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htc one m7

  1. Android News

    LineageOS is now available for the OnePlus 3T, HTC One M7, and more

    We're starting to see more supported devices receive new builds of LineageOS 14.1. This latest batch includes the OnePlus 3T, HTC One M7, LG G3, and the Galaxy Tab S2.
  2. G

    Help HTC One M7 stuck in failing update loop

    Hi All, I bought a used unlocked HTC One M7 from Ebay for international use. Most stuff works fine. The phone has OS 6.09.401.5. After I got the phone I get update notification to 6.09.401.10. I give OK, put the phone on wifi, dowload and install the update. The phone processes a little while...
  3. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 comes to new batch of devices including the HTC One M7 and Wilefox Spark

    CyanogenMod 13 is the latest stable version of the custom ROM software and is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The CyanogenMod team has just pushed updates to a few devices that will bring CM13 to these smartphones which include the HTC One M7, Wileyfox Spark, and Wileyfox Spark X.
  4. InfernalByte


    I after the disappointment of not having the opportunity of owning the Note 5 I'm now more than happy that I missed out, because it means that I would not be collecting the Note7 on Tuesday. My HTC One is moving to Tenby to start a new life with a friend and I was wondering if I need to...
  5. lollyboy235

    HTC One M7 Softbrick help please

    i have a Htc One M7 its in constant bootloop nothing i try fixes this issue , i tried custom roms Nandroid back ups all stuck in bootloops (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.61.0000 (bootloader) version-baseband: 4A.20.3263.16 (bootloader) version-cpld: None...
  6. N

    HTC One charging or turning on

    Please help!!!!!! I have an HTC One M7 that was working perfectly fine this morning. I was at about 85% battery life when the phone decided to just randomly turn off. I tried holding the power, volume up and down buttons for 2 minutes but nothing came up. When I try charging it, there's no red...
  7. m7m7m7m7

    Root Can only access Team Win Recovery

    HTC M7 Tmob So Stupid me wiped EVERYTHING on this phone including my backups, restore, and now I don't have anything to install to start up the phone. It goes blank and I have to take it back to the TWRP. Seeing as there is no SD external and I need to install a back up or something, how...
  8. B

    Root Any cure for boot loop?

    One M7, Verizon, S-off, unlocked. HBoot 1.61, OS-6.22.605.3 I ran Kingroot & Sunshine to get S-off and unlocked. Tried installing a couple of Roms, but get stuck in an incurable bootloop. I can easily get to fastboot or recovery. I've tried erasing cache, reflashing TWRP recovery, re-flashing...
  9. K


    HI ALL I have htc one dual sim 802w i have problems with base-band unknown and IMEI unknown but i can see the IMEI getvar and SHOW BARCODE on bootloader I flash ruu PN07IMG_M7C_DUG_L50_SENSE60_MR_HTC_Nordic_7.17.402 .5_Radio_E1237.29.35.0108_release_425799_signed its boot but no baseband or...
  10. R

    Help htc one m7 factory reset

    I have an HTC one m7 and my phone randomly turned off randomly. While turning it on it took me to the recovery/fastboot/factory reset screen and instead of choosing to turn it back on I accidentally did a factory reset and now all my pictures, contacts, etc. Basically anything that was custom...
  11. Android News

    HTC brings AirPlay support to the M7, M8 and M9

    HTC made headlines this week when they introduced the HTC 10 with Apple AirPlay support. The company is taking this a step further with an application in the Play Store called HTC Connect that will bring the same AirPlay support to the One M7, One M8 and the One M9.
  12. Android News

    A look at how HTC has evolved from the HTC One M7 to the HTC 10

    In this spec showdown, the specs of HTC's big hit, the HTC One M7 all the way to the company's latest offering, the HTC 10.
  13. Android News

    HTC 10 preview: The full story of HTC's best phone in years

    Android Central provides a walk-through of how the HTC 10 is HTC's best phone since the HTC One M7. Even at this early stage, it's pretty clear that the HTC 10 is the best HTC phone in years. It's a more complete thought than the M9, and a better all-round device than the A9. There are even...
  14. C

    Outbound Mail Not Working

    I can receive mail OK on my HTC One but every time I try to send I get "Mail has stopped unexpectedly Would you like to send error report to HTC". Did that lots but to no avail. Any ideas please?
  15. L

    After updating, having issues with text message app

    Hi all I have an HTC One M8. Recently HTC sent me a text message to upgrade to Android 6, which I did. Perhaps I shouldn't have. Now my text messages are unreadable. Basically because the person who sends me a text, their message is in white (which is fine). My response is in black, which is...
  16. dor1

    Root HELP ME PLEASE! Htc one(M7) ***TEMPERED***RELOCKED***Security Warning***

    What can I do?
  17. I

    Help Heat issue? Faulty Battery? Weird - MAJOR crashing issue

    Hi, i hope you can help with my issue with my m7 phone. I have an issue with my phone randomly crashing and shutting down all of a sudden. For example i may charge it fully to 100% and use it like normal.... then if i decide to watch say a 1 hour video..... it suddenly after some time (varies...
  18. C

    Root HTC One deleted OS, totally lost

    Hi, i tried to totally reset/clean my phone because i wanted to update (Was rooted) and now i've stupidly deleted my entire OS somehow. After looking for the last 2 days for the correct RUU, i can't find a single one that works because it looks like my OS ( is higher than anything i can...
  19. A

    Root Finally Rooted My HTC One M7, Now What....

    Well I've finally rooted my HTC One M7 after months of saying I'll do it soon, I've also flashed the latest CWM recovery on there but now my question is what do I do now? I've downloaded some apps that need root permissions but nothing great. What I want is an OS that uses minimal RAM and...
  20. SteveDuk

    Root Rooted phone but getting nagged to accept a system upgrade

    I'm new to the HTC One and only received the phone (second hand) last week. The problem is I am being nagged to accept a system update: I realise that this won't install with TWRP but the only way to get rid of the nag is to download it and then pick 'Don't install'. It then...
  21. S

    Root [Rooted] Will not reboot following system update

    Hi, I accepted a HTC system update today. The phone was fully charged and connected to my MacBook. When asked to install the update I agreed allowing the phone to shut down. The phone will now not re-start, the HTC screen turns on for a few seconds and the then phone turns off and repeats...
  22. G

    Help Music Missing from Phone Storage

    Friday night I discovered that all my music is gone from my phone. I have connected it to my computer and did a search and they are no longer in storage on my phone. I do not have an SD card. I did get a message a couple days ago that an HTC update had been applied without any initiation from...
  23. P

    Root HTC one M7 Stuck in safe mode

    My HTC's volume button messed up and the software considers it a broken/damaged phone. I want to root it to get access to my apps but cannot get into anything because it's in safe mode...no third party apps as well as I cannot unlock the bootloader/download to root the phone. Is there any other...
  24. Jovani Nickson

    Help need help in identifying this part for htc one

    can a broken piece of motherboard ,still mean the phone can function fully ? the power flex cable is also broken ,so i cant test atm ,the phone screen turns on with the battery logo and etc ( no led light ) when charging...
  25. event3horizon

    I thought NFC reads credit cards?

    I just received an updated credit card from my credit card company with a built in chip. I have the original HTC one with NFC turned on. I tried a few apps out there to test scan it but I have no NFC beep at all on the card. I also tried NFC with a foreign passport I hold and it works, beeps...