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htc one e8

  1. FatehBhatti

    Notification Tone

    I need notification tone named as "CHESS" its by default in Huawei P8 Lite.
  2. Android News

    Sprint is updating the HTC One E8 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Sprint has just announced they will start updating the HTC One E8 to Android 6.0 tomorrow. The update will take almost two weeks to complete so be sure to check daily to see if you are eligible.
  3. M

    Root Accidentally wiped system storage and device stuck at bootloader

    Hello. I was rooting my HTC E8 (M8Sx Taiwan) and was going to wipe my cache and data so accidentally selected my system too and wiped it all. After it I've tried another ROMs but I've failed. - I've tried ViperOne - Tried some other ROMs like HTC Eye - OTA - Trying to flash RUU - Get hint from...
  4. Sandman65

    Lock Screen will not work

    On May 24th my phone got a few updates, after they were installed, my lock screen will not set. When I put it in sleep mode and wake it up instead of showing the lock screen it goes right to either the home screen or the last app I was using. The only way to show the home screen now is by...
  5. Android News

    Android 6.0 rolling out to three more HTC phones

    The HTC Desire Eye, One E8 and One M8 Eye are all three getting their Android Marshmallow updates. HTC's software team has included adoptive storage, doze more, Google Now on Tap and Google's security updates in addition to various tweaks and enhancements to HTC Sense.
  6. A

    Root Superuser binary (su) must be updated...

    Hello, I am trying to fix my phone as it is has lost signal due to accidentally selecting USA BAND in *#*#4636#*#* menu. In this process, I had to unlock the bootloader of HTC One E8 Dual Sim and root the phone before proceeding further using QPST, Qxdm and Mztool. I completed flashing TWRP...
  7. F

    Root Bricked htc one e8.

    Hello all. I dont know if this is the proper area for this post, if not i apologize. I have rooted htc one e8 and i recently tried to flash a custom rom. I did a nandroid backup first but in process of wiping before the flash i inadvertently deleted the backup (dont ask me how i accomplished...
  8. F

    Root Bricked htc one e8. Please help!

    Hello all. I dont know if this is the proper area for this post, if not i apologize. I have rooted htc one e8 and i recently tried to flash a custom rom. I did a nandroid backup first but in process of wiping before the flash i inadvertently deleted the backup (dont ask me how i accomplished...
  9. Zane

    Help Will the HTC One E8 get Lollipop

    And is the phone worth it?
  10. hyedward

    Help where are the system playlists stored in the phone?

    I have used the app (playlist backup) to back up a few playlists from my htc music player, where should I import these lists back to the phone if I want? I dont want to use the htc sync manager because if copy and paste works I want to save time. Thanks
  11. T

    Sprint Product Ambassador: Final thoughts

    Having this device for the last 6 weeks has been fun. The Dotview case alone was very enjoyable and will probably be getting the Dotview case for any HTC phone that I get in the future, The Extreme power saving mode has been a life saver on multiple occasions. I mean, 2 weeks of battery life...
  12. T

    Sprint Product Ambassador: E8 Advantage

    I wanted to take the time to talk about something that is truly amazing with the E8 (And the other HTC One series phones). The HTC Advantage. This service comes with the HTC One E8 and I think is one of the biggest "Advantages" of buying a HTC One device! The HTC Advantage gives you a few...
  13. D


    Is there an E8 that runs on T-Mobile's network?
  14. A

    Sprint Product Ambassador: Suit UP!

    The HTC Dot View case looks like just another case, but it comes with a cool trick. The plastic backing offers some protection for the back and corners, but not enough to feel comfortable doing a drop test. The thing that really impresses me is the front cover that interacts with the screen...
  15. T

    Sprint Product Ambassador: Extreme Power Saving

    So one problem i normally have is my battery lasting as long as I do through the day. I am always on the go no matter what, thats just how I am. So its hard for my phone to last throughout the day. Well, with the Extreme power saving mode I no longer have to worry! This awesome feature on the...
  16. A

    Help HTC One E8 Jerky Youtube Playback?

    My new HTC One E8 stutters alot while playing youtube videos and watching Netflix. I've tried everything: clear cache, reset phone, davlik to art, force gpu. safe mode. All still stutter. Anyone having this problem too? Also is it possible to fix it? If it's not I'm going to return this phone...
  17. T

    Sprint Product Ambassador: Dotview

    Looking for a new case? Tired of those old school cases that just look.... dull? Try out the Dot-View case for your HTC E8, M8 or Desire! Just using this case is alot of fun. I have had alot of people say how much they just love to look at it. You have the vibrant colors that show the time...
  18. A

    Product Ambassador: Kid Mode - A great tool for parents

    As a parent I find my kids constantly swiping my device. This is where Kid Mode, preloaded on the HTC One E8, comes in handy. Take note that most of the content on this app is geared towards younger children. When you open the app for the first time it has you build a profile for your child...
  19. CapThrowback

    Root Not a very popular device . . .

    I just got one of these for my wife, on Sprint. She found my M8 a bit too heavy for her taste, but she LOVES the E8. There isn't much of anything in the way of rooting guides or even a custom recovery for this device. Fortunately for my wife's needs, root was all that was required. I used...
  20. T

    Here Comes The Boom!

    ....... And of course by "Boom" I mean the Boomsound! I had alot of experience with the HTC Boomsound with the HTC M8 and with the new E8, it still holds its quality and crisp sound. I cannot get enough of the boomsound with my music and games. I am always having some sort of music or movies or...
  21. T

    Sprint Product Ambassador: E8 First Impressions

    I have had this device for about a week now and I love it so far! I just wanted to give a few points that I am looking forward to, and I will post more on these later. 1st: I love the feel of the phone. I had the M8 before, and the curved back with the rounded edges just feel nice. On top of...
  22. Z

    Help HTC one e8 hides folders when connected to PC

    Hi! I got a HTC one e8 and when I connected it to my PC to copy files to folder like videos and music on my sd card the folders doesn't shows up.. I got a folder named videos and music but it doesn't shows up when connected to my pc.. That's why I am forced to copy files on other folders.. What...
  23. Z

    which color is the best?

    white/red/grey?? which color looks most premium? confused to buy matte finish or glossy polycarbonate one!
  24. kate

    HTC One E8 now available on Sprint

    As of August 29th you can get the HTC One E8 on Sprint. Works with HD Voice and WiFi calling. More: Sprint HTC One E8 official Sprint HTC One E8 page.