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htc one s

  1. A

    RUU Needed

    Hello! Can anyone could help finding correct RUU for theese specs HBOOT:2.15 RADIO: CID:VODAP001 Any help would be much apreaciated
  2. D

    Help HTC One S crashing at start screen

    UPDATE 2/10/16: Now it seems to have died completely. It won't charge when I plug it into a wall or be recognized when I plug it into a computer. Any ideas? Anybody?? -------------- original: So there's plenty of info out there about the boot loop with this phone, but I can't find anything...
  3. D

    HTC One S crashing at start screen

    So there's plenty of info out there about the boot loop with this phone, but I can't find anything about exactly what I'm experiencing. If I press the power button, sometimes it doesn't do a thing. Other times, the start screen appears ("htc - quietly brilliant" - the irony), but abruptly...
  4. mifkee

    Trying to get into safe mode, but blocked by Norton's lock screen

    So far, I've been trying to hold down the power button on the HTC screen, hold the volume down button, and tried holding both buttons at the same time, but I just can't seem to get it into safe mode and uninstall Norton. Am I doing something wrong? I know my volume down button is a little busted...
  5. A

    Htc one s c2 problems

    Hello for everyone! Htc one s (s3) can't unlock bootloader, always stay relocked. I try everything, many unlocking tools, regular metod whit Htcdev, token subm, kingo unlocked... Nothing change. Always whit htcdev, step to step, always confirm, and next step, and last step phone confirm -press...
  6. Jeezy1


    hello guys i forgot to backup my data now my phone wont boot. Followed some steps and it asked me to relock bootloader so that is done but i cant seem to fix the damn phone i need help pleease!!
  7. Jeezy1

    Root Twrp

    Guys i need help pleasee!!! I cant flash any rom in HTC one S its not flashing in twrp. Thanks!!
  8. M

    Help HTC One S won't turn on. Help!

    HTC One S won't turn on. The LED light is shining orange when charging. Has been on charge for 24 hours - still orange, still no response. Have tried holding block button + volume up/down for a long time. No results. Please help!
  9. M

    Root root

    my htc one s r dad becose clockworkmod recovery v5.8.1.5 in it, in errar r E:unable to open ums lunfile ples halp
  10. G

    Help Button power does not select in "safe mode"

    Hello , i recently dropped my phone in water , to be frankly in the toilet " i was drunk" it fell of from my pocket , and after i flushed the water i realized what happened(i'm smiling now so i wont cry , here in our country u need one month of payment to buy it so ...) , anyway i tried to dry...
  11. Z

    htc one s stuck at logo,,,soft brick plz guide

    hi all,here is the details under in recovery tempered unlocked vle pvt ship s-on rl hboot-1.06.0000 radio-0.15.31501s.19_2 opendsp-v21. emmc-boot mar 15 2012,23:37:23 how to recover it?
  12. F

    Help HTS ONE S mms not working

    Hello; I have an HTC One S from T-mobile unlocked, I just signed up with MetroPCS, but since I got the service I have only be able to receive pictures, but just can not send out any. Serching the APN's all over the only settings working now are: Metro PCS APN Name: MetroPCS APN...
  13. Q

    Help Bottom buttons don't respond only after sleeping

    My HTC One S has a weird issue. After startup, everything works just great. Then, after it goes on sleeping mode (stand-by) and wakes up, the 3 bottom buttons don't work! Tried factory reset - and still doesn't work. Since the buttons do respond it can't be a hardware issue... so what causes...
  14. Skynet11

    Official HTC One S User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC One S User Manual - The official HTC One S User Guide Read more about this resource...
  15. Z

    Help How can I group message ?

    Hi, I have a non-rooted HTC One S (Android 4.1.1) and I'm using the stock messaging app for SMS. However, when I'm sending group texts by selecting several recipients, responses are received in the individual threads I have with each recipient and not in the "mass thread". Also, when...
  16. M

    Root Only 2GB left of internal storage after root

    Hey, I recently rooted my HTC One S with 16GB and flashed the MaximusHD 10 Rom in Recovery. I only have 2GB left of internal storage now and I can't find a solution for it. The storage was completely wiped so it shouldn't have any junk files. In the settings it says that 14GB are used by...
  17. N

    Root [HELP] downgrade HBOOT 3.01 to 2.15 tutorial

    ive got my One s c2. wanna flash good custom Roms, but seems theyer only have for 2.15. is there any guide for downgrading Hboot? help me :(
  18. S

    Root Cannot get Rumrunner to S-Off

    Bootloader: Unlocked Running Android 4.1.1 Stock HBOOT 2.15 SuperSU v2.0.1 OS: Windows 8.1 I can't seem to figure out why my device won't S-OFF. I've followed the instruction carefully but it seem it just can't get past the following... i62.tinypic.com/29w7sxg .png ^ sorry for the broken up...
  19. S

    Help Help!How to retrieve secure box text messages

    I have the same inquiry another person has. I have the HTC One S and moved my text messages to the secure box. I am unable to retrieve them. However, when I click the search button and type in the name of the text messages I am looking for I see all my messages. I want to retrieve those and open...
  20. K

    Help Bootloop

    Hi there, my htc one S is stuck on bootloop. For some reason now matter how hard I try I cannot do a hard reset every time my phone just switches directly on and goes through bootloop until my battery dies. I'm not very technically minded but can certainly follow instructions ect so was...
  21. B

    Root System recovers itself ?

    Hi I'm new to rooting, so I do my trials on my old HTC One S. I already managed to unlock and root the device. Currentyl I'm trying to make an app a system app. According to the manuals I read it should be as easy as coping the apk to the /system/app folder and reboot the device...
  22. W

    Help oh crap.... Viper One S / HTC One S

    help :( Alright, so my step-son boffed my wife's phone when he tried to root? upgrade? god-knows-what to it. i've been fighting with it for over a week now. i have made SOME progress getting out of soft-brick but i seriously am banging my head and need help. This is my first time trying to...
  23. V

    Help Phone won't turn on, but makes USB noise when plugged into computer

    I accidentally got my HTC One wet. It worked immediately after, and then it slowly started acting wonky. Now it won't turn on, and there are no lights when I have it plugged into a charger. But it makes a connecting/disconnecting noise every 15 seconds or so when it's plugged into my...
  24. S

    Help HTC ONE S VILLE Stuck on htc logo