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coolpad quattro 4g

  1. jasonspelts

    Battery Reading Wrong...

    So get this -- I have a brand new Coolpad. Bought it, turned it on, and gave it a full charge (or so I thought). I ran the battery down to about 40%. Then the phone shuts itself off. I try to restart, but it won't go - I get a battery screen saying it's down to 1%. So I plug it back in, and...
  2. kerryh

    Root Looking for a custom recovery for coolpad quatrro 4g lte

    Does anyone know if such a recovery even exists? Or even stock images for that matter in case things go South?
  3. B

    Help Screen Sensitive

    Is there a way I can stop my phone from lighting up while I'm on the phone when I get a txt or another phone call? Everytime I get a txt or another phone call it lights up and my face hits the end button and it hangs up on who I'm talking to. Very annoying! Coolpad Quattro II 4G (801ES)
  4. Kyle Prince

    Help No internet.

    Hey! Okay so I have a Cool pad 4Quattro (obviously) and my problem is WiFi. When i turn it on and conenct it to my WiFi it works, But after a short while it loses connection. For example, when I go to the google playstore it will say no connection. The same for when I go on other apps including...
  5. andriodadmirer


  6. D

    Root Coolpad Quattro II boot animation needed ASAP

    I recently tried to install a custom boot animation on my CoolPad Quattro II and i keep getting stuck in bootloop. the only way to acces my phone is to do a factory reset and even then i cant eisk my phone turning off because of a bootloop. does anybody know of a fix or have the original boot...
  7. N

    Mistakenly deleted Google Play Services?

    I've got the original (AFAIK) Android 2.3.7, rooted, running on my 5860E. Recently, when I try to install anything from the Play Store, hitting the Install button doesn't do anything except produce the following error message in my notifications pull-down menu: Error retrieving information...
  8. P

    Is this Forum applicable to Coolpad Quattro II as well?

    Is this Forum applicable to Coolpad Quattro II as well? Or is it classified as "Other Phones..." for that Forum? This is the phone I'm thinking about getting, and I would like to read some reviews about it, respectfully. Cliff
  9. Q

    Root Quattro Drivers Needed For Adb

    MY Coolpad Quattro is softbricked because the i think the build prop has been removed and all it does is boot up goes to my custom animation screen and keeps replaying it over and over and overr again. ive tried the adb thing but adb doesnt recognize my devicee pleasee helpp:(
  10. 1

    Help Download System Update Package?

    A couple days ago, I received a Download System Update Package from Coolpad. It says: Download System Update Package Note: This update will not affect your user data. Package size : 3MB What's new : [Software version] Coolpad-5860E-AA093 1.Remove MetroPCS EasyWiFi application...
  11. C

    Help I can't download music videos or any kind of videos to my phone why is that?And how or what app can

    I tryed downloading music videos and other videos and I am not able too.I can't even watch them either .What video downloader app can help with this problem?
  12. P

    need help replacing usb

    I've got the metro pcs cool pad and my usb doc is going out need help to Replace internal usb
  13. Jpsantos

    Root Help my Coolpad stuck in recovery mode

    Please help I rooted my coolpad witch worked out OK I guess but the thing I noticed is that when I power the phone on it says it's in recovery but after that it turns on with no problem I can still use the phone so I didn't care well here's what happened my son locked the screen after to many...
  14. J

    Help Coolpad Snapchat problems

    I have a coolpad in which I downloaded snapchat and it was working fine until it started showing a middle section that showed my camera flipped and it wont go away when im on snapchat. It doesn't let me use the app properly. Any help? I think its a problem with my camera, and not the app. Im not...
  15. hubsabubs

    Root If you root this phone you might as well....

    Throw it out the damn window.... I am tired of my phone auto restarting because of the OTA updates that won't install when your phone is rooted. I've tried restoring my phone, and using an UnRoot app to clean it up. Still can't update with the OTA. My wife's did but hers is not rooted. My...
  16. dewitt95969

    Digitizer replacement

    Hello, I have a metropcs Coolpad 5860E and it needs a new Digitizer. I did some searching online for a replacement but could only find the 5860 Digitizer. And when i did find mine it costed more then the phone is worth. the only difference in the two is the home row buttons. Mine have 4...
  17. V

    Root Rooted factory reset question

    I have a friend who needs a Metro phone so I am gonna give up my "Cool"pad, so what's the best way to reset this thing for him and remove my personal info tied to Google etc..., it's rooted w framaroot using the newer superuser su , stock otherwise besides removing some stock apps, and would it...
  18. A

    Root help need to reinstall stocked camera apk

    Ok so i rooted my phone and was deleting adware when i accidentally unistalled my stocked camera app :( , now it just force closes every time. please help, I've true resetting, and even a hard reset but no luck. the files im missing are : Camera_cp and the Camera_odex. if anyone could help I'd...
  19. K

    Help help

    How can i bring up deleted pics and videos...
  20. M

    Root i deleted media storage

    I rooted muy phone then accidently completely deleted media storage .now i cant download anything .i have 2 coolpad quattrosone works fine.is there a way i could copy the media storage app to the broken coolpads internal memory.i would appreciate any ideas .
  21. F

    Root Rooting Problems..

    I'm trying to root coolpad with framaroot (through Gimli process) and in result it always states: EXPLOIT RESULTS HALF SUCCESS :-/ ... system partition is read only, use local.prop trick It shouldn't be displaying that and the phone should be rooted but it's not. Why?
  22. V

    Root data governor removal?

    pretty sure they've done this on other phones but they were flashable .zip files...any info on such a creation for this phone?
  23. V

    Root coolpad stock build prop q's

    just not sure of a few things in the stock build of this coolpad... ro.secure=1, what is this... wifi.interlace=tiwlan0, can this be changed for improvement purposes... persist.sys.lte4g_enabled=0, what is this and can it be changed... persist.sys.lte_calibrate_mode=2, what is this...
  24. domibell

    Root rooted coolpad quattro 4G play store stopped working

    I have a coolpad Quattro 4G and my phone got rooted over a month ago. For the past 2weeks my google play store has been force closing every time i tap on it. i go to settings and clear cache and data but it still doesnt work. Even when i go on MetroWEB and try to download something it says the...
  25. F

    Next OTA Server Update?

    That last update was in January so it's been a while for the Coolpad. When do you think the next update will be?