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Root Backing up the Nook Tablets using a ClockWorkMod bootable Sdcard


Mar 18, 2012
Backing up the Nook Tablet

Can the guide at http://androidforums.com/nookcolor-all-things-root/327798-guide-how-make-bootable-cwm-clockworkmod-twrp-bootable-sd-card-06-04-2013-a.html
Be used on the Nook Tablets?

Triple Boot for Nook Tablet
OK I have been running CM7 off my Nook Color for years now. Now I have a new Nook Tablet Model BNTV400. Don't really know if that means Nook Tablet, Nook Tablet HD, Tablet, or Nook Tablet HD+. I'm wishing to first do some test runs using a SdCard boot able with CM7, or the latest CM10. Is there a SdCard bootable version of ClockWorkMod Recovery I can run against the stock firmware to backup the factory rom first before I try anything?


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