you have a rooted nook and are looking for roms...
  3. Theta9

    Root Partitioning SD card

    I wonder if I can take an SD card larger than 32 GiB (the maximum that the Nook Tablet will handle) and break it down into partitions of 32GiB or smaller. Would the Nook Tablet (or any Android device) recognize them? Has anybody tried this? I've just come into a micro-SD card that's 128GiB...
  4. la sal

    N2A Card to get Android Kitkat on Nook Tablet

    Barnes & Noble Nook tablets get Android 4.4 KitKat courtesy of N2A Cards I just purchased an N2A card, for my Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, to get Android 4.4 Kitkat without bloat. I didn't have a Sandisk class 4 SD card and adapter (needed) so I purchased their 8GB card. With free shipping...
  5. J

    Root Downloading apps problem

    I recently rooted my nook tablet 1.4.3 but came to find out some apps arent compatible with my device. I was hoping to maybe download a previous version. How would i be able to do that? (Was hoping to download comixology and instagram) please let me know if something is possible.
  6. Arehexes

    Root Question about CyanogenMod 10.2

    I can't seem to get it to install for the Nook Tablet, if I try to update it through the settings menu it will download but not update mid install. Anyone else has this problem?
  7. J

    Root Backing up the Nook Tablets using a ClockWorkMod bootable Sdcard

    Backing up the Nook Tablet Can the guide at http://androidforums.com/nookcolor-all-things-root/327798-guide-how-make-bootable-cwm-clockworkmod-twrp-bootable-sd-card-06-04-2013-a.html Be used on the Nook Tablets? Triple Boot for Nook Tablet OK I have been running CM7 off my Nook Color...
  8. L

    Root Root Reclast 7" Tablet

    Hi, I have a Teclast 7" : Android 4.1 Kernel Version 3.0.8+ It has been playing lately up with "Application Stopped' messages and I have had to factory reset a number of times. Now the tablet has 'locked' all the folders so I cannot store any pictures or music etc. Can someone tell me if...
  9. Theta9

    Root Issues with rooted Nook

    My Nook Tablet (rooted, CM10.1) seems to charge a lot slower when the 32GiB micro-SD card is in it, than when the 16 is in. I never changed out the music card yesterday (the 32) and this morning it was barely 30% charged, even though it had been on the factory charger all night. I wonder if the...
  10. D

    Nook HD+ charging cable

    I just ordered refurbished nook HD+ tablet. I knew it has proprietary charger but never thought it would be so difficult to find on ebay. I would like to stock up on charging cable as I go through them quite a lot. I wonder if anybody has a reliable source of generic charging cables. How...
  11. Theta9

    Root n00b question: What is Fastboot and why doesn't it work for me?

    Nook Tablet 8GB running CM10.1.3RC1 (Android 4.2.2) and TWRP What is the "Fastboot" option that I get in my CyanoBoot menu? What would I want to use it for? And if I would want to use it, why isn't it working? When I select it, I get the message -Fastboot has started, press POWER to...
  12. J

    Root Best way to root Nook Tablet

    Just curious what is the best and easiest way to root my Nook Tablet version: 1.4.3? Thanks.
  13. R

    Root CM10 USB for Swapping Files From W764?

    I'm striking out asking questions here. Maybe I'll be luckier with this one. :D I'd like W764 to recognize the Nook CM10 when I plug it into the USB port. Computer (File Manager) assigns drive letters (one for Nook, one for micro SD in Nook) but there is no "volume" so it isn't really seeing...
  14. R

    Help How Can I See Path To Storage?

    Hello, Android 4.1.2 on EMMC, 16GB Tablet. Installed FBReader and on first run is it asking for me to supply the path to a storage area (since I don't have an SDCard in). I want to use internal storage but how can I find the path? File Manager doesn't show me anything. ??
  15. R

    Any Way To Avoid Google Acct for FREE Apps?

    Hello! I'm a total newbie so please bear with me. I rooted, then installed CWM and CM10 internally on EMMC. It's all running fine. But I really want Android to run like a non-proprietary OS/e-reader without linking to a Google acct or gmail, as I only use FREE apps. I have heard this can be...
  16. P

    Root New to Android and rooting, some questions about the Nook Tablet

    I just got a refurb Nook Tablet 8GB to get myself into the Android world. So far it's been pretty cool. Anyway, I just had some nitty gritty questions I was hoping someone here could answer. 1) The recovery program/partition (like CWM or TWRP or even the stock B&N one), does every Android...
  17. L

    Root Re-purposing the Nook button

    i'm running cm-10-20121231-NOOKTABLET-acclaim-HD on my 16gb nook tablet and would like to change what the lone hardware button does. It clearly supposed two types of button presses, long and short presses. It currently goes to home on a short press and to the task switcher on a long press. I'd...
  18. ardchoille

    Root Nook Tablet Gets CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies

    "If you're still holding onto your B&N Nook Tablet, you might be excited to know that the aging slate can now run Android 4.2, courtesy of CyanogenMod. The Nook Tablet (codename 'acclaim') got its first taste of CM10.1 nightlies a few days ago, and they've been churning out on a daily basis...
  19. A

    Help Updating to Google Play

    I followed the rooting instructions in this video: link I don't have google play, I have the android marketplace. It's not downloading any apps I own, or new ones. It keeps trying to log into google talk, and failing. I keep getting this error message: The application Google services...
  20. B

    Root Rooted Nook Color 1.4.3 and have questions

    First it tries to book to the menu on the SD card nearly every time you power it off and back on and from that menu you must tell it to reboot and then it boots to android. Also when playing music it skips like it is having trouble streaming mp3's from its own memory. Is this normal? Can i...
  21. N

    Root 16G SD card showing as 72.84MB

    I rooted my nook and have a 16G SD card in it but when I go to the settings, it's showing 0.00 free of 72.84MB. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  22. L

    Is this still the cheapest way to get an android tablet

    Hello - I have purchased Nook Color tablets for my Daughters about a year or so ago. I've rooted them with CM7 on SD card, not internal memory. This works fine for them. They watch Netflix, use Facebook, browse the web and use the kindle app for books. I'm looking for an iPad Mini myself for...
  23. A

    Help Nook Tablet with n2a won't start

    I have a Nook Tablet with a n2a card and I usually have no problems but now it won't start. I've had this problem before and just put it on the charger and usually it'll turn on or once fully charged will turn on. Right now it will not, with or without the card. Does this happen to anyone...
  24. J

    how to make the utorrent app save downloads internally

    as far as i can see it will only download to the sd card but i have no space after writing my rooting images to it
  25. J

    Help 1.4.3 oth update wont access google market

    I rooted my NT a few weeks ago and i have CM7 with OTA updates blocked. The other night it still received that updates from B&N anyways. Since then i have not been able to access the market. A window pops up saying i dont have an account and asks if i would like to make one, but it just exits...