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htc one x plus

  1. H

    Help HTC ONE X+: No charge, No LED, No start. No hope?

    Hello you clever folk. I have a standard, unrooted HTC One X+ that is out of warranty. It turned off due to a flat battery a couple of days ago, but any attempts to charge it or turn it on have failed. The battery has been somewhat temperamental for a while. When a charger is connected, no LED...
  2. A

    Help Phone does not find new WiFi.

    My phone can easily find the old Dlink router, but not my new moden with integrated WiFi. My Samsumg 10.1" tablet is connected to the modem, so I know it works. It's a Tilgin HG2301 http://www.superonline.net/Dosyalar/Modemler/images/2300_frontal.jpg
  3. Y

    Help Touch screen problem HTC one x +

    Ive been using this phone from 1.5 yrs now. The uppermost strip of the screen which we use for drop-down is not detecting touches. Plz help.
  4. R

    Root Read only file system when trying adb push-htc one x+

    After submitting 'adb root' I get: adbd cannot run as root in production builds
  5. M

    battery and phone getting hot problems

    Just got me a HTC One X plus after having a HTC desire hd for a year or so..this one is a second-hand phone i am getting a couple of issues not sure if there normal or if i need to send this phone back.. ok problem 1.. when in use eg on net or playing a game the phone front and back near camera...
  6. L

    HTC One X+ vs One S : which to get?

    I'm looking to get a HTC after my galaxy s3 mini now gives me about 4 hours of screentime and is very slow! I nearly got the one x last year but I can get the one x+ this year for around 220 pounds. My main gripe from reading reviews and stuff is the battery life issues. I'm a bit of a...
  7. P

    charge time HTC One X+

    How long should it take to fully charge a new HTC One X+? Mine takes 5+ hours, when plugged into a wall socket, which seems very very long.
  8. P

    Help cannot find "Get content from another phone." in Settings for Transfer

    Just got a new One X+. Nice unit. here's one of two problems I am having though. Trying to transfer my apps and data from my old phone, the HTC Transfer Tool instructions say: "Or go to Settings, and then tap Get content from another phone." I do not see "Get content from another phone."...
  9. P

    Help tethering Internet not working

    I cannot seem to get the Tethering working on my new HTC One X+. I use my smartphone's mobile data to provide internet to my laptop and desktop when away from my wired home base. with my old Nexus S, I just attached the phone via USB left the USB connection option OFF and Voila! Internet. the...
  10. A

    Help HTC One X+ Bootloop / Battery Issue?

    hi guys first of all sorry for my bad english, its not my native language ;) i got the following problem, i got an one x+ from a friend, the problem is its stuck in a bootloop. first without a charger it wont start at all, when I connect it to the charger, the led flashes 3 times red, makes a...
  11. M

    HTC One X+ STK App Crash

    Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a crash, maybe unresponsive. Here is the thing: I use Safaricom MSP (Kenya) and mobile money is a big deal here. So naturally safaricom have a sim app for the service. Their sims come with 2 main menus: Safaricom+ - for usual stuff - like checking...
  12. R

    Help Stuck in booting loop

    Hello, My HTC one X+ device fell down and the screen was cracked. However I was still able to use it despite the crack on the glass. After 3 days it started booting itself continuously, i.e. It shows the HTC logo then reboots (stuck in booting loop). I read that i have to press and hold the...
  13. F

    New update

    I just received a new AT&T update - automatic download. Does anyone know what is changed with this new update? I now have Software Number: 2.15.502.2 Still have Android 4.2.2
  14. U

    Help Cleaning HTC One X+

    So I was working away on a building site a few days ago, and some dust got into my front speaker, I attempted to clean it with a pin, which worked, but it made the LED slightly dull. So I tried the same thing with the pin again, and this time the LED is no longer visible. Any suggestions on how...
  15. B

    Help Transfering Music without storing them on my PC

    Hi there, Is is possible to add music files to my phone without storing them on my PC? Because it's really eating up a lot of space of my hard drive? tnx Baz
  16. M

    Root Boot looping

    Hi, I know this is an older phone, but I have one that I want to sell and decided to upgrade to the latest version of the ROM I was using. I flashed the ROM, unaware that I needed to flash a new boot.img as well. My mistake, but I'm now unable to connect to the phone to use fastboot to flash...
  17. billy whizz

    Help htc one x plus LTE compatible?

    hi guys - im in the uk, just phoned up tesco mobile to change my tariff to 4g as it is free now to all customers, anyway i told them i have a htc one x plus 64gb uk version phone, they said it was fine and is 4g compatible..anyway recieved my microsim, but im not getting 4g only 3g and H...they...
  18. D

    Help att htc one x+

    im using an att htc one x+ on metro pcs but im unable to get 4g lte service even thoe the coverage is good in my area when i try to use different apn setting i notice i dont have two catagories in the settings one is apn protocol or apn roaming protocol how do i enable this thanks
  19. H

    Help Internet won't play embedded videos

    Sorry if this has been covered- I've searched the forum and can't see a similar thread or fix. Would appreciate any advice here. The default internet browser on my HTC one x plus will not show the huge majority of embedded videos. An embedded YouTube video will show a video icon, then skip...
  20. V

    Battery drains from 14% to Zero in secconds

    I have HTC one x+, which has a major problem. My phone's battery runs fine otherwise, but once it reached 14%, it goes from 14 to ZERO within seconds. Even if i switch the bluetooth, wi-fi and mobile data off and just keep the phone on side (with screen off), the battery goes from 14 to zero...
  21. D

    Help to identify a part in HTC One X+

    Hi, I opened up my HTC One X+ and a small rectangular piece of plastic fell out which i don't know what it is or where it should go... The part measures 7mm x 4mm and has a circular part in the middle that sticks out on one side and goes in on the other, please see picture although its not...
  22. E

    Root Can't mount /system, /data, /media, etc in TWRP

    I was trying to flash a rom when i noticed that my phone couldn't mount the partions /system, /data, /media/data. Notes: Phone is soft bricked and cannot actually start up the phone as in use it normally, only can use recovery and hardboot something like that
  23. T

    Imported US AT&T HTC ONE X+ mobile data not working in Australia?

    Hey guys, I recently imported an AT&T HTC ONE X+ from the US(I live in Australia) and when I put my Australian SIM card in there the reception bar shows up and I can make calls and texts. I can access Wi-Fi also. However my mobile data does not seem to work. When i go to settings and turn it...
  24. W

    Help Does our HTC One X+ have 4G LTE capability or not?

    I get conflicting information on this subject. Most of the time, I use my phone from WiFi at home. My provider, Consumer Cellular said in their latest newsletter that they are giving 4G LTE (since they use AT&T network.) Yesterday, I decided to test for myself. Going into town, I attempted to...
  25. W

    Can an ISO file be copied to a Linux desktop

    Because my ISP's reception at home is very slow and flakey, I went to the public library to download an ISO file to try a different Linux distribution for my desktop. The library has fiber and the download to my HTC One x+ was speedy. However, when I tried to copy the 1.2 GB file to my Ubuntu...