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  1. K

    my code works fine in simulator but crashes in play store

    Hi, I have updated my app for target sdk 34 and min sdk 24 my app has got 4 tabs and the first and main tab is a google maps which displays markers on maps but the app works fine on simulator and even launched with my phone connected but I uploaded it to google play store but the app...
  2. itstermoh

    (Java) Android IR Blaster app

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so I hope that this will bring me to a solution. I recently bought a SMART IR Blaster for my phone that connects via otg port. I'm currently making an app to control every kind of device of all brands. I installed the app made for this IR and works...
  3. M

    Downgrade app fails

    I have an app that will not connect to network. My wife has a working older version of the app so I have copied it and tried to install it but the installation fails. I have tried just clicking to open the file, using adb and Split APK installer without luck. I get a Java error 'cannot open...
  4. S

    App Inventor Google TV remote volume up/down not registering

    Hey all I have been trying to get my remotes volume up/down buttons to register in my app but they never seem to do anything when I press them? I have tried: public class CallBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {...
  5. T

    Android Studio Constraint Layout Error

    I am getting such an error while compiling the application. When I make a LinearLayout, the error disappears, but when I use a ConstraitLayout, the error appears. Java Class Xml I get this error when I try to convert LinearLayout ConstraintLayout. I changed the Java Class to...
  6. D

    Apps Star Wars initial credits style Android Studio / Java

    Hi all! I've asked this very same in other forums but I had not luck. I want to create a TextView, TextField or similar with an effect in title mentioned. I am newbie programmer so this is being hard to me. I saw libraries such as CreditsRoll but are all so old and deprecated. I've tried...
  7. M

    BouncyCastle stopped working on Android 13

    I have a system service running on Android which uses BouncyCastle to create a "secp256k1" KeyPair. This is the code: KeyPairGenerator keyPairGenerator = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("ECDSA", "BC"); ECGenParameterSpec ecGenParameterSpec = new ECGenParameterSpec("secp256k1"); And before...
  8. J

    parseUri instead of getIntent(); does not work ...

    Hi, I would like to use parseUri instead of getIntent(); but parseUri the does not work. What I have to do ? try { //Intent intent = getIntent(); Intent intent = (android.content.Intent) parseUri( "android-app://com.example.myapp.MainActivity", 0); // message...
  9. D

    Need step by step instructions how to automatically add files to the APK in Android Studio

    I am trying to do this very trivial task, but I cannot find any complete instructions on how to do it. So far, I gathered that APK is just an archive that files can be added to using aapt add MyApp.apk file1 file2 ... Or the files must be added to the assets folder The APK must be less than...
  10. J

    Exception dispatching input event :(

    Hi, I am trying startActivity function on a set of simple images which are placed to a GridView, but I am getting a suspicious error - see below. Can someone help me where is problem ? Here is source code (AndroidStudio 2022.1.1 Patch 1, Java)...
  11. blfngl

    [Solved] Prevent TextView component from detecting touch

    SOLVED: The component was an EditText rather than TextView lul Hi there, some questions about preventing a component from detecting touch from users (like the title). I'm developing an app that has a background rendered with OpenGL that also has a few TextView components layered on top of them...
  12. T

    Apps How to get constraints working in Java

    I am trying to programmatically define objects in one of the activities, so I'm using the ConstraintSet class it Java to do it. However, when I run the application, all of the widgets that I gave constraints to with java go to 0,0 as if they don't have constraints. I've tried looking online but...
  13. A

    Need unlimited voice input

    I am trying to code a java app for android phones and tablets that takes voice input and converts it to text. It is working but input breaks off at a random time less after than 20 seconds of speech. Is there some kind of settable attribute to make input unlimited? Thanks, Arthur
  14. J

    Issue to write SD Card

    Good morning, I would appreciate some help with an issue that I have with a code in Java with Android Studio. This work perfectly in Eclipse, but not with android. This apk consists of saving data from a form to a txt file. I can't see any error while debugging, but no folder or file is...
  15. Jensonbotones

    Apps About 5G NSA

    Hi, I want to retrieve the ARFCN (Channel Frequency Number) while the device is connected to a 5G network, which can be of 2 certain types (SA and NSA). The type (NSA) I have problems with (and it is the type which most of the actual 5G networks fall into) uses a 4G LTE network cell as a...
  16. L

    Google speech recognizer for Traditional Chinese text

    I want to output the speech to traditional chinese but it output to simplify chinese instead. My codes: Intent intent = new Intent(RecognizerIntent.ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH); intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_LANGUAGE_MODEL, RecognizerIntent.LANGUAGE_MODEL_FREE_FORM)...
  17. P

    "how to program an app to display in full screen?

    Before Android 11, I've adjusted my app to fullscreen easily My old phone had the camera hole and base buttons outside the screen area, my new phone has a camera hole and the base buttons inside a screen. With few settings, my app was fullscreen in the old phone. Styles.xml <style...
  18. C

    Apps Advice on making to-do list / reminder app

    If you were to make a to-do list / reminder app with notifications on a specific date/time - How would you make it? (A small step-by-step list would be very helpful) What tools/databases would you use? SQLite, WorkManager, AlarmManager or are there any better/easier ones?
  19. Thomas Thorton

    Apps How can I update JSON API items when a new item is added?

    Is it possible to update JSON API when new data is added to the JSON? I tried to use Handler but the problem is that when I run the application the data is duplicated and they are shown up in the recyclerView more and more times as it runs. Here is what I did: handler.postDelayed( runnable =...
  20. F

    Apps Custom keyboard - write full text and not character

    Hi, Trying to learn to create a keyboard. Wanted to see if there is a way to associate a full word to a keyboard key. In my example, I'm trying to get the following item: ·e· I tried the following, but it only inserts the first middle-dot. Any help is appreciated.
  21. F

    Apps Add "subkeyboard" associated to key?

    I'm trying to create a custom Android Keyboard, just trying to learn the process. I've been relatively successful, as I'm just learning the basics for now: My question is, how can I achieve this effect from the usual keyboard in which I keep a key pressed and a list of more options will pop...
  22. R

    Apps Bluetooth disconnect (via reflection) does not disconnect device

    I'm building a custom bluetooth connect/disconnect app and so far I am able to connect my device using the a2dp profile, however when I try to trigger a disconnect, it runs through the disconnect method just fine but the device remains connected. I've tried everything I could find on the web and...
  23. C

    Question about files on Android Studio

    I have a question about using a real phone to run my Android Studio app. I have been working on an app as part of my senior design class and have it working as I want when emulating my device. However, when using my real device (Galaxy S7 Edge) it will crash when I try and run it. I believe this...
  24. L

    Android Studio hexagon shaped keyboard keys

    Hi, I am trying to make a keyboard with hexagon shaped keys. I made hexagon shaped Drawable. Can I change the shape of the keyboard key to a hexagon shape or make a keyboard where keys are ImageViewws? I am using Keyboard class. Best regards, Leo
  25. L

    Themes Splash screen not working on Android 5

    Hi all! I'm developing an App. Since the App should load many data at start, I decided to add a splash screen. I followed the instruction on https://medium.com/android-news/the-complete-android-splash-screen-guide-c7db82bce565 (first choice). The splash screen works perfect on my mobile phone...