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htc incredible s

  1. F

    Help Issues with SD card - HTC Incredible S

    Hello all, Hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having regarding loading music onto my SD card in my unrooted HTC incredible s. I have recently been trying to put my music collection onto a 64gb SD (recognized by my device), I use in my incredible. I load the collection on (around 40...
  2. M

    media sound problem

    Ringtone ok, opening tone ok, hearing tone ok, loudspeaker talking ok, alarm tune ok but media sound problem, keypad sound problem, song sound problem these are silent. What's problem. Model: HTC Incredible S S710e. Please help me problem solved suggestions. Thanks
  3. S

    Help can't open first text message

    I just got an incredible S, and it won't let me open the first text message. so if another person texts me, I can open the second person, and if I reply to them, it then bumps the first person to second spot, and I can open it then. Doesn't make sense. Is this common with this phone, or should I...
  4. E

    Help htc incredible wont start

    i m trying to upgrade Radio of da phone it got hang 4 30 minute when i remove and put da battery back it wont start or charge any more what is da problem with it?
  5. G

    Help [Q] using internal storage

    my SD card slot got damaged and cant be repaired. now i cant store music and pics even though i have lots of internal memory space left. someone please help.
  6. E

    Help HTC Incredible s won't charge any more?

    Hi there, Recently I have charged my phone into lorry (V24) and then some day my phone stopped charging correctly. Now I cannot turn on phone at all as the last message I saw was "your phone is using more current than the charger is able to deliver.' What that supposed to mean ? I have...
  7. R

    Help Problem with digital keyboard

    I have a problem with an HTC Incredible 2. In portrait mode two keys (j & n) do not respond or an adjoining key displays. Two different repair companies have tried three different replacement LCD and digitizers. The problem remained. Both shops told me it was a "software" problem. One said...
  8. D

    HTC incredible s won't charging up to 85%

    I had purchased that from olx and its won't charging up to 85% and its home button also not working ... I had also changed the bettery ... But same problem... plz suggest some thing and one more thing its not rooted ...
  9. B

    Root Bootloop after Tacoroot, Revolutionary + TWRP

    I am helping a friend with his HTC Incredible 2. Helping may not be the best choice of words. Long story short --- he was on android 2.3.4 and wanted to root. He called me. I used Tacoroot to downgrade to 2.3.3 and the Revolutionary (windows version) to obtain Beta Key and installed CWM...
  10. U

    Help Phone won't call or text

    I've had my HTC Incredible S for a good 2 years now. I updated to ICS around 12 months ago and it was all going fine until suddenly one day a few weeks ago it started refusing to make calls or send text. Also I get NO SOUND from the device at all, either through the loudspeaker or headphones...
  11. L

    Help HTC Droid Incredible Bricked

    HI!I need some help with my girlfriend Incredible S. I think is bricked becouse when i try to turn it on it`s vibrate one time and nothing happens, i`m sure that is charging becouse the red LEd is on when the charger is inserted. The USB debugging is OFF and when i press Volume Down and Power...
  12. F


  13. P

    Help Micro SD card problems

    ok so i am having a problem with my HTC Ineradicable s. i insert the SD card and start up the phone. but when i go to settings > SD & phone storage. when im in that total space: unavailable available space: unavailable mount SD card and Erase SD card are grayed out i have tried...
  14. V

    Root Help with rooting my Incredible S

    I have HTC incredible s phone pls. Give me guide for root
  15. S

    Help HTC incredible S stuck on white screen after installing ICS

    Hi, I just installed ICS for my HTC incredible S. I downloaded RUU (NAM (CANADA)) from HTCDEV. But after installing ICS my phone get stuck on white screen. Also i am not able to to recovery. right now my HBOOT shows, VIVO PVT SHIP S-OFF RL HBOOT-6.13.1002 RADIO-3831.19.00.19_M eMMC-boot
  16. cmoore99

    My Incredible II was suddenly hijacked

    And it was very disturbing. It looked like some kind of advert for a topless bar. It happened while driving down I 30 between Dallas and Fort Worth. The phone suddenly came on and there it was. I hit the home button and it went away. Can anybody help me understand this? I don't visit sites like...
  17. Galen10

    Firefox - RoboForm add-on fails to work

    I'm running ICS on the HTC Incredible S. I'd like to use Firefox browser but cannot get RoboForm to work with it. Both install fine, and run OK. Roboform installs it's plug-in into Firefox (it appears in the Firefox addons list) but it remains non functional. RoboForm does not add any controls...
  18. R

    My HTC Incredible S is not turning on but only vibrate 7 times. need help please

    My HTC Incredible S is not turning on but only vibrate 7 times. need help please
  19. Z

    Help HTC Incredible S on Win XP X64 sp2

    Is there an app compatable with windows xp x64 that i can tether internet through USB from my phone? i hear HTC doesn't support windows xp64 which is a pity. I don't need to know peoples opinion of xp x64 btw. Would also like to learn if others have had success using MS ORCA on the sync .msi
  20. B

    Help HTC Incredible S E-mail Notification Problem

    Hi all, So I'm having an issue with my Incredible S' e-mail notification feature. Despite the fact that I have turned e-mail notifications on, as well as notification sound, I am not made aware that I have received any mail. The LED at the top does not flash, the mail shortcut on the home...
  21. B

    Help Incredible S RUU?

    Hi, Recently my Incredible S froze at the first HTC screen upon start-up. I was then told to download an RUU and to run that to fix my phone, however am unable to find the right one. I live in Australia, the phone is unlocked, however was originally with Optus. Thanks!
  22. V

    Root HTC Incredible S problem

    I gained S-off on my HTC Incredible S. When i go into recovery there comes first a picture of a phone with a green update circle with an arrow facing down, after a few seconds there comes a phone with a red exclamation mark. It stays like that, but if i push the power button + Sound Up it gets...
  23. T

    Help incredible s....messed up

    i don't know how else to put it. the phone started a few days ago acting up....its pushing buttons on its own, like in a text it will hold a key or hit a random key....i have done the factoy reset 3 times now and its still doing it. i removed my screen protector thinking that might help it did...
  24. dadadududo

    Help Mobile Network Battery Drain

    Hi I'm a newbie in this forum so please be nice anyways I've been using my Incredible S since it came out in Taiwan (about 2 years ago) and it has always been good, lasting about 3 days before I need a charge (and that's still 20+%) that's mainly because I usually NEVER TOUCH THE PHONE But...
  25. X

    Root Incredible s frustrations ......

    moved here >>> Im new on here ( my last hope ) , i cant stand apple , iphones , mac ,etc so choose android . I replaced the charge port on my HTC Incredible S a week ago , only to find it would'nt boot past the cynogenmod 7 screen with the blue arrow going around in circles ( got phone 2nd...