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huawei ascend y300

  1. E

    y330 wont start up again

    Hi, More than half a year ago i got a new phone because my huawei was really slow with the wifi. But I cant use the new phone anymore so i tried to restart my huawei again. I don' t really know whats wrong but it wont turn on, ive had problems with that so i tried all of the hacks like pressing...
  2. Beppis Apps


    I own a Huawei Y635 since a few months now, I am not very happy about the sensors (that are few and not very precise), the camera (aweful photos) and the display (that is not very light). Any other user has the same issues? B
  3. K

    Huawei Ascend Y300 doesn't accept whatsapp updating

    Hi buddies!! My friend has Huawei Ascend Y300 Nearly a month now, she is out of communicating through whatsapp because whatsapp is outdated. When trying to update, nothing is achievable. She tried to delete some pictures, voice, music, videos and all messages but still the the problem...
  4. Bruce Clemence

    Very happy

    Got my HuaWei ascend 330 3 weeks ago. Cost half the fee for replacing screen of my Nexus. But superior in so many ways. No problems whatsoever..
  5. S


    is it possible to move my "notes" to the sd card?
  6. bundygil

    Help Huawei y320 won't accept charge

    The phone ran down and shut down itself as my charger came unplugged and now won't fire up. When the charger's connected it cycles the start up sequence but can't complete as battery's too flat. I can force it to complete by holding the start button down, but I get 'connect your charger'...
  7. RonaldH

    Help Hi Suite for Huawei

    I have installed this software on my pc and it functions well. But the only way I can read what I have copied to Hi Suite is when my phone is connected ... which seems a bit limiting, what if you loose the phone or it stops functioning! Using my Nokia Suite always gave me access to the detail...
  8. BigJalapeno

    Help Can't Hard Reset

    Hello, I had a Huawei y300 laying around the house as a spare in case my main phone got messed up, so the day came to use it, can't remember my pin to unlock the phone Now when I remove the battery, press the volume up and power, it doesn't go to the menu where I can hard reset, it just ignores...
  9. A

    Help Need your help

    dear members, i need help - i bought my hauwei y 300 on pandawill. and i need to install hebrew language. please help me - i need root , real google , play store... this is the Chinese menu. thank you ALL!
  10. S

    Playing music y330

    I was getting an option to play music with different players but i pressed "always" instead of just once to play a song.how do i get the choice of 3 back? thankyou
  11. N

    Help New Android owner. Y330

    Hi All As my first post, I m going to come across as a bit negative...sorry, but I just can not think of anything positive to say about this new phone I have been given as a work phone. I did make an initial mistake, but starting to delete apps I don't need, things like Games and remove...
  12. S

    Help After cleaning the virus can not see my mobile folders in my pc

    Recently I tried to copy some document to my android from a computer which was infected with virus (the virus which turns everything into many shortcuts). I cleaned it up by using Bitdefender which is on my computer. Now the problem is: when I connect my Android device to the PC in data...
  13. G

    huawei Y330 app cant load

    Can't load apps. Says insufficient space. Tried default SD and local storage. Could load apps before. Maybe don't expect too much from this phone... Its a good phone, but not an ereader, video editor/etc. Uninstalled a bunch of apps, but still can't install any new.
  14. C

    Help Huawei Ascend Y300 Proximity Sensor Problems

    Recently installed a new screen on my phone, there is no clear hole for the front facing camera and the proximity sensor no longer works, the light sensor does though, any help on fixing this?
  15. T

    Icons flicker, screen brightness flickers

    Hi. I own Huawei Y300 and I see no one answers on these threads but I still have to try and ask/look for solution to my problems. So these two problems that I have don't occur all the time, these problems occur once per hour or something like that and its getting annoying. 1.Sometimes when I...
  16. C

    Huawei y550 lockscreen

    Hi guys, I'm new to android, so I'll apologise in advance if this is a really stupid question or anything like that. I've recently purchased a Huawei y550 (my first android phone). In general, I'm really pleased with the device, but I'm not happy with the 'Emotion UI'. I've already managed to...
  17. N

    How can i download Lollipop ROM for Huawei Ascend Y530 without completing a survey?

    So i have my Huawei Ascend Y530 upgrading to lollipop. The problem is that i need a survey, and the tutorial split the rom into 3 parts which makes it 3 SURVEYS How i can download the rom or the 3 roms WITHOUT using a survey? Im already rooted. My idea was using the 3 surveys, and instead...
  18. S

    Help cannot set messaging service center number

    I cannot send out SMS from my Huawei and after searching solutions it sounds like I need to set the messaging service center number. But there is no menu item to set this anywhere, including where the solutions have said it should be located. I see comments on several of these solutions by...
  19. Hamidreza A

    Help Is huawei y300 support otg?

    Hi I hope to someone answer it :) I searched and released that otg doesn't work on y300. Is there any way to use otg on y300?
  20. K

    Help Display Colour of icons

    See attached picture please. How do I change that blue colour to red? Thanks, Krishna
  21. K

    Help Android Sound Settings - Turning off vibrations?

    In an android phone, how do you turn off the vibration you get when you are in gallery and you "touch and hold" an item there? Like when you want to select multiple items to perhaps delete in gallery, you have to first "touch and hold" any one of the items you want to delete, then you touch all...
  22. Hamidreza A

    Help Why doesn't my phone turn on or charge?

    Hi I installed CWM custom recovery to update my y300 to Android version 4.4.4. Before that i had TWRP custom recovery and backup of my phone whit it. When I wanted to install TWRP again to restore my data, my phone doesn't turn on and doesn't charge. I gave it to repair store to fix this...
  23. Hamidreza A

    Help How can I install Android 4.1 on Android 4.4.4 on my phone?

    Hi I updated my y300 to Android version 4.4.4. This update have a few problems and I would like to install official ROM Android version 4.1. Help me please
  24. Hamidreza A

    Help Custom ROM installation failed (y300)

    Hi I want to update my phone to android 4.4.4 After wiped I installed "cm-11-20141219-NIGHTLY-u8833.zip" and gave me this error: "set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed E: Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard Error flashing zip '/sdcard/cm-11-20141219-NIGHTLY-u8833.zip" And this...
  25. Hamidreza A

    Help Why camera isn't working after root?

    Hi I rooted my huawei y300 with Kingo yesterday. And now, I can't use of camera and this error appear: "Cannot connect to camera." What should I do? Please help :)