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factory reset

  1. xxxDrCarlxxx

    Restoring Note 8 from Factory Reset - SD Card: 'ready to transfer media files'

    Hello, I have an old Samsung Note 8 and am recovering from a painful accidental factory reset. I have utilized and am progressing with ~partial~ backups from Samsung, Google, and Xfinity and have re-installed many apps from the Play Store. I have an SD card that I have a great deal of data on...
  2. BloodBlade

    should i factory reset to solve these problems?

    manufacturer - Samsung model - Galaxy A14 5G Software version - 6U not rooted I've noticed weird problems on my cell lately. first my Facebook notifications on Facebook dating it seems and feed were missing new posts when compared to using Facebook on the computer. i tried several times to...
  3. T

    Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy S23

    I’m considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S23. This may sound like a weird question but is it possible to set up the Factory Reset Protection so that the user is not able to change the settings and bypass FRP? It seems like FRP is mainly an anti theft feature not so much a parental control or...
  4. A

    Help I did a factory restart to my F21 and it has been stuck on a strange icon screen for two days, what should I do?

    So I have an F21 that I had to reset to factory settings, but for some reason it's been stuck on this screen for two days, I think its operating system was deleted or something, but I can't try to fix it because it's impossible to access the files (even via PC). The model of the phone is F21...
  5. M

    Help Factory reset [android phone] data retrieval

    Hello guys, I did a factory reset on my android phone twice, and I am wondering if there's a way I can possibly bring the deleted data back? gigabytes of pictures and videos and all of that! If so, then how? Note: I didn't back up the data anywhere.
  6. S

    Help Android Box lost system files and needs rebuild

    Hi. I'm afraid I am an Android newbe and not sure how to resolve this issue. So any help would be very much appreciated. Anyway, I have this Android box - a "Trongle X4" that came loaded with Kodi etc that I didn't want. Rather than delete it, I thought I would be clever and do a Factory reset...
  7. J

    Help Hard resetting/Powerwashing an android device

    How do I go about powerwashing a Samsung phone (galaxy a01 to be specific) while skipping the Downloading... Please do not turn off the target screen? I have tried hard resetting it the normal way (holding down all 3 buttons while its booting) but I've always been interrupted by that blue...
  8. boo222

    Factory reset with a non-working screen?

    If your Samsung Galaxy
  9. kumaranil13k

    Effects of factory reset of a rooted device

    Question : what are effects of factory reset while in rooted condition of mobile In my lyf water 7 mobile device having 16gb internal memory and 2 gb ram and 64gb external sd card I had first factory rest my mobile with and formatted my external sd card with no user apps or data installed then...
  10. J

    Is my old data encrypted after FRP was passed?

    One of my friends had his phone robbed. Since he's unemployed and I wanted a new phone, I decided to give my phone to him and buy a new one. The problem here is: this friend of mine is really good with tech, and I have bank passwords, important and private conversations, images etc on this...
  11. A

    Should I suppose that KG Status CHECKING finally disappears from Download mode?

    In my Tab S6, the line in Download mode stating KG Status Prenormal was totally disappeared after I completed the Android initial setup; while I had different experience with my Tab S7: The line KG Status PRENORMAL has changed to KG Status CHECKING and remained Checking even after I've fully...
  12. A

    How to check if a new Android phone/tablet has got no factory reset yet?

    I would like to buy a factory-new tablet (Galaxy Tab S6) so I would like to check if the device has ever turned on (since the production date) and also how to make sure no factory reset has done yet.
  13. L

    Help Are there any programs/applications to recover photos after factory reset?

    Is there a way to retrieve photos if someone didn't back up?
  14. U

    Help Files application taking up 90 GB somehow

    Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus running Android Q (Android 10), and I have 128GB of storage. The other day, my storage usage went from about 30GB to 126GB from nowhere. I checked what was taking up my storage and it said "Other". So I checked on advanced storage usage and it says "My...
  15. rickaltman

    My battery capacity has fallen off of a cliff

    On Monday, my Galaxy Note 8 was functioning perfectly fine. Now three years old, its battery doesn't quite last all day any longer, but that was manageable. Tuesday morning was a whole different story. It began dropping about 1% every 90 seconds. It was at about 20% by noon, and then after a...
  16. N

    Help sign in using previous owners...

    So I just bought a phone and I am trying to get into recovery etc. I want to install AOSP rom for my Xperia Z. I can't get into recovery because there is no PINK led for me to start pressing the volume keys. but is all of that irrelevant? I can't sign in using my google account, I have to sign...
  17. J

    Help Phone can't find Wifi

    My phone, Moto X Play, has been unable to find any Wifi networks in my area. I'm currently at work where there are 10-20 networks open at any given time. Other people around me have no problem so it is not a router problem. Data worked, and I could receive texts. Wifi screen simply says "no...
  18. S

    Help Factory reseted rooted phone

    I recently rooted Samsung quattro and for some reasons I have to factory reset and when I did it it stuck at cwm recovery and shows a warning:no_file_contexts and its is not connecting to pc to root or unroot please help me...
  19. R

    Help htc one m7 factory reset

    I have an HTC one m7 and my phone randomly turned off randomly. While turning it on it took me to the recovery/fastboot/factory reset screen and instead of choosing to turn it back on I accidentally did a factory reset and now all my pictures, contacts, etc. Basically anything that was custom...
  20. M

    Help Apps Not Downloading After Factory Reset

    My friends brother set my phone back to factory settings and since he did that my phone wont let me access the play store or log into Gmail or many other apps. Everytime I try to it says: Can't establish a liable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your android device...
  21. Joe

    How To How to factory reset the Huawei Mate 8

    Whether you're selling your phone or trying to restore it to its old glory, a factory reset allows you to erase everything and start over. The process is very easy, but remember there is no going back after the factory reset is complete. Make sure you have all important files backed up. Open...