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Sprint Product Ambassador: Extreme Power Saving


Apr 21, 2014
So one problem i normally have is my battery lasting as long as I do through the day. I am always on the go no matter what, thats just how I am. So its hard for my phone to last throughout the day. Well, with the Extreme power saving mode I no longer have to worry!

This awesome feature on the E8 ensures that my battery lasts. While in the Extreme Power Saving Mode you will still have access to your essential phone features. If you turn it on with a 100% battery, your phone can last 2 weeks! Thats insane! If you have 10% battey left it will last for 30 hours! No more worrying about dead batteries half way through the day (Or week even!)

The E8 already has a great, long lasting 2600 mAh battery! This power mode just makes it better!

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Your Sprint Product Ambassador Team



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