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Apps Star Wars initial credits style Android Studio / Java


May 10, 2023
Hi all!

I've asked this very same in other forums but I had not luck. I want to create a TextView, TextField or similar with an effect in title mentioned.
I am newbie programmer so this is being hard to me. I saw libraries such as CreditsRoll but are all so old and deprecated. I've tried "translating" codes with that effect made in C#, Kotlin, iOS or other languages but I couldn't neither (and of those, I only know C#). This effect is for an Android game that I made and trying to improve. It's a simple Simon Says inspired in Star Wars., the scoreboard now it's a simple from down-up scroll and I'd wish apply that effect. If you want to see the whole project or a part of it I'll share pleasantly. All help will be much appreciated.


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