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htc rhyme

  1. O

    Converting a Rhyme

    I have an old HTC Rhyme that my wife used before upgrading to an LG a couple of years ago. Rather than leave it to gather dust in a drawer, I thought I could maybe I could use it for something. Like maybe a bluetooth MP3 player... So I can do that. Not difficult -- a decent-sized memory card...
  2. A

    Root No recovery folder in Rhyme

    Hi, I have a HTC Rhyme which I decided to root and install a custom ROM because the phone had become really really slow and even factory reset was not helping it. I tried towelroot, 1clickroot which did not help but was able to root with Kingo Android Root. My problem is that I can't flash a...
  3. Y

    My HTC Rhyme phone can not take photo.

    It seems, my phone HTC Rhyme can not take photo. And connected the PC also cannot find the photo or other pictures. :confused:
  4. Y

    antenna issue rhyme

    I lost the antenna cover for my rhyme. Is there a way I can temporarily wire the antenna so the phone works til I get my replacement phone?
  5. D

    Htc rhyme likes not oppening ...

    When i want to open htc likes ... It says unable to connect with htc sense server ... How to resolve that problem plz help ... !
  6. D

    How i can delete fb chat widget from my htc rhyme ?

    How i can remove htc rhyme fb chat widget cause its using 20 % ram all time ... Any one have any idea ...
  7. D

    Help HTC rhyme is not charging perfectly ..

    HI my handset glass is just cracked and now its showing that your charging curent is enough that you using ... This warning just shocked me ... Plz give me some suggestions and tell me how i can stop the background apps running ... Plz any one here to help ...
  8. E

    Root after rooting my HTC, superuser still not functioning

    i rooted my verizon HTC Rhyme by following thread below. http://androidforums.com/rhyme-all-things-root/594445-htc-rhyme-new-root-method.html after rooting the device, i ran 'root checker' app to confirm that the device has been rooted. however, whenever i run apps that requires root...
  9. F

    Root [Q] How to delete my primary google account ?

    I have a htc rhyme phone i was deleting my primary google account simply by resetting my phone to factory setting , after alot of failed efforts on rooting my phone now when i try to factory reset my phone shows a white screen hangs, is there any way to delete my primary google account or fix...
  10. F

    My phone display go off

    Whenever doing a call or something my phone display go off and a battery low light glow even battery is fully charged it doesnt get on until put the charging pin in it
  11. aprilx0x

    Help Please Help updating recovery & a few other things.

    I have been searching for roms for my phone for awhile now. I have found Aurore's, Muiu rom, and I think there was one more maybe. Do yall know of anymore that have the Theme Chooser included in it? I havent flashed any of the roms I have found because Im not %100 sure how to. I have CWM...
  12. D

    Root Root Rhyme with SRS Tool - safe and fast

    After nearly a weeks of searching for a Rhyme rooting method, I found and sucess with this SRS One Click Root. Anyway, you still have to unlock boothloader first at htcdev.com Then follow this process: 1. Download SRS Tool: srsroot.com 2. Install it on your computer. 3. Connect you unlocked...
  13. C

    Root Root problem, please help!

    Hello, I recently rooted my gf's Rhyme (Verizon) and everything went good, worked just fine. But then I tried to install a custom rom called "Aurore Rhyme ICS 1.0" and now all I get it the white HTC screen. I have tried to restore it, even tried to use a...
  14. K

    No ICS for Verizon Rhyme?

    I may be a little late on this one, but will there ever be an ICS update for the Verizon Rhyme? :C I've seen that there's a custom rom on xda for ICS, but I'm pretty sure it's for the GSM Rhyme. And I think Verizon is CDMA. Which doesn't make sense to me, because couldn't anyone with a GSM...
  15. S

    Root What now?

    So I'm rooted, what can I do with my Rhyme now?
  16. D

    Rhyme sim unlock?

    is theare any way to sim unlock this phone for free?
  17. saptech

    Replacement Phone

    The wife just got the Rhyme as a replacement phone for an Incredible 2, which gave her problems since Dec. '11. She seems to be satisfied with it, so far. She just got it today. I've noticed it show for Networking: Does the Quad-band mean it will work on T-Mobile network? We're currently with...
  18. L

    htc rhyme and facebook

    I am trying to figure out how to tag myself or other people in pictures I post on facebook..but cannot find anyway to do so!!! Just hoping someone could help!!
  19. Wacky13

    HTC RHYME verizon screaming HELP!!!!!

    well i have been trying to figure out how to root my HTC Rhyme model:ADR6330VW *** TAMPERED *** *** UNLOCKED *** BLISS XC SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.32.0011 RADIO- eMMC-boot and i believe i have completely erased EVERYTHING off my phone and i dont know how to get back to the original...
  20. aprilx0x

    Root Pay someone to remote root my phone.

    I am so aggravated. I have tried rooting my rhyme and I just can't figure out how do it. I have rooted my tablet, my hubby's samsung stratosphere, jail broke a couple iPod, so I'm sorta familiar with the whole process. I unlocked the bootloader already. I have tried multiple ways & no luck. I'm...
  21. P

    Root Rooting HTC Rhyme PROBLEM.. :(

    I have been trying for DAYS to root my htc rhyme.. now i am to the point where i just want it back to normal lol .. I have tried everything lil program to root.. no luck .. now i am with no recovery and not sure how to reinstall the RUU is it? don't know where to get what i need or how to...
  22. J

    Internal memory free?

    How much free internal storage should I expect on my gf's HTC Rhyme? It's running Android 2.3.6 and after a factory reset shows 0.99Gb free internal storage. This seems a bit low! I thought these came with 4Gb of internal storage? Surely the installed apps aren't taking up 3Gb? Can anyone...
  23. D

    Cheap NEW Rhyme from Verizon!

    I was poking around the Verizon site the other day and noticed an interesting entry on the Prepaid side. They were the selling the HTC Rhyme for $129.99 with only a one month commitment to their prepaid service ($60/month with 500Mb of data, unlimited text & talk). That
  24. D

    Brand new Rhyme - Cheap

    While it's getting a little old now it is still a pretty good 3G phone. Verizon is selling brand new Rhymes for 129.99 (no contract) as part of their pre-paid side. It looks like you have to sign up for one month of their prepaid service (min $60/month - unlimited minutes/text/500 MB data) in...
  25. R

    Help WiFi Issues after OTA update

    I received an OTA update (ADR6330VW_2.20.605.13-2.20.60 5.3) on 2/28/13 and about a week later I started noticing my wifi acting up. Now it won't connect at all. Weird thing is its showing up in my router and phone as connected. I can also connect to wifi at work with this phone and all...