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htc thunderbolt

  1. Android News

    New trademark from HTC could hint at a successor to the HTC Thunderbolt

    The folks over at Phandroid have come across a new trademark from HTC for the term HTC Bolt. The trademark filing doesn't reveal any details about what this could be though. It might be the name of an upcoming smartphone, or it could be some type of accessory.
  2. Danielson2047

    Root Looking for toolkit/revolutionary

    Greetings. Does anyone have either of these two? Thinking about getting a thunderbolt on the cheap just to play with. Sold mine way back when and have always missed that big hunk of a thing. I've found links but the revolutionary site and goo.im both seem to have been shut down. Thanks!
  3. N

    Root HTC Thunderbolt exploits.zip file request

    does anyone know where i can get the exploits.zip file mentioned in this post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1009969 or if anyone downloaded the file while the site was still up could you send the file to me? ive been search for a while now but everything just directs me to...
  4. T

    Root New to rooting & what rom to use

    Hey guys im new to rooting but have done my hmk on this stuff. Im pretty sure on how to root so ill save that discusion for another thread. My main question is what rom to use. I like the google based one like Paranoid android but from my research i cant find that it is compatible with the...
  5. R

    ringtones for text phone email htc thunderbolt

    i am not comuter or phone literate.on my old phone samsung intensity III i could set a rington for text email and phone all different for 1 user i can't even figure out how to get 1 tone for text email and phone for 1 user .also cannot get a different tone for incoming text to outgoing text.any...
  6. D

    Help NOS Thunderbolt R&R

    I am using a rooted Thunderbolt for quite a while. In the NYC area I get very nice 4G speed and call quality is fine for my needs. I have a wireless hotspot app so I use a tablet for surfing and leisure.. After yars off good use, I'm replacing the phone. Is it possible to save an image .zip to...
  7. G

    Root Unlock/Upgrade

    I would like to enlist somebody's help in unlocking my HTC Thunderbolt, and upgrading the Android version on it to KitKat. I'll be mor than willing to pay, but i dont know how to do it myself. If you can do it and are interested,text me at 937-681-3619. Thank you.
  8. H

    Help Even Wall charger can't keep up.

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt non rooted on VZW. I've been experiencing severe battery drain. I always kept GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth off unless I was using them. Location services used to stay on until... About a month ago (right after I installed Words with friends and Draw Something because I...
  9. D

    Root help on how to root HTC Thunderbolt the new way

    Hi every1 names Dan, glad i fopund this forum,i have old HTC Thunderbolt firmware 2.3.5 baseband My question is what is the best new way 2 easily root HTC and if i need 2 return cell 4 warrenty can i unroot aswell? Im trying 2 root cell so I can use cell as a hotspot so i can...
  10. L

    Thunderbolt Frustration!!!

    I am so lost!! My Thunderbolt seems to have a mind of it's own & I attempt to research how to troubleshoot the MANY problems I am having & end up more confused!! I'm also brand new to this website so if I'm doing something wrong or I'm in the wrong place then any helpful direction on where to go...
  11. T

    Need new battery

    My original battery took a crap...I got one of the cheap yet more popular batteries from Amazon and that took a crap. It wont take a charge (stays on 0^ and then powers off). Where can I find a QUALITY aftermarket battery?
  12. A

    12 volt usb charger question

    :confused: Hi all, Looking for a 12 volt dual usb charger. I see many labeled for Iphone, etc. Do Iphones require different amp rates than droids? I figured usb is usb. Thanks for your help Al
  13. D

    Help 2 Thunderbolts...same problem,stuck looping splash screen.

    I have 2 Thunderbolts that seem to have the same problem...stuck on splash screen then turning off then turning back on and repeating. both were rooted at one time,only one is still. because of some of the things I have tried to recover these phones. first phone had a problem with the battery...
  14. I

    Root Stuck Returning to Stock for Warranty

    I was running LiquidSmooth after obtaining S-OFF using Revolutionary on my Thunderbolt I had bought online. After a few days the charging port would no longer charge the phone. The device is under warranty so I readied a return and ordered an external battery charger to get the Thunderbolt back...
  15. C

    Help Handcent Slideshow Challenges

    Greetings! I am not able to send multiple pix in one Handcent message. Is there a step-by-step guide? I did not do it, but this phone has been rooted. I installed Handcent when I received the phone. TIA!
  16. E

    Root Made it thru root, now what?

    Hello all, I made it thru rooting my TB with HUGE thanks to trter and the Thunderbolt tool. I'm back on GB now and want to do some bloatware removal, like Slacker and Bitbop, etc. How do I get rid of this junk? I'd also like to go back to ICS or further. ICS had some features I liked such as...
  17. C

    Help Contacts

    Greetings! Bought used Tbolt. It has no contact list or chat. How do I get them to show up, or, what are the recommended apps to DL? Thx! -- cleso
  18. P

    Root Rooting issues :(

    The all-in-one root tool's download link is no longer working (it says 'file not found') so I've istead gone through the manual steps listed on the "Thunderbolt Root/Unroot Thread" (which I was going to post this in but didn't know who would see it). My command window looks almost exactly like...
  19. P

    Boot without battery?

    Should the HTC Thunderbolt boot without a battery, with just a power cable? Have a supposedly "dead" one I'm trying to troubleshoot (won't boot at all)... wanted to check this with fellow Thunderbolt owners before I spent $ on a battery...
  20. H

    GPS off but icon ON

    Had some problem this morning, my satnav couldn't get a GPS fix. It didn't complain about the GPS being off, nor offer to take me to the GPS menu, and my GPS icon was on, so I ended up getting to my destination by dead reckoning. When I got a chance to look at it, GPS was off... but the icon on...
  21. Funderbolt

    So long

    I appreciate all the support around. Bought a Galaxy S4, and moving on. Good luck.
  22. T

    Help Random reboot/battery loss

    Have seen this issue posted a bunch..haven't seen anything about a cause and/or solution. I've had this thunderbolt for going on 3 years and have been running a version of BAMF since I got it. It's been great and this is the first real issue I've had. The phone seems to only restart when...
  23. W

    Little accomplishment with my tbolt

    Just thought i'd share this what I consider to be an achievement with all of you. 4+ months of light everyday use and no signs of stopping. One of the many reasons this is a pretty darn good phone, imo.
  24. C

    Have Thunderbolt, slow, old, what to replace it with?

    I have a verizon Thunderbolt, and it seems to be a bit sluggish, and old. I want to upgrade my phone but I am still grandfathered in the unlimited data plan, and I dont want to lose that. Can anyone recommend an Android type phone that I can buy on ebay or amazon that would be an upgrade...
  25. M

    Help Windows 8 64bit usb drivers for Thunderbolt?

    I have a new to me Thunderbolt that I would like to start "talking" to with my Windows 8 computer but I can't install the HTC drivers .exe as there is a compatibility problem. If I could extract the drivers from the .exe I would just install them manually but I don't know how to do that. Should...