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Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view


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Jan 10, 2020
Question:Any apps or ways to categories group apps ?

Is there any apps or way setting to categories group move apps installed icons in folders as there is jumble of apps to search in alphabetical order which cant be moved or.clubed in Android 6.0 unrooted mobile phone.

I had searched Google and.finded smart launcher go launcher x or drawer to. Circle launchers but all just change wallet create widgets folder organizer manager but no one manages the menu view

Yes I know we can create folder in home (mobile desktop views) but making it jumbled slow down booting Android starting and many time it don't display icon image on reboot of mobiles.

Can we create self menu (as start menu in Windows properly organised) through app and hide the original menu and replace our own menu. I have seen a circle.menu recreated by some apps.

Any stable good app to create organize categorise apps icons shortcuts in a menu or app it's self.
you can use a custom launcher like nova. it can group your apps onto the home screen as well as your app drawer. i believe that feature is in the prime add-on.....so nova is free, but if you buy nova prime, it will unlock those features and many more. its almost like getting a new phone as their is so much to customize, and yet it is pretty small in size and will not slow your phone down.
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