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curtis klu lt7033

  1. D

    Help help unlock

    My grandson got this Curtis klu for a gift he was to young for it played with a few days that has been a couple of years.Now he has forgot the e-mail and pass word now it's locked .They gave it to another grandson and now he wants to play with it .Is there any way you can help me ? I would be so...
  2. L

    Help Klu lt7033d

    Would ANYONE please be able to guide me on how to do a master reset on the KLU LT7033D? I have tried several methods but can't find one that works. Mh 4 year old somehow managed to add a pattern lock and now can't remember how to unlock it. I've tried the power+volume up method and also the...
  3. mavrikmeercat

    Root [ROM] Stock/Modded JB 4.1.1 MavrikROM

    Hi All. Took Me a while but I finally got around to getting us a Modded ROM with all the things that people have been trying to accomplish in the threads List Of things added: Android System Mods Rooted busybox Superuser busybox runparts (place boot scripts inside...
  4. S

    Help LT 7033 only phone pad

    Hi, was just given this Curtis LT 7033 7" tablet and all I can get on it is the phone pad. I have no apps, no menu, nothing. Tried to download the Amazon app store to root it and all i got was this toolbar with stuff I don't want. I can really use some help. Downloaded the manual with no luck...
  5. N

    Help lt7033 has password after reset

    Hi there, I had to reset my tablet because it was acting funny. Once I pressed the reset button on the back it did reset but now it has a password. Is there a default password they set up? I never had a password on it before so there is no way it is something I set up. Please help!
  6. M

    Roms anything?

    My dad got this tablet and although it seems ok (thanks to the devs btw your instructions were great ) I got JB , root and a modified CWM , but what it lacks is a decent rom nothing against stock but if I go to thel trouble to get the above I also want a rom , yep I know "why not build your own...
  7. L

    Help Klu lt7033

    I know the 7033 does not have a GPS or Bluetooth. Is is possible to plug in a USB GPS antenna and download some navigation software from Google Play? Thanks LB
  8. C

    Help HELP! Rescue a fully discharged battery from tablet

    I have a Klu by Curtis LT7033D tablet, I got it as a gift since February brand new and it hasn't had any problems until now. A month and a half ago ago my charger started being weird to where I had to twist it a bit to start charging it, I didn't pay too much mind to it cause my tablet was...
  9. V

    Help klu lt7035-j Firmware

    Help needed ... can anyone tell me from where to download klu lt7035-j firmware .... mine got bricked and and the firmware is no where to be found not even on the official website .. Any help will be highly appreciated .. Thanking you in advance..
  10. C

    Root curtis klu LT1041

    ok I have a Curtis klu LT1041 and I cant get the android market to work on it can anybody help me out I need step by step instreactions on how to do it thank you Cmadden262
  11. F

    Help Curtis KLU LT7035J Rooting

    Have tried LT7033 rooting process on new LT7035J with no success. Appreciate any help. Thanks
  12. R

    Help Micro SD Storage Inaccessible

    Hey everyone, I have been enjoying this tablet but noticed I am unable to store anything on the Micro SD - external storage. If I look in Apps under Settings I can see under the "On SD Card" tab that several apps appear to be on the SD card but if I look at Storage, the Available space for EXTSD...
  13. A

    Help lt7033 for development (eclipse,adb)

    Hi, folks. I bought a refurbed lt7033 to play with development. a) I got the eclipse bundle from android.com, and java w7/64 from oracle b) Its twitching with an emulator (though I have to restart adb every time from DDMS) I followed the "google play" instructions : a) The ADB...
  14. N

    Help how to get google play on klu 7033d

    I am unable to download google play or get amazon to download. thanks for any help
  15. T

    Help Tablets will not do Anything!!!

    I'm hoping someone can help me!!! I got my kids a tablet for Christmas last year and now 4 months later they will not charge and will not power on. Can someone please tell me what I need to do so they can continue to use them. Thanks!!!
  16. TheRussianGuy

    Root You Will (Not) be Kluless

    Hello all, you're all probably wondering what's this post about. Some of you can not root your Klu (LT7033) series tablet via SuperNoober's guide http://androidforums.com/klu-lt7033-all-things-root/668887-step-step-guide-getting-amazon-appstore-google-play-curtis-klu-lt7033.html. Fear not I...
  17. Y

    how to boot into recovery mode

    my 7033's touchscreen is not working,I only can use it by mouse,I want to try recovery mode,but: I have tried 2 ways: 1.power on with holding "+" 2.use "UniFlash 1.1",boot to recovery result:falling robot with a red "!"
  18. mavrikmeercat

    Root [How To] Update, Unbrick/Go back to stock on LT7033

    I created this thread because I think every device forum needs a thread based on bootloader because it is nessessary for develpoment to grow. Developers need a failsafe way to flash back the stock firmware to their device incase testing something they did goes wrong. And, since the bootloader is...
  19. mavrikmeercat

    Root [CWM] Clockworkmod for LT7033 ,D & E models

    This is the work of XDA Developer fun_ so all credit goes to him for compiling this recovery.img. Be sure to go to his thread and thank him. I'm only posting instructions for Lt7033 variants. If you want instructions for your other device go here: CWM-based Recovery for Rockchip |...
  20. P

    Help Curtis Klu LT7033

    Hello. I have the tablet by Curtis, the Klu LT7033 and I have some questions about it. First and foremost, why won't it charge? I have used the charger for about 3 months and it worked fine. Now, it won't charge. Ill plug it in and it won't charge, like it normally should. If I sit there and...
  21. T

    Root LT7033E: Cannot get RC29 drivers to install for this tablet

    Ive tried every variation of the mentioned install methods and nothing works. Ive tried different computers as well and still nothing. anytime I navigate regardless of the method to the driver folder windows does not recognize anything in it as a suitable driver for the device. Im using the RC29...
  22. SuperNoober

    Root Dumping on the American Market?

    What is Curtis International? According to Curtis International's web site... http://www.curtisint.com/about/contact-Us.asp they are located at: 315 Attwell Drive, Toronto, ON M9W 1M2, Canada This places them in the same building as... Proactive Supply Chain Solutions Inc. 280...
  23. Lord Burn

    Help Several Questions

    Hello, I've got several issues with my new LT7033D. 1. Is there something I can do to boost the wifi receiver's ability? This thing seems to only have a range of 5-10 feet. For most of my time on the internet, I'm about 20 feet away through two walls. That said, my PC, Mac, iPod Touch...
  24. SuperNoober

    Root Getting Amazon Appstore & Google Play on Klu LT7052 Step by Step

    Note: If you have a Klu LT7033 then you should follow this thread instead... http://androidforums.com/klu-lt7033-all-things-root/668887-step-step-guide-getting-amazon-appstore-google-play-curtis-klu-lt7033.html This is a reply to the thread: A step by step guide to getting the Amazon appstore &...
  25. haldav

    Google Chrome

    I successfully installed the Google Play store but Chrome won't work right. Any ideas?