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huawei honor 5x

  1. M

    Can't upload audio via USB

    When I connect my Honor 5x via USB and look in Windows explorer, I only find a 'Documents' folder on the phone. No sub folders, no music folder, and I don't see the SD card at all. The manual gives no instructions other than to say transfer music via USB. Tried to dump files into the Docs...
  2. Sento

    call quality and gorilla glass?

    Been curious for a while, all you honor 5xers, how is the call quality on the phones? the phone seems like a great bang for buck, made by huwaii, 1080p, 5.5", metal construction - but is the call quality good or is it nexus level muffled and scratchy? Also is the screen gorilla glass? have you...
  3. R

    Honor 5X SIM 2G services stopped working

    The the default 2G services in the SIM card 2 on my Honor 5x stopped working. I can switch the card 2 to the 2G/3G/4G services via the Dual SIM Management feature in the Settings, but that disengages the 2G/3G/4G services for the card in the in the card 1 slot. Ultimately, I can only receive...
  4. P

    Help Email exchange no longer working on Honor 5

    I don't know what happened, but about four months ago, my aol account stopped refreshing. I have tried every fix I can find and nothing works. I even went to the how to forum on here under Honor 5 and tried to start over and it won't let me. I am very tech unsavy, so please give me each step...
  5. Batino

    Huawei Honor 5x problems with whatsapp and images

    Goodmorning everybody, my wife has a Huawei Honor 5x, but she has some problems with it. She doesn't receive any messages from whatsapp unless she open the app (also for telegram) mia moglie ha un Huawei Honor x5 ed ha sin dal primo giorno questi problemi: I've searched online but I doesn't...
  6. Android News

    Comparison between the Honor 6X and Honor 5X asks if it's worth upgrading

    Joe from Phandroid takes a look at both the Honor 5X and the Honor 6X and asks if it is worth upgrading from last year's model. At the end, Joe feels the Honor 6X is definitely worth upgrading to because of the new camera, better SoC and more RAM.
  7. T

    How to turn off sound heard when plugging phone in to charge?

    If my phone is low I plug it in before I go to sleep but I don't want the sound it makes when plugging in to charge to wake my husband. Any suggestions? Thank you. NN
  8. M

    Data Traffic Management Honor 5X

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows how to adjust the data measurement cycle in the Honor 5x. My mobile internet and wi-fi are all being measured on a calendar month basis. My monthly mobile data cycle begins on the 15th of the month so a calendar measurement is no good for keeping track of how much I...
  9. T

    Honor locked to asian language?

    Hey guys, Just got the Honor 5x from eBay and i got it delivered to my home in Australia. I open it up and the first thing i see is the setup menu(s) and its all in an Asian language (cannot identify) I have a look around the phones settings and I'm looking for a way to change it ALL to...
  10. J

    Can't answer calls on Honor 5X

    I bought 2 5X's recently for my wife and myself. When receiving calls from unknown callers the screen shows small phones (green and red) and no matter where I tap the call will not answer. With known callers a different screen with larger phones is displayed and tapping the green phone works...
  11. BigDee7

    Unable to connect my Honor 5x to my laptop

    Ok so wanted to put some music on my 5x so i downloaded HiSuite installed it and it does not recognize my phone and yes activated usb debug and allow HiSuite to use HDB, any ideas would be much appreciated.. Other than that i love the phone just had it a week..
  12. lanecito

    Custom ring tone

    How do I turn a selection of downloaded music into a ringtone?
  13. K

    Best Photo Function

    Has anyone else found that once you updated to Marshmallow EMUI4, your camera no longer has the best photo setting? Any ideas on how to get this back?
  14. R

    Return to Swipe to unlock

    New Phone: I was messing with the lock screen options and set a pin and finger print options, and now I don't know how to get back to slide to unlock, I disabled the fingerprint option. Thank You
  15. Rhys_Alves

    Honor 5x on Telstra network

    Hi all I have recently bough a 5x off ebay and while i like the phone i am having a major problem with it. Most of the time when people ring me, it doesnt ring, instead it goes straight through to voice mail and i get an SMS saying i have missed a call. Is there settings i can change to help...
  16. Piratesjv

    Quickcharge and Honor5x

    I apologize ahead of time if this has already been asked, however, i could not find it in the forums I'm looking at getting the Honor 5x but am a little turned off by the long duration of charging time. I've read on some sites that the Honor 5x is quickcharge 2.0 compatible but I do not see it...
  17. Android News

    Official CyanogenMod 13 nightlies are now available for the Honor 5X and ZenPad 8.0

    If you own the Huawei Honor 5X or the ASUS ZenPad 8.0, then you can finally flash official nightly builds of CM13 to your device.
  18. B

    Battery Drain

    Hello all. Wondering if there is anything else i can do to stop my battery drain. I force stop basically everything i can, have disabled everything i can, have my brightness at minimum, and turned off wifi and bluetooth. Even with nothing else running but ampere and not charging, it is showing a...
  19. B

    Honor 5X phone calls fade in and out

    Whenever I make a phone call on my Honor 5X (used through T-Mobile), The audio will fade out almost completely for a few seconds then fade back in. It repeatedly does this for the entire phone call. It does it even when I have great signal. I have been using T-Mobile for years and I never had...
  20. L

    saving pictures and videos directly to the SD card

    I don't see a way to do this with either of the stock camera apps. Is there a trick, or a good camera app that will allow this? Is it a problem with 5.1.1?
  21. S

    Where is my digital compass

    I cant find it anywhere. If it was accidentally deleted, can it be restored without restoring the whole phone?
  22. W

    Honor 5x Dual sim functionality

    I'm looking at getting an Honor 5x. I want to use it as one phone for both my work and personal phones. Can someone give me some details on the dual sim functionality of the phone. When I have two sims in, will i get calls on both numbers without having to switch between sims in settings...
  23. S

    Questions about Honor 5x

    Hello, I recently bought this phone and absolutely love it but couldn't find the answer these two questions: 1. I know the phone doesn't have Corning glass on it. How fickle is the screen. Like will it not even survive a fall from 2-3 feet? If so what would be a good tempered glass protector...
  24. KellyMathersN

    Battery life

    How long has everyone been getting on battery life? After 12-14 hours, I am sitting at 20% most days and I am not playing games or streaming video.
  25. Honor

    Hey all! we're giving away two Honor 5X phones on our new subreddt.

    Hey all! we're giving away two Honor 5X phones on our new subreddt.https://www.reddit.com/r/honorsmartphones/ The giveaway is limited to the US. We will host more international giveaways on the subreddit. If you are interested, you can keep an eye on the page! Here is how you...