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htc amaze 4g

  1. J

    Help HTC Amaze unlocking

    Is there an rR Sim or Gervey Sim like way to unlock an HTC Amaze 4g on Verizon
  2. J

    Root HTC Amaze Unlock

    Is there an rR Sim or Gervey Sim like way to unlock an HTC Amaze 4g on Verizon
  3. J

    HTC Amaze 4g bricked after flashing stock rom

    I flashed a stock gingerbread on my HTC amaze because it was not playing sounds through the speaker or headphone.After that the phone booted and died, is there a way I can take it to qhsusb download mode.Any help
  4. R

    Root [Q]Hboot S-ON& Rom

    Hello, I have a question: I can flash a ROM on my HTC Amaze 4G if ihave S -ON? Or I must have a S -OFF?
  5. D

    Root Custom ROM Amaze 4g

    Do you need adb to install a custom rom on an htc amaze 4g.? it's already s-offed and rooted with a custom bootloader.
  6. D

    Root HTC Amaze 4g s-off

    so i just s-off my htc amaze 4g with the wire method, but it locked bootloader. It also locked my sim and sd card. Is this normal? What should i do now?:confused::confused:
  7. D

    Help HTC Amaze 4g s-off

    so i just s-off my htc amaze 4g with the wire method, but it locked bootloader. It also locked my sim and sd card. Is this normal? What should i do now?:confused::confused:
  8. D

    Root htc amaze 4g S-off

    My friend said if I turn S off on my htc amaze I can get a custom rom. I looked through some videos and saw that the wire method is the easiest. You run control bear and wait for the right time.. my question is, where exactly do the wires go? Also what specific kind of wire?
  9. H

    Help Keep losing my download connectivity

    Hi I recently moved my Telus Amaze over to Eastlink. Until then, I had no connectivity issues at all. Since I have moved to Eastlink, I have noticed that: * where previously I had a 4g icon, I know have a H icon * when I am using Mobile Data, I lose download connectivity quite often...
  10. G

    Help External IP constantly changing

    My T-Mobile HTC Amaze's external IP (when on 4G) is constantly changing (static external IP?). I have opened a port on my network, with a whitelist, and I don't want to remove the whitelist. Is there a way to stop the IP from changing? It changes every time I power off, restart, change...
  11. P

    Annoying website memory notifications in Opera

    I tried posting yesterday - apparently unsuccessfully - about annoying notifications on my phone about website memory requirements which occurred every time a web page was accessed, starting about 3 days ago. Typical notification "This site requires XX MB of memory on your device. Allow?". This...
  12. O

    Root HTC AMAZE - Bootloader Bricked

    Hello, I hope someone can help me urgently. I've HTC AMAZE 4G , I do not know its bricked or no Currently showing HTC logo with black background and 4 Triangle in corners. ( Image attached ) I just tried to root mobile ( Unlocked successfully , Then tried to S-Off it NOT successful...
  13. pfoneguy

    Root Possible Issues with purchasing a rooted Amaze?

    I am thinking of picking up an already rooted Amaze (T-Mobile) which is running 2.3.4 and the owner is unsure if it is s-off, someone else performed the root. What I wanted to try and find out is if I am going to have problems unlocking this device with an unlock code in order to use on Lyca or...
  14. Z

    Help HTC Amaze 4G not switching on

    Hi Guys, Earlier this morning i received a call on my Amaze 4G and right after that my phone just shut down,i tried switching it on,but nothing,i took out the battery then re started but nothing,i plugged it for charging thinking may be the battery was drained ,but charging light did not come...
  15. exgenmeikoj

    Root A tip for MMS on also roms

    Hello all I have a tip for.you Now a while back o had a friend flash his HTC to cyanogenmod 9 he was still on ICS But he lost his ability to send picture mail it wouldn't go through so I swooped around the net trying to help him fix. I've tried many apps and read many forms nothing worked So I...
  16. D

    Change IMEI

    Hi ! I need change my IMEI code on HTC Amaze. because I living in turkey but my phone is from another country and I have to pay lot of money to use it in turkey. is it possible ?
  17. G

    Help Email notification sound won't play

    I factory reset my phone, as it was really bogged down. For some reason, my amaze won't play the notification sound when I receive an email. It plays when I receive a text message, no problem, just not email. I have set it up through gmail to play a specific sound when I receive an email.
  18. XnRenteria

    Root Help please! Unroot trouble, Stuck at HTC Logo Screen!

    Okay, i am a complete noob to to rooting and all that has to do with rooting android phones, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a HTC Amaze 4G from my friend and he told me it was rooted. I messed with the phone for a few minutes and realized that i have no idea how to use this root...
  19. D

    Root Rom for Htc One does work on Amaze 4g ?

    Hi there ! Did somebody tried this ? I mean download Rom for Htc one or Htc one x and install that to Htc Amaze 4g ? For example download Android Revolution HD 31.5 and install to Amaze 4g. Does it work ?
  20. R

    Root Locked ruby would like stock

    So as my name says it i am a newbie at this stuff so i bought a t mobile htc amaze 4g and put in my sim and turned it on and no service, so i figured i would hard reset by going into the bootloader but when i got there i got this *** LOCKED *** RUBY PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.93.003 eMMC-boot...
  21. 0

    Root HTC AMAZE - Cyanogenmod not starting, s-on, HELP!

    i either want to get a rom working or go back to stock. I unlocked my htc correctly, rooted the phone and downloaded rom manager to get a new rom, installed latest version of cyanogenmod for this phone and everything was going great, I followed the process to wipe off data and other stuff...
  22. 7

    Keeping charge while tethering heavily.

    The Amaze is the worst smartphone I have had in way of battery/charging. Using HTC Chargers which are 5V1A my phone regularly lost battery while tethering/torrenting. I stumbled upon this solution by accident. 5.2V800mA keeps the phone charged while tethering as heavily as possible. I got a...
  23. L

    Help HTC Amaze: No Network Operators PROBLEM

    My phone was working for ages and then last night the network stopped. It comes up with an X over my reception bars and when I go into search network operators, the list comes up completely empty- there are no network providers coming up and it says there are no networks available. I...
  24. G

    What would you buy if your amaze died today?

    I have had my Amaze for a few years now and it has served me well. I have no plans to replace it anytime soon and other than the fact that it does not get updates anymore it does everything I want and more. However from time to time I fantazise about getting a new phone but everytime I pick a...
  25. T

    Help uknown symbol in notification bar

    Unknown symbol In my notification bar next to my WiFi symbol. Not sure what it is and why its there...looks like a ear bud and a sound wave next to it....