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  1. Andrew767

    Launcher for TV-box

    Can some please suggest a plausible launcher or other solution? Every launcher to date appears to be incompatible . I'm hoping to use a X96Q tv box (Allwinner H313/H616; Android 10, rooted, comes with Chrome 72 though it seems happy with Chrome 114, Odin and EinkBro browsers) as a intranet...
  2. kumaranil13k

    How to activate guest and multiple users based profile in android 5.1.1 lolipop

    **question How to activate guest and multiple users based profile in android 5.1.1 lolipop** I had rooted my lyf water 7 ls-5005 through chainfire super user ..as my mobile have android 5.1.1 lolipop whose manufacturer vendor have locked app drawer and many other layout changed so I installed...
  3. kumaranil13k

    How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings

    Question How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings I have rooted my mobiles and installed Nova launcher now on home screen i have categroized apps icons in circle folders. As the phone is also used by kids and family members whole opening touching the mistakenly drag or...
  4. kumaranil13k

    Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view

    Question:Any apps or ways to categories group apps ? Is there any apps or way setting to categories group move apps installed icons in folders as there is jumble of apps to search in alphabetical order which cant be moved or.clubed in Android 6.0 unrooted mobile phone. I had searched Google...
  5. R

    default launcher gets reset after restart

    Good day, Dear All, I am using Nova Launcher. Whenever i restart the phone the default launcher pops up. Inspite of setting the Nova as the default launcher and turning off all battery optimization this issue happens. The issue exist irrespective of any other launcher used. Kindly advise. my...
  6. H

    I wanna find a launcher app that can put all icons(apps and shortcuts*) into nested folders

    Don't answer too quickly. Make sure you understand what I'm talking about. There're at least 2 types of shortcuts. I want to find an app that can manage icons on the homescreen in forms of nested folders. But unfortunately, I haven't found one so far. I tried Nova Launcher, which can create...
  7. Android News

    You can now customize app names and icons with Microsoft's Arrow Launcher

    The latest beta update for Microsoft's Arrow Launcher now adds the ability to customize the name and icons for applications.
  8. Android News

    5 things to do after switching to Nova Launcher

    After installing Nova Launcher, there are a few tasks that everyone should perform immediately. Ara from Android Central takes a look at what you should do, including creating a backup, or changing your icon pack.
  9. A

    Help Launcher Pro is missing the Hidden Menu

    Why in my installation of launcher pro is not showing the hidden menu in the ativities section
  10. Android News

    How to: Change the wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet

    With all the different launchers available, changing your wallpaper can be different for each one. The folks at Android Central give everyone an in-depth tutorial on how to change the wallpaper for each launcher.
  11. Android News

    Android Central's List of Best Android Launchers for Theming Customizations

    Android Central put together a list of launchers they feel are the best when it comes to theming our Android smartphones. Their list includes. . . - Nova Launcher - Action Launcher - Hola Launcher - Apex Launcher - Buzz Launcher
  12. Joe

    How To How to change the home screen on the Huawei Mate 8

    The Mate 8 comes with a custom UI from Huawei called "Emotion UI" (EMUI). It looks a lot different than most Android phones on the market. For example, the home screen doesn't have a traditional app drawer. All of the app icons are placed on the home screen, like the iPhone does. Just like all...