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Help Android Box lost system files and needs rebuild

Hi. I'm afraid I am an Android newbe and not sure how to resolve this issue. So any help would be very much appreciated. Anyway, I have this Android box - a "Trongle X4" that came loaded with Kodi etc that I didn't want. Rather than delete it, I thought I would be clever and do a Factory reset, deleting all data.
It didn't reboot, so I unplugged and re-plugged in the device. I fould out later, you were supposed to leave it a long time, so I have ended up with the device getting to the "Android Recovery" screen which I believe is quite common, when I was searching on Google for hopefully answers.
I tried all the options - you can see in the second image "E: Cannot load volume /misc!" so I am guessing I need to load some files on a USB stick and reload from there. I may have deleted some necessary files when I unplugged and re-plugged in perhaps?
I tried all the other options as well on the "Android Recovery" list to no avail.
Bearing in mind, I haven't a clue what I'm doing, would anyone kindly be able to tell an idot like me, the steps I need to go through to get the Android box up and running again to an Android screen like I originally had (photo also below) and foolishly deleted? Many thanks in advance.


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so the problem is that not many people use android tv boxes. most boxes are from small companies that do not offer much support. so finding a firmware update for it, is going to be hard. i could not find much info on your device.

why not just get something like Google's chromecast or a roku? those are much easier to setup and use. i love my chromecast. they now come with a handy remote.
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Your Seguro Trongle X4 is a budget-class set-top box, I wouldn't put too much time nor money in trying to restore it back into working condition. Get a Firestick, Chromecast, or Roku, they're actively supported and developed, and will allow you to interact with various streaming services in a more up-to-date way.

As a side note, doing a Factory Reset would not remove the Kodi app, it was manufacture-installed, system-level app so it's a preinstalled part of the Android firmware that's running on your X4 -- i.e. the Kodi app was present before you did the Factory Reset and would have still be present after the Factory Reset if it was successful. A Factory Reset only wipes the user data partition clean, it doesn't do anything to the other system-level partitions, where the installed operating system resides. If you did use the Factory Reset option in Recovery Mode instead of the option in the Settings menu, did you also experiment with the other options? If so, that might explain why it's stuck in a boot loop. Also, in one of your posted screen captures it shows an ADB message, did you delete and or alter anything via ADB? But whatever, I'd still suggest you just focus on getting a newer, better set-top or streaming content device. Life is too short wasting time on some things. And if you are averse to Kodi (I find that puzzling considering its capabilities), don't buy something with it pre-installed
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