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htc evo 4g lte

  1. Panchoevo

    What means: Red "X" Android icon at top left corner of screen ?

    What means: Red "X" Android icon at top left corner of screen ? Also, seems for fave a sort of blemish or cloud icon next to it. Phone is: HTC Evo 4G LTE
  2. P

    Root looking for cassic and mikg rom for htc evo 4g lte

    Any help finding this firmware for EVO 4g LTE also what firmware does it need to be on to flash what twrp image any help I would appreciate itclassic Rom and mikg Rom and anthrax kernel thanks
  3. P

    Help Google Talk Authentication Error and Error Retrieving Information from Server

    I am attempting to setup my old phone as a tablet for my child to play some games on when we are in the car. We had this on another phone and it got dropped. Now I am attempting to setup the same phone HTC EVO 4G LTE and I get all these errors. It has had a factory reset and I will do it again...
  4. syi

    Root roms for 4.3?

    I ran the update for 4.3 a while ago and I am thuroughly done using stock. only problem is I can't seem to find any roms in the stick for 4.3. the highest I saw was an AOSP that was 4.2
  5. Skynet11

    Official HTC Evo 4G LTE User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Evo 4G LTE User Manual - The official HTC Evo 4G LTE User Guide Read more about this resource...
  6. K

    Root Any way to use HTC's new camera app on our EVO 4G LTE?

    HTC now puts their camera app officially available on the app store. But the app store says my EVO 4G LTE is not capable of installing the app. Any suggestions on getting the HTC camera apk to work on our older phones? I love running cyanogenmod 12, Android, but the default camera app...
  7. DStreet323

    Root How can I run S-Off without having to get a HTC token?

    Is their anyway I can run S-off without having to get a token from HTC dev. I'm working with a HTC EVO 4G LTE.
  8. E

    Help EVO 4GLTE ADB "device not found" error

    I have 4GLTE that has been experiencing some power button problems. My solution for the longest time has been using a proximity app for screen sleep and wake moments. Problem happened today when my phone didn't make it to the charger in time and died. Now I am unable to turn the phone back...
  9. D

    Root Basic Q about rooting and troubleshooting

    HI. Im very new to this type of stuff? I bought this phone second hand off ebay. Its a HTC EVO LTE.. There was a app called SuperSU and my phone does the weirdest thing. EVERY time the battery dies all the way dead.. Like completely dead.. It will not turn back on and then it was play this...
  10. R

    Root Need Dirty Unicorn help

    I updated my Evo 4g lte to be able to use CM11 and now use Dirty Unicorn 4.4. I have some questions/problems I hope some one can help me with. First I sometimes have a problem when I'm watching a youtube video and turn the phone to go to landscape mode, the phone will freeze and then...
  11. mikem0269

    Root inactive evo lte

    I have an inactive ltevo and was wondering if any one can recommend a rom. Im s off. Looking to use it as a tablet on wifi.
  12. S

    Root Weird Gapps Issue

    So I am running Vanir ROM with CWM and I tried to install GApps after installing the ROM. With the Current DHO GApps for 4.4.4, it goes through the flash process just fine, but when I reboot, Vanir tells me I need to install a Gapps package and none of them show as installed. When I...
  13. R

    Root In a boot loop, need help

    I haven't used my Evo 4g LTE for a while, just blew off the dust and found there was a new version of CM (11). I followed the normal routine for flashing but it failed. I think because I have HBoot 1.19, the error message said something about boot 2.10. Anywho, being the brilliant guy I am, I...
  14. M

    Root Root without wipe

    As in the title, is there a way to root this phone without subsequently wiping it? I'm really only looking to use the wifi-router option, I don't need many more bells or whistles. I read through quite a bit of the different root methods, but I couldn't tell for sure if wiping was an option or...
  15. mikem0269

    Root Does the htc dev site ever work

    Just ranting because the site wont or errors out saying it cant send emails. When ever I need to use it there is always a server error.
  16. V

    Root How to port a new Sprint number to a rooted HTC Evo 4G running CM Jewel

    Hi all, I have a rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE rooted S-off, which I'm selling to a buddy who needs to put his phone number on. The Sprint store says they can't do it because the phone is rooted. Is this true? Are their options to port a number to a rooted phone or should I un-root it? Thanks for...
  17. ThreeFaces

    Root Updating replacement device to latest everythings

    Hey dudes - I recently picked up an insanely cheap LTE yesterday, as my other one is starting to become less reliable. I was hoping for some quick advice on getting this thing current. My hope is that I can get it up to the 4.3, Sense 5, update (official) that HTC released back in February -...
  18. R

    Root My Internal Sd card Isnt Being Recognized on My Htc Evo 4g Lte I dont Know What To Do?

    Okay So I flashed A Nightly From Cm11 because my Other Rom Was Rebooting my Phone Way too Much so I Flashed it to a cm11 2013 nightly its 4.4.2 And I flashed the miui rom and did the same thing no Internal sdcard It Would say (Blank SDcard )I formatted it didn't do nothing And I still don't Got...
  19. LightShowJerk

    Root Battery Issues

    I need to know is there anyway to improve battery life because im losing atleat 10-20% every 10 min. and its frustrating. Help plzz ���� oh and I'm running Dirty Unicorn and Cm11
  20. F

    Root How do I flash rom and kernel through fastboot

    I need to flash kernel through fastboot because it can't be flashed through recovery due to s-on (htc evo 4g lte) It's a zip file and I get the following error error: cannot determine image filename for 'jewel_1.22.651.3_kernel_08-28-2012.z ip'
  21. N

    Root Need to root htc evo 4g lte

    Need a root method for htc evo that doesnt need a computer please. Its running 4.1.1 and the software is 07RD...if any other information is needed then please let me know!
  22. C

    Root Evo stuck in boot loop from TWRP v2.7.1.0

    Greetings to all. I am not new to rooting, but it has been a while since I have rooted, and that was 2 years ago with the og evo. The rooting process have appeared to change up a bit since I was last on this site. I decided to root my EVO 4g LTE after a year and a half of having it. I unlocked...
  23. dmcjr22

    Root Stupid Question

    Hey guys and gals any chance the evo 4g lte roms are compatible with evo 4g? or just wishful hoping on my part
  24. V

    Root How to update from rooted 1.13

    Dear Community, I am a newb and need help updating my rooted phone. What I want: * The latest update possible... WITHOUT wiping any data What I have * Software version: 1.13.651.1 710RD - Rooted (so old, I know!) * Hardware version 0003 I have no idea what I need to do. P.S. I don't...
  25. syi

    Root [Help]just attempted latest firmware update.

    I just tried to update to the latest firmware. 4.3.XX. it went fine, my radios updated and I can connect to the network again. But my device says it's still android 4.0.3.did I screw up Royally or did I misread the mikmik thread?