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htc evo v 4g

  1. G

    Camera Picture quality poor

    I've had my Evo for several years now and never figured out why my Evo camera shots always seem to look fuzzy. Is it just the quality of the camera for this model, or am I setting something up wrong? I usually just use the auto setting before snapping.
  2. Revenant Ghost

    Goodbye, old friend.

    After having this phone (HTC EVO V 4G) for about 3 1/2 years, it's time for me to finally move on. I had fun overall, thanks to the community and the dev support it had in its heyday. I just got the LG G Stylo through MetroPCS a couple of days ago. I'm liking what I seeing, so far. And I...
  3. G

    Help Help! Virgin Mobile HTC EVO dead?

    My phone was working perfectly fine yesterday morning, but then I had it powered down pretty much all day and overnight last night. Went to plug it in, turn it on, and go to my workout program to log in this morning's time, and it wouldn't boot up. I DID get the red battery charge light at the...
  4. S

    Root Trying to unroot, can't find correct RUU. Help!

    I bought this phone (HTC Evo 3D Virgin Mobile) not knowing that it was rooted. I don't care to keep it rooted, since I don't do anything but call, text and browse the web/check emails for when I'm not at home. I know nothing about this rooting and unrooting stuff. I'm just trying to follow...
  5. M

    htc evo v 4g hboot 1.58 may 7 2012, 15:06:44 wont htcdev unlock needhelp!

    my htc evo v 4g wont unlock hboot from htc devs and i want to unlock it but i tried to do the downgrade and never found a pg87img.zip that i could brick the hboot with i need some help!
  6. D

    Root Connecting with adb

    i had already installed android SDK's for other reasons...what is the exact file i need ADB (android debugger bridge) is all i got out of that... as for the ADB pictures they are broken now, can someone help me out? :/ thanks... edit: i think i found it >.<... ADB.exe? i get a list of...
  7. sunsuke

    Root Can't get 3g on my EVO 3d

    I have a virgin mobile carrier and I can't switch my phones, on my account it shows my evo 3d is activated but no 3g on my evo :( EVO: virgin mobile s-off (junoputbon) Harmiona Rom or Cyanogenmod 11 (i switch between the two)
  8. OsirisMaya

    Root Problems with Negalite blurom browser?

    I flashed Negalite blurom and its beautiful. My notification bar is a little too blue with all the icons but other than that and the browser its perfect so far. The problems with the browser are If I google something, I can't open the links. They act like I press them but don't open. Just...
  9. OsirisMaya

    Root Is is possible to S OFF after rooting?

    I rooted my phone about a week ago and just lastnight realized that its still S ON. I followed the instructions as far as I know
  10. Jcfunk

    Root [Recovery] unoffical TWRP for shooter

    This is unoffical TWRP for shooter, Selinux is WORKING. F2FS is supported. My 3rd attempt, so please test and tell how it goes Issues: Aroma installer 2.57 and older not working. Aroma-2.70RC2 is working Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone...
  11. B

    Help Fix Battery Port on Phone?

    This is my phone: This is what it should look like Notice where the battery connects with the phone: there should be four pins, but on my phone, one of the pins has broken off. Is there any way I can replace the part?
  12. D

    Root can someone HELP ME ROOT A HTC EVO 3D?

    Hey guys, PLease READ AND TELL ME MY BEST ROUTE HERE.... BTW MY PHONE says on the inside its a EVO4G But its the EVO 3D, i have no idea why it says its EVO 4G when its clearly the EVO 3D with the 3D cam etc... Im new here so nice to meet everyone.. Ok I just got a HTC EVO 4G brand new...
  13. N

    Help is my phone dead, or is it fixable?

    On Sunday afternoon when i went to turn the screen on like any other normal time the phone shut off and hasn't turned on since. When i have it plugged in it gets rather hot in the back on the upper corner between the headphone jack and the usb port, but doesn't actually charge the battery at...
  14. C

    Root [Q] Help updating from old rom to CyanogenMod 11.0 - VILLUMINATI

    Hey guys.. I've got an EVO 3d from Virigin Mobile. I have been running the Harmonia rom for over a year and would like to upgrade to CyanogenMod 11.0 - VILLUMINATI CyanogenMod 11.0 - VILLUMINAT My bootloader shows this: Unlocked Shooter XC SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.57.0000 eMMC-boot Apr 20...
  15. strangeLady

    Root Trying to restore to stock

    Hey so I'm trying to restore to stock unrooted. I have an HTC Evo V 4G and it's s-on. I may have tried a couple things that didn't work. I can't get out of the bootloader and into recovery, phone won't boot either. I've tried the RUU.exe here...
  16. M

    Rooted HTC Evo V Users: Any battery saving Kernels?

    So I've been using Yets Another Sense Rom and it's fantastic for me, along with the Mirage Kernel. The problem I'm experiencing is battery life. It's god-awful. I get about 4 hours of battery, half of what I got under VM stock rom and kernel. I don't want to flash another rom, so does anyone...
  17. MTdude

    Root ROM Help

    Ok. First and foremost I wanna say the phone is already on HBOOT 1.50 and is S-OFF. Can't flash anything other than Harmonia. What gives? And now Harmonia is acting funny as well, with the notification bar at the top crapping out for no apparent reason.
  18. musiciansapp

    Leaving Virgin, also HTC

    Kind of long commentary/vent... I really can't complain about Virgin's service the past 4 years, nor the LG or HTC phones I bought from them. Until now I guess. My phone has been acting up and it's time for a new one. I read the forum on how to knock $10 off your phone bill and at the time...
  19. R

    Obtaining MSL on EVO V?

    Hello, I seem to be having difficulties obtaining my MSL for my phone and I've looked up other methods and they don't seem to be working anymore. I know the phone stopped being new ages ago but I'm still using it. My carrier is Virgin Mobile, if that helps. Tried using Logcat/Catlog and...
  20. L

    Help Anyone Else's Google Maps Not Update Position As They Move?

    So I have had an Evo V 4G for a year or two now, completely stock. Recently I've been having a few problems with it, the biggest is with the GPS/Google Maps/Navigation. When I try to launch Google maps, it will often not connect to GPS service (even after I've made sure I have GPS enabled in...
  21. camtheman2343

    Help evo v add 700 MHz Lte coverage

    I'm fully rooted and I am on harmonia 3.17. Is this possible on this rom? Suggestions?
  22. H

    Root Unroot question for the group.

    Can I unroot my phone while keeping the custom rom MeanICS? I want to install an app for work that will not work on a rooted phone but I want to keep all the features rooting has provided so far. I'm ok with not updating it after I have unrooted it.
  23. musiciansapp

    Help 919 error code? Google play downloads/updates

    Has anyone else run into this error code during an installation? Anyway around it?
  24. B

    Screen went out again

    I admit I have a rough Job that the phone get banged around while In my pocket and sometimes my lcd takes a blunt of a hit. But other than the screen this phone keeps ticking along. My screen completely died randomly.. rebooted my phone and it never came back on again. Just did the vibrate thing...
  25. camtheman2343

    Help virgin evo 4g to verizon??

    Im trying to root then use my evo on verizon i found this guide for my rom i wanted cyanogenmod too I'm 100% noob to android hacking but i used to hack psps for friends. is it possible to put the evo on verizon??