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lg enlighten

  1. D

    Root Unbrick for CWM bootloop

    Hi dark_samus here with a method to unbrick your VS700 that has been bricked by factory reseting in the settings all you have to do is download my unbrick.zip and flash it in recovery :D here ya go
  2. P

    Anyone have a custom Rom?

    Does anyone have a custom ROM for a verizon LG enlighten? i dont know much about any of this kind of stuff so i'm not sure what all information i need to put...but i want it to be a wifi only device with as much memory and speed as possible, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. P

    Root Clock not syncing

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help, or at least someone to say there's nothing that can be done so I won't drive myself insane scanning forums... I have an enlighten and I had to hard reset it, I bypassed the activation making it a wifi only device, which is the way I...
  4. A

    Help kindle app

    I have an lg enlighten with an android 2.3.4 operatin system. I uninstalled mi kindle app to free space. I reinstalled it now it won't open. The app icon is on my phone. When I try opening it it starts to open then clicks off. I have already turned the phone off and uninstalled and reinstalled...
  5. X

    Root MOAR but not rooted??

  6. B

    Root Upgrading beyond 2.3.4

    Now that this phone has a current root method, how does one go about putting android 4.0/4.1/4.2 on it?
  7. M4TT

    'Pop' Notification tone?

    Could somebody somehow put the 'Pop' notification tone in a .zip file and upload it someplace for me? I don't have access to an LG Enlighten phone.
  8. F

    Root LG Enlighten - Stock Apps???

    I just rooted my LG Enlighten and I'm wanting to either delete or move some of the stock applications but I can't seem to find anything that tells me what is safe and isn't safe to move. I would just do a trial and error but I've bricked my phone before because of this and I would prefer not to...
  9. Gryffon

    Root Rooting Verizon Enlighten (CDMA) Verzion ?

    I'm trying out a verizon LG Enlighten (2.3.4) which is on the CDMA network in the US. I have already successfully rooted the Wildfire S and run a custom rom on that so I'm not a complete novice. The Enlighten VS700 does however puzzle me as I believe it contains the new mini-SIM card, which I...
  10. luvit

    Root 2013 Root LG Enlighten GB 2.3.4 VS700ZV5 & ClockworkMod - VS700

    . February 20, 2013 Root LG Enlighten LG-VS700 GRJ22 Gingerbread 2.3.4 VS700ZV5 1) Download and run this: Poot.APK ..........(source link) 2) Dowload & install the following 3 files from the Google Play Market: SuperUser, SuperSU, & Root Checker 3) Run Root Checker -- success 4) Download &...
  11. jacfalcon

    Root LG Enlighten getting an autorun error and rebooting, factory reset didn't fix it.

    For the last week, my LG Enlighten will display the error message: "The application AUTORUN (process com.lge.autorun) Has stopped unexpectedly please try again" and a button to force close. This doesn't do anything that I notice, but anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes later, the phone will...
  12. L

    Help lg enlighten menu key

    The menu key will change the ringer volume with every other time that it is pressed. Please help.
  13. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Enlighten? You can contact us through...
  14. mkelly18

    Root The Enlighten is dead

    Before the update was issued that screwed EVERYONE, there WAS a working recovery. Things were in progress, and then people updated the phone, and pretty much killed it. I choose to get the Droid 3, because of the fact that i could freely make themes, and begin work on my first rom, because of...
  15. R

    Ascending ringtone

    Does ANYONE know how to make the ringtone for phone calls to STOP ascending and just be a normal all one tone ring?! its driving me insane! I ALWAYS miss calls because I only hear the last 5 seconds of the ringtone! PLEASE HELP!!!
  16. M

    Help Can't control Gmails notification tone

    For some reason the Gmail app on my phone ignores my default ringtone, and instead chooses to have a piercing old-timey phone ring. It has no internal control to set specific tones itself. How can I get the gmail tone to change? My normal mail makes a pleasant tone, as do my SMS messages...
  17. A

    Help Help! Can not find my phone on my pc while connected via usb

    I have an lg enlighten. Before whenever i pluged it in i got an autorun screen and on that it gave me the option to view the contents of my phone. Now, that window isnt popping up and i can not find it in my pc. And ive made sure it is in mass storage mode. Any help will be appreciated.
  18. B

    Help Cant root please help

  19. B

    Root Cant root please help

    I have tried everything to root my lg enlighten and nothing will work. I have no computer to use so if anyone knows anything about rooting a lg enlighten please let me know. Thanks
  20. E

    Help Would this backup/restore have problems?

    I have a Samsung Fascinate running 2.1-update1. My wife has an LG Enlighten with 2.3 - not sure what build - but mine freezes with every OTA atempt and hers updates, so I'm considering changing from my phone to hers. (She's given up on using a smart phone!) I have MyBackup Pro. I can make...
  21. D-U-R-X

    Enlighten FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Enlighten...
  22. N

    Help Answer the questions on the phone, please.

    I bought this phone on ebey. Now it is delivered. :adore: This operator's phone for Verizon. Can I register it in Russia? What data are needed for this? Does the phone slot for R-UIM card? Is there a custom firmware for the phone? For example cyanogen. Is there a recovery? I think this is an...
  23. R

    Help Texting

    Is there anyone to download a new song for your text messaging? NONE of the sounds for text messaging is loud enough to hear!!!!! Which is annoying! Also is there any way to make your phone light up when you get a text? mine isn't lighting up when I receive a text..
  24. L


    This is my first Android and smartphone...Was just wondering if you can take screen shots with this phone?! Also do we HAVE to root the phone? and what is rooting for?
  25. Biotic

    Root Nand backup or boot img

    I need either a nand backup or the boot img of the enlighten running a firmware of less than V4? I believe. Im not sure how many firmware updates this device had, so you guys will have to fill me in. My enlighten came with firmware version VS700ZV5 I need the earlier kernel used on this device...