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htc desire s

  1. papu_440

    Root Hello,How To Root My Htc Desire - S

    Hello Sir, i`m new member on this Great Forum How To Root My Htc Desire - S i need some help about rooting plz Guide me with Detail
  2. P

    Root root issues:

    my htc desire s details: SAGA PVT ENG S-OFF HBOOT-0.98.2000 (PG8810000) RADIO-3822. 10. 08. 04_M eMMC-boot Feb 24 2011, 21:19:05 phone is not loading up, it's freezing at company logo only. please help to install custom rom. thanks in advance...
  3. K

    Help Temperature sensor?

    Does the HTC Desire S have a sensor to measure the ambient temperature? I would like to install an app, but it won't work without the appropriate hardware.
  4. saleh_12

    Root stuck on boot screen - help

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgipyz77p9r2bb7/20150211_072534 copy.jpg?dl=0hi all, i currently have an issue with my desire s it is stuck on this screen, is there anything I can do to progress into a proper re boot/recovery? the volume buttons will not allow me to scroll up or down to highlight an...
  5. A

    Help HTC Desire S .. dead??

    Hello there. This is the last chance to wake up my phone because I already made a big number of googling.. I have tried to change custom recovery, got error message that space (or memory) is not enough. Resterted the phone and it just turned off. Now I cannot boot it. Phone has no reaction to...
  6. S

    Help HTC Desire S Cusom ROM Problem

    Hello guys, I'm new here. I own HTC Desire S. It's rooted, and right now Custom ROM I have installed on it it's Fallout. Androd 4.0.3 and HTC Sense 4.0. Problem is here. I get error messages like "unfortunately process ... has stoped"... My camera crashes a lot, andgot some lines while...
  7. S

    Root HTC Desire S Cusom ROM Problem

    Hello guys, I'm new here. I own HTC Desire S. It's rooted, and right now Custom ROM I have installed on it it's Fallout. Androd 4.0.3 and HTC Sense 4.0. Problem is here. I get error messages like "unfortunately process ... has stoped"... My camera crashes a lot, andgot some lines while...
  8. H

    Help View and delete SMS's on a PC

    Hey Peeps, How do I view and delete sms's I have on my android (HTC desire S) on my PC? I have let them build up and would find it easier if I could view them on a PC to sort thru them and delete. Thanx
  9. T

    Help HTC Desire S - Only Shows HTC logo

    I recently bought a HTC Desire S secondhand, however when it arrived I turned it on to find that it just displays the HTC logo then a black screen. It has 4ext installed - which is what loads when try to do a factory reset. I have no experience with installing custom ROMs but I'm pretty good at...
  10. W

    Help Sending e-mail accounts

    I have five different e-mail accounts with different hosts, BT, GMail, and Hotmail. They are all exhibiting the same behaviour. When I send an e-mail, it gives me the message 'Unable to send email' and the mail stays in the Out Box. However, the mail is sent and sent again every time that it...
  11. D

    Help red triangle when recovery mode

    hi i made s-off then i enter recovery mode i took red triangle. i dont want to use custom rom. i wanna use orginal rom (2.3.5) with root but i cant do it. can anyone help me how i can do.
  12. P

    Help desire s update

    Hi all. I'm a newbie - perhaps someone can help. I've got an HTC Desire S with software. The Android version is 2.3.5. Question : Can I update it to a more up to date Android version? (My tablet has KitKat) Thanks in advance.
  13. F

    Help Desire S does not get IP address from DHCP server

    My Desire S connects to my WiFi network but will no longer allow me to connect to other computers on the network or the Internet. When I check the IP address it shows as My DHCP server is set to allocate addresses in the range 192.168.0.x I tried using a manual allocation setting...
  14. N

    Help Problem after upgrading software

    Htc desire s. After upgrading the phone now does not function correctly . Can send texts and receive texts. BUT CANNOT MAKE OR RECEIVE CALLS!!!! Have checked all settings seem to be in order. Sim works in another phone OK. Any help please
  15. P

    Help Cannot enter 7, 8 or 9 when entering a phone number.

    All numbers on the keypad work except for 7, 8 & 9. When trying to type these I get either the row above or the row below. Earlier today I tried entering a phone number into a text and it refused to allow me to type '8'. That is on a completely different keyboard. I've recalibrated the...
  16. D

    Help Identifying phone with broken screen

    Hi, I'm trying to get a replacement screen for my Desire S but I need to know exactly which phone I have (I already got a replacement screen for it but it was the wrong one). Anyone know how to identify which Desire S I have? Thanks in advance!
  17. M

    Help Disabling full screen keyboard in portrait view

    Hi! I was typing a message on my phone recently when suddenly the keyboard and text box expanded to fill the whole screen.:( (This in portrait view, not landscape!) I don't know what I did to make this happen but I really don't like it and what to reverse it! Does anyone know how to make the...
  18. J

    Help Phone Powers Off & Only Switches on Again When Charging

    Hi, hoping someone can give some advice as I'm running out of ideas. Essentially what happens is that my Desire S powers off whilst I am using it, mostly whilst I am navigating through the phone or using any kind of App (not always immediately, but always after a few minutes). I can power it...
  19. M

    Help How do I install stock android

    Hey! So my dad just handed me his used HTC Desire S S510e and now I want to install stock android on it (like on a nexus). How can I do that and which version of Android can I install. Thanks!
  20. D

    Help No Sim after replacing screen

    Hi guys, newbie here! Replaced the screen on my Desire S and after rebuilding, it now says "no sim card in phone". Apart from that it is working fine. Anyone know what i have done wrong? and suggestions on how to fix it. Any help greatly appreciated. I have tried another sim - same problem and...
  21. S

    Help htc desire s has crashed

    I updated the android system software on my phone and the phone has now crashed. I have tried the factory reboot by holding the volume button at the side but this hasn't worked. I have downloaded a toolkit which I thought would help with this but I can't use it either as I need a code and...
  22. S

    Help htc desire s screen wont turn on

    Hi my friends HTC desire s screen won
  23. P

    Help Very slow start with Virgin Mobile

    Since changing to virgin Mobile, my HTC Desire S phone takes about 4 minutes to start and then everything works in slow motion lets say, for the next few minutes. I noticed this in the shop when the assistant tried a SIM card to see if my phone was open for Virgin or not and he commented that it...
  24. A

    Help Just need a little help

    I'm currently on o2 and 'm transferring to 3 network but i need to unlock my phone and i was just wondering could someone point me to a guide or something that would let me do it myself as o2 want
  25. J

    Help HTC Desire S SD Card

    Just bought an HTC Desire S off Ebay. It came without an SD card so would be very grateful if anyone can tell me what size SD card this phone normally comes supplied with.