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htc wildfire s

  1. SpiderMew

    Only 144kb free default. Cant Update

    So Budget Moble sent me The HTC wildfire S as my free phone though the California lifeline program. It kept saying google play services kept crashing every time i tried to do anything with it. Until i got an SD card i couldn't hear any of the default ringtones or do anything other then make an...
  2. L

    Help Trying to fix an old htc wildfire s

    Never mind. It was the Digitizer.
  3. A

    Root HTC Sim Lock

    Hi All. New to this so please excuse my lack of tech terms. I have an HTC Wildfire S A510e on Vodafone PAGY which is over a 18 months and I've been using as an emergency spare phone still on PAYG Vodafone. My other half is taking the leap into this centuries mobe from an old basic payg on o2...
  4. talha921

    Root Htc wildfire s a510e cwm + 4.4.4 update enquiry

    Hello everyone! I have a HTC Wildfire S A510e and I have updated it to 4.2.2 jellybean which is quite stable and I've also used Cronmod IntExt2+ to increase internal memory and everything is fine but Its a bit buggy. Now I want to know 2 things: Do I have to update my CWM recovery in order to...
  5. jmd2316

    Root Root my htc wildfire s w/o pc

    I need h week plz
  6. jmd2316

    Root 1click root for htc wildfire s

    I need a 1 click root app for my HTC wildfire s without a pc plz help
  7. A

    Help cm11 htcwildfire s? how to install?

    just like the title says. here is the link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2735775 i just dont know how to do it,if anyone can,can you give me a step by step installation? my phone isnt rooted either,and im kinda new to android since i came from ios. i would really need a...
  8. A

    android 2.3.5 cant upgrade

    i recently got a htc wildfire s unlocked on ebay,used but verified.i tried to update my *software* and it only updated my apps but not the android version.all apps are fine but my device is still on 2.3.3 when its suppose to be on 2.3.5. its model number is: HTC-A510a its also not rooted...
  9. S

    Help Wildfire S "Critically Low Memory" message

    Not sure if this forum is still active since the phone is quite old now. I was given this one last week and intend using it with a "Free SIM" I've been offered by TalkTalk (my landline and ISP ). I was quite surprised how nippy this little phone is. When I received it, it had evidently been...
  10. S

    Help Basic Vanilla Android ROMs?

    Hi, I want to start using my Wildfire S again. I see that these days, because of the required updates, the android system with HTC sense on top absolutely kills the phone in terms of performance and storage. So i want to install the most basic vanilla Android ROM on to my phone. I don't...
  11. A

    Can Anybody Help Me?

    I am new to these phones and have no idea where to begin..I want to upgrade so I have Google Play Store as I cannot access the market (says nothing available) and nothing will download (tells me havn't clicked play store app...but it's not on my phone...) How do i fix this? As it stands it will...
  12. S

    Help Help with recovery of lost files & rooting?

    Hi, HELP! Unfortunately my phone was recently returned to factory settings without backing up the data. I am attempting to recover the pictures that where on the phone during the reset. Im using an old HTC wildfire s on Android. 2.3.5 software 2.26.771.2 I have tried recovering the...
  13. A

    music files?

    so i used to use this application called 'simple mp3' to download music. The app has been removed off the market and i can't seem to find my music files when i connect my phone to the computer? I remember the file being named 'simplemp3' or something like that. anyone know where i could find...
  14. andriodadmirer

    Root Upgrading recovery and installing cm11

    cm11 4.4.4 for htc wildfire s HELLO THIS IS ANDROID ADMIRER BEFORE WE ARE ABLE TO FLASH THIS ROM CM11 4.4.4 for metro pcs WE HAVE TO FIRST UPGRADE OUR RECOVERY TO PHILZ TOUCH 6.43.7 RECOVERY (in order to flash a kitkat rom flashing from another recovery will give status 7 error)...
  15. P

    need help

    my htc wildfire s a510e was not using recently so its off , bt i tried charging it . except the charging indicator(orange led) is blinking . the phone not turning on ........ plz help me if der is a solution _/\_
  16. A

    Root Help needed for a friend's Wildfire S - rooted, but need more help :)

    Hi all, I hope this forum is still frequently visited so that somebody can help me with my queries! :) A friend of mine has an HTC Wildfire S phone, which he got frustrated with using due to the very limited space for apps on the phone. I explained that rooting it would give options for...
  17. S

    stucks on htc logo after installing cm 7.2

    Hello I wanted to install cyanogenmod 7.2 on my htc wildfire s I unlocked the boot loader using htcdev.com - successful I tried to load cwm recovery but failed many times and finally succeeded. Entered into cwm, partitioned the sd card, wiped data, cache and dalvik.:) After that I...
  18. E

    Help HTC Wildfire S reboot trouble

    Hi everybody, Firstly apologise as just started to use the forum so new to it and have not checked previous threads. My HTC Wildfire S is having troubles at the moment and it is in fact keeping rebooting as I press the switch on button. To be more precise it stops after the Vodafone icon...
  19. L

    Help Battery issues

    Hi, I'm having some strange issues with battery life and my HTC switching itself off and wondered if anyone had similar experiences? First time was trying to access public wifi and it just switch the phone off and refused to come back on fully again (powered on, then off again, either...
  20. H

    Help HTC Wildfire touchscreen unalignment

    Hey everyone! All new to the forums, so bear with me if something similar has already been posted. Did try to search, but couldnt find anything and/or any fix. My problem is: The screen on my HTC seems to be offset. For example when i write a text message and i wanna press on the suggested...
  21. A

    How to get Android 4.0 + on HTC Wildfire S?

    I would be eternally grateful is someone could help me to get an updated android version on my HTC Wildfire S. I am new to rooting and updating, and I have no idea where to start! I want an updated version of android (for example, android jelly bean) because i am a fan of apps and games. The...
  22. F

    Help Problems with USB connection to laptop

    hey, when i connect my htc wildfire s to my laptop using USB, the phone charges, but i cannot get any data connection. I already installed and updated htc sync and htc sync manager. I also checked the settings of my phone and tried different usb cables as well as restarting phone and laptop...
  23. S

    Web browser help

    I was googling some things that I probably shouldn't have been googling so we won't go into detail but since I had a lot of tabs open I was getting the usual pop ups saying close tabs so I did but then another message popped up and before I could properly read it I closed it assuming it was...
  24. P

    Wildfire S keypad flex cable

    Hi, I was replacing digitizer on my wildfire S and I accidentally broke the bottom keypad flex cable. When I turn on the phone, the bottom keypad is not working. Is this cable needed to get keypad working or it's just for LED light and the problem of non-working keypad is somewhere else? Thanks...
  25. R

    Root Rooting with LOCKED and S-ON

    Hi: I have Android 2.3.5 (htc sense 2.1, soft and I need root the phone but I only changed the bootloader from LOCK to UNLOCK, S-ON keeps and the menu option RECOVERY from HBOOT hung up when I tried to flash root.zip. I followed the link...