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huawei ideos x3

  1. geloxxx

    Help It won't start. please help me

  2. D

    Help 3G and APN gone!

    Did a factory data reset. Have enabled 'data access' over Mobile Networks but no icon appears at top of phone and no connection. Wifi connection works OK. also under Access Point Names there is no 'menu' so cannot install the giffgaff APN. Can send/receive txts and calls. Help and a beginner. :(
  3. T

    Help Huawei Video Call

    Its there any app that work to video call? Skype,nimbuzz etc dosn't work
  4. G

    Root u8510 recovery mode hang

    hi gays. ihave u8510-1 blaze x3 I have try cwm 4.0 after complete installation. when Iam going to recovery mode it hang on at logo and itried volume power together but it not going to recovery mode. I say what ido to come back to normal mode recovery please any one help me to get me out
  5. S

    about option

    Huawei Honor X1 better? or Huawei X3 is better?
  6. L

    Help Capacitive function failure

    Huawei Ideos U8150 Currently displays the standard opening screen when turned on but does not respond to swipe to open. I have loaded an sd card with dload with includes update app (180MB) and userdata.hwefg. I've then pressed vol up + stop(end/red) + power on buttons. No result...
  7. C

    Huawei ideos u8015d

    I changed my huawei ideo to smart user and it started hanging,i have remove the battery but when i instert it again and put power on it display 2 and it cant proceed from their,what will i do?Plz help
  8. J

    Help cant view my photos

    someone please help me,my phone can take photos but i cannot view them anywhere on the phone and sim card,please help me
  9. E

    Root How can I install cwm 6.0.1.img on my Huawei u8510?

    I have downloaded a new cwm 6.0.1 and the format is image(.img). I current one on my phone is cwm 5.0.2 and was .exe (execute). So it was simple for me. I'm just a beginner and I want a well explained details to help me out.
  10. R

    Help $10 paid for sample video request from Huawei IDEOS X3

    *****Update: $10 paid via paypal for first valid 3gp file from this phone am desperately seeking a sample 3gp video from a Huawei IDEOS X3 u8510. If anyone has this phone could i ask if they could take a 2-3 second video, remove the memory card, put it in a computer and post or email me...
  11. S

    Root Boot/Launch failure

    Okay so I recently installed CyanogenMod for my Huawei Ideos x3. It was working fine until I realized all my apps had been deleted, I then looked for my app installer but was unable to find it so I restarted my phone. This is when it wouldn't load. It took ages for it to get passed the huawei...
  12. D

    Root Root Huawei Ideos x3 U8510

    Hi. I've bought an Ideos X3 a while back which was locked to Vodafone. I have since had it unlocked so that I can use the phone with any network, but I would like to root the phone so as to get rid of Vodafone apps etc. I've rooted samsung phones before, but would like some help and...
  13. T

    Help How to lock frequency in Ideos X3

    I am trying to lock an Ideos X3 to a specific frequency by entering the phone in test mode then using Lock Frequency point test option but when I click on Start locking frequency a window pops up asking for a Lock Frequency entry, I type the DL UARFCN but I got a message saying that lock...
  14. L

    Help Capacitive function lost Ideos 8150

    My phone responds to the off/on switch and lights up, but does not respond to the swipe action. The capacitive function was faulty a few times on the return button and then failed completely. I tried taking the battery out for a few hours and storing it, but still no capacitive function. The...
  15. A

    Root Start up problem

    I have an ideos U8150. I just installed super su in the system and everrthing was woring very well. infact the phones became very fast. Than when i went to rom manager and started to fix permission. I reached a stage when you have to reboot the phone and i did that. But after rebooting the...
  16. M

    Help Low on space

    Hi Why is my phone telling me I am low on space when I have a massive 3gb plus with sd card in? Many thanks
  17. R

    Service Providers in NZ

    Patience please - I'm an aged newbie in NEW ZEALAND! I've just "inherited" a U8150-D which was used by my grandson in Auckland using 2degrees. I gather that their coverage is not too good up here where I live - Kerikeri, Bay of Islands. Is there anybody with experience can suggest my best...
  18. M

    Help Freeze-up's help please

    Hi My u8510 sometimes freezes. I've had it since May and it's just starting to get a bit worse. I wanted to edit an event on the calendar app, but the screen would not change when I highlighted the event, and I kept getting an error message saying 'not responding' and would I like to force...
  19. G

    Help Problem with Huawei u8510

    I need some help because my huawei stopped working. I wanted to upgrade my Huawei U8150 IDEOS to Gingerbread, so I followed this steps How To Upgrade the Huawei U8150 IDEOS to Gingerbread - echenze Rebooting my mobile, nothing happens and a black screen appears with the words SDSD I made...
  20. M

    Help phone memory access

    I downloaded music using the browser but it was stored in phone memory by the real player and filled the memory completely, I want to locate the music and delete it but I can't. is there any way I can do that?
  21. T

    Help Weird colour screen when Huawei Blaze (Ideos X3) turned on

    Having an interesting issue with the second hand Blaze I just bought from a friend. He said it was normal, and it's always happened. I'm a little confused. Simply, when 'properly' turning the phone on (after doing a full shut down, not using fast boot - or taking the battery out), I get this...
  22. D

    Help Phone not recognized

    I have a Huawei Ideos U8150 and whenever I plug it into my PC it's not recognized by the PC and nothing comes up on my phone to turn on mediasync and etc Please help.
  23. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the IDEOS X3? You can contact us through...
  24. P

    Help Turning off the voice

    Hi hubby cant turn off the annoying voice that he has somehow turned ON which dictates everything he does. It gives him blowby blow accounts of what he is doing and its driving everyone crazy. How do we turn it OFF thanks
  25. P

    Help Huawei X3 and Car Kit Profiles

    Hello to all :) I