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How to activate guest and multiple users based profile in android 5.1.1 lolipop


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Jan 10, 2020
**question How to activate guest and multiple users based profile in android 5.1.1 lolipop**

I had rooted my lyf water 7 ls-5005 through chainfire super user ..as my mobile have android 5.1.1 lolipop whose manufacturer vendor have locked app drawer and many other layout changed so I installed Nova launcher to get it's app drawer and home screen to manage apps.

But as many family member parents children access the same mobile and drag and change layout by mistake dragging icons of the home screen drawer menu or status menu and change settings and make it read only means they could not change wallpaper notifications widgets screen save setting folders home screen or drawer menu

Some expert adviced me to enable guest but enabling guest will not give them access to any apps


Can we use multiple user based login ain android so that the person gets apps what we ant to allow him or her and lock further installation

The link above shows advanced options in setting but I can't found can ut be enabled through any other app or adb shell command
You could use a work profile, and put the apps that a 'guest' wants onto the work profile.

Turn the work profile on for the guest and off for you.

Only one work profile is allowed.

@puppykickr bro thanx for replying sharing your precious time knowledge...I could not find located any guest or user account advanced option in android 5.1.1 lolipop mobile device..can u help me where it's located any tutrial or link for locating and creating work profle option or any for doing this
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@puppykickr bro thanx for ur reply and sharing ur precious time knowledge option and suggestion to obliged grateful for ur help bro thanx a lot

Multiple users

Or, try this app

@puppykickr bro there is no advanced menu option settings>advanced in android 5.1.1 lolipop and android 6.1 marshemellow in my devices is there any way to activate from developer option or in rooted phone can it be activated from adb shell commands

@puppykickr bro secondly the app isolation u suggested is for hiding frZing cloning apps do it create multiple user guest or locks the drawer or icons in home screen
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