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htc desire x

  1. I

    Help Phone vibrates constantly

    My HTC Desire X all of a sudden started vibrating and never stopped. I can only stop it by removing the battery and when I reinsert it, it starts all over again. It basically makes the phone unusable. I've tried restarting, factory resetting, everything I can think of. It's out of warranty...
  2. zvir

    Help How can I delete my entire user dictionary?

    I tried it by hand, but there's like 3000+ words I want to delete so that is no option. Could I just delete the data from the "HTC Sense input" app? PlayStore apps (UDM) didn't work. It really really annoys me that there isn't just a simple option "Delete all words". Running Android 4.1.1 by the...
  3. S

    Help Hboot ENG

    Hi! Can you send me Hboot for Desire X with ENG mode(for extended command list of FastBoot)?
  4. S

    Help 15 Desire X's Started Intermittently Rebooting

    Hello, In the company I work for we have 172 HTC Desire X phones still being used by staff. Over the past 2 weeks 15 of these devices (that we know of) have just started randomly rebooting. Nothing has been changed on the devices during this time, no apps have been installed and no updates...
  5. N

    Htc desire x - suspected virus?

    At times the buttons on phone start getting pressed on their own. at times phone too slow. at times cant pick call as the ring doesn`t move.
  6. N

    Help HTC Desire XD (dual sim) keeps freezing

    Hello everyone!!! I have an HTC Desire XD (dual sim) PROTODUG with HTC Sense 4+ and software 2.28.401.1 and kernel 3.4.0-ge781ba0. Edit: using FastbootCommander I retrieved my CID which it's a HTC__405... Lately I expect lots of freezing during booting android and during use of applications...
  7. K

    Help HTC Desire X Won't Uninstall Apps

    Hi there. My partners Desire X has an issue with uninstalling apps. I've tried removing apps via the play store and through the phone settings and it just seems to display "uninstalling" but goes no further. Sometimes when left for 40 odd minutes it will eventually uninstall but with some others...
  8. C

    Help Insufficient Storage Available.. DRIVING ME INSANE

    Iyerr. Going crazy, my phone keeps saying 'Insufficient Storage Available'. I've deleted some of my apps and now even those won't re-install. I've deleted loads of photos and emails and texts and I don't know what else to do. I hardly have any apps anymore and I thought phones should be...
  9. G

    After recovery with HTC Sync Manager recent calls and messages are shown, but all contacts are lost

    Hi, I'm using HTC Desire X. Here are the sequence of my actions which cause the problem: 1)I had "can't establish a reliable connection" problem when signing in Google Play. 2)So I have decided to create backup of all files with HTC Sync Manager. 3)Then I have receted my phone. 4)Then after...
  10. N

    Help bluetooth issue

    hi - i just got an htc desire x - works like a dream - facing a bluetooth issue however - the phone pairs fine with my jabra freeway device but once im onto a call, the sound just goes off the speaker in 30 secs-1 min max and i need to talk from the phone thereafter ; i tried this with another...
  11. NigelB

    Help Access photos on phone, not SD card

    We purchased the Desire X a few months ago and have taken photos and video with it. THey could be accessed and copied via USB etc. Then we added an SD card and mounted it. Photos now save to the SD card and I can see the card and it's content. PROBLEM. Now I can't access the photos/video stored...
  12. J

    Help locations not working

    I seem unable to get the Locations app to work properly. Google maps is fine and will bring up current location map. But the Locations one always seems to bring message "current location temporarily unavailable". The GPS symbol flashes and both wi-fi and data connection are enabled. It would...
  13. B

    Help Storage issues

    Hi all, My HTC Desire X is being weird and annoying. It keeps insisting it has no space left for new apps. However, when I go into the apps list, it won't show how big they are, and when I go into an individual app's information, all the size/data etc shows as 'computing...' - it then never...
  14. M

    Help Send Videos to my pc and they won't play on VLC

    I have uploaded several videos I took on my HTC Desire X to my laptop and they won't play on VLC. It seems to be playing but the screen stays black and there is no audio. Would be so grateful for any help in rectifying this as very frustrating.:mad:
  15. E

    please help

    Hi... Please help me out... Bought Htc desire X 9 months back. Battery and everything was working fine. battery was low one day and it went off... i just put it to charging and when i turned it on it never powered up again. left it for charging overnight and still it wont turn on. When the...
  16. G

    Help Problem with rooting Desire X - no Su files

    Hi, Ive just decided to put custom rom to my desire x. Im tired with original one with sense. Ive unlocked bootloader and installed CWM recovery v. With recovery i tried to put super user files but it failed. I used Desire X AIO kit but it also failed. I tried unrevoked2 and 3 and...
  17. C

    When I save new contact it doesnt Save HELP

    Hi there whenever I try and put a new contact onto my new htc desire x phone i put name and number in push save and it says it contact saved but then I try to find contact and its not there? Tried going to phonebook and changing what contacts but no matter what I do my contacts dont show up...
  18. A

    Sd Card

    Hello there I'm having problems with my storage.Everyone has low internal storage so they are transferring apps to SD card.But that's the problem...I have got low memory on SD card.My phone is HTC Dezire X.when ever I want to download something it says insufficient memory but when I go to...
  19. M

    Air Call Accept

    Is there a working Air Call Accept for our phone?
  20. Thana Niveau

    Root Question re: turning off app "notifications"

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I've got my phone set up to alert me with a sound ONLY if someone sends me a text (I've also got SMS Pop-Up installed). But last night and this morning both Dropbox and an HTC Sense update bleeped with news. If I go into SETTINGS --> APPS and tick "turn off...
  21. Thana Niveau

    Help Unexplained sound notification

    Yesterday my phone worked normally and suddenly this morning I'm getting a funny little notification sound every hour or so. I have my notification sounds set to alert me ONLY if I get a text and this sound isn't my text alert (sci-fi). It's a flutey little quick two-note low-high sound that I...
  22. P

    Help Battery not Getting Charged

    Since a month my Desire x battery is not getting charged after reboot and hard reset the issue occours frequently....need help please
  23. N

    Help Mobile Data Disabled & Background Data Restricted Notifications in Notification Bar

    Hi, I would like to disable my mobile data and limit the background data usage. However, there is always the notification in the notification bat telling me to tap to enable mobile data & touch to remove mobile restrictions. How cam I disable this without removing these restrictions?
  24. R

    Help SMS Message with no sender number gets hidden

    Hello, We have an internal SMS alert system in our company which has the feature that a sender number does not get send with the message, makes it an anonymous incoming sms message. Not a problem, but this is what happens : I get an audio message that my phone receives a new sms message. When...
  25. R

    Help sound / vibrate problems

    Hello there... I've updated my htc desire x to Android 4.1 some days ago...in principle I am very happy because some basic features (telephony!) work much better now, but there's one big disadvantage - sound profiles dont really work anymore. I am using Profile Scheduler and Vybe to control...