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lg g4

  1. J

    Help LG G4 Just killed itself. Plugged in and no charging screen or light

    I put my phone down on the table and left. I came back and pressed the power button and it did nothing. I thought that was weird and held the power button and it didn’t turn back on. I then plugged in the device and still nothing happened. No charging LED or charge screen or anything. It is just...
  2. Android News

    How the LG V30 compares to the LG G6 and LG G4

    One Reddit user created a mockup to "illustrate the difference" between the LG G4, G6, and V30.
  3. Android News

    LG G4 and V10 on Verizon getting new security update

    The LG G4 and LG V10 both have two new updates on Verizon, bringing the most recent Android security patches to those devices. The updates are VS986BA and VS99028A respectively. No other changes are listed.
  4. Android News

    A brief history of LG's G-series flagships

    Android Authority just whipped up a brief summary of all the LG G-series smartphones that have been released so far. From the LG Optimus G all the way to the LG G6, you can catch up on how the series has done until now.
  5. Android News

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against LG over the LG G4 and V10 bootloop issues

    LG's bootloop issues have been documented time and time again, but a lawsuit has just been filed against LG over the trouble LG V10 and LG G4 owners have been having. One of the plaintiffs said LG replaced his G4 two times and that his third G4 constantly freezes.
  6. Android News

    Someone claims LG's repair center sent them a bricked LG G4

    Someone on Reddit sent their LG G4 to LG to get it repaired since it was having microphone issues. Once it was shipped back, they say they were unable to get it to power on, even after charging it up and being told it passed all the QA tests.
  7. Android News

    LG will update the G4 and V10 to Android Nougat

    LG has confirmed it will update the LG G4 and LG V10 to Android Nougat. The update is expected to arrive on the G4 in Q3 2017, with the V10 receiving the update in the 2nd half of the year.
  8. Android News

    DEAL: manufacturer-refurbished LG G4 selling for $119.99

    If you don't mind buying old tech, you may be delighted to hear that the manufacturer-refurbished LG G4 with 32GB of storage is selling for $120. The devices are AT&T-branded, but they have been SIM unlocked.
  9. Android News

    January security update for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, and LG G4 released

    Verizon has opened the floodgates, releasing the January security update for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, and LG G4. Since the four updates we released at once, it looks like it will take some time for the update to make its way to all devices.
  10. Android News

    T-Mobile LG G4 gets January security update

    T-Mobile has started issuing the January security update to LG G4 owners. It'll be a 90MB update parading around as version H81120r.
  11. L

    Help How can I avoid the bootloop.

    I have a LG G4 H811 I've been hearing about the boot-loop issue. I would really like to know the best way to avoid the boot-loop issue so I could make the device last more than a year or two because it is a really good phone. My phone serial starts with 505 so it was made in May 2015. I bought...
  12. Android News

    Two High-Severity Vulnerabilities Discovered for several flagship LG phones

    Two security vulnerabilities have been identified by MWR Labs as affecting several LG flagship devices including the G3, G4, and G5. The vulnerability is thanks to LG's SmartShare app, allowing attackers to change the API calls made to Dropbox.
  13. R

    Charging Sounds on LG G4

    I have a LG G4 which has the currently-available version of Android 6.0. When I plug in the phone to charge, it makes a sound. When it is fully charged, it does so as well. I would like to figure out how to shut off these sounds. Some research suggests: You can switch off the 'charging...
  14. NorPlan

    Plugged In Charging Cord /Phone Wonkie...

    :( My Son plugged In his LG G4 to Charge it Up.. Cord & Plug were separate pieces he pulled from a Drawer.. While Charging phone Pinged indicating a Text had been Received.. Attempting to Answer Text while it was still being Charged , Home Button wouldn't Respond and the Background went...
  15. M

    No Option To Update LG G4 Found

    Hi All I have an odd problem. I bought what I am told is a brand new LG G4 from an large ebay seller as my cousin had the same model and raved about it. His was an international version and mine is as well. It was from a seller in Hong Kong. When I received it I noticed it had Android 5.1 on...
  16. kingdave

    G4 won't start up

    Hi, I was browsing the web on my G4 earlier today when the screen just turned black, tried turning it back on but nothing happened then my smart watch brief to say it had lost connection to my phone so presumably it had switched off. Been trying for the last hour or so to stay it up again...
  17. matar

    how can i recover my lost photos

    lG g4BEAT without using fonebaw and drfone..thanks
  18. Bruce_205

    How Do I Export Slow Mo Video?

    The G4 has the slo-mo setting in video and I can play back videos on the phone in various speeds but how do I save this so I can export the video such as to post on facebook or elsewhere? It only exports as normal speed.
  19. S

    Keep Baking your Bootlooping G4?!

    Hi all, it's been a while. Last time I was dealing with deadzone issues on my G2, but now we are looking at the notorious bootloop issue on the G4. Here's my current scenerio: I had an LG G4 H811 with starting IMEI 352 that went into to bootloop recently. It was unlocked, so not under...
  20. Android News

    November security update rolling out to AT&T's LG G4 and V10

    AT&T has released the November Android security update for the LG G4 and LG V10. The H81022c update for the LG G4 weighs in at 273MB, while the V10's 29.1MB H90021x update is significantly smaller.
  21. ANTEG4

    LG G4 TWRP loop

    Hello everyone, yesterday I flashed a new Cyanogenmod 14 nightly (12062016) for my G4 from earlier nightly in TWRP. After reboot the phone keeps going back to TWRP and I can't seem to get it to boot to system.. I tried factory reset, reflashing back to old nightly, flashing stock.. but nothing...
  22. Michael Lopez

    Need to know

    Is the G4 easily rooted?
  23. Irfan Danial

    LG G4 does not go past the LG Logo

    Hi android users,as you can see from the sentence above,my LG G4 does not go past the LG Logo.It'll shut down.This happened late night yesterday while i was watching YouTube Videos.While i was watching,the phone hanged,and i decided to leave it like that while charging and went to sleep.I woke...
  24. S

    Lg g4 owner passed away

    My mother in-law passed away recently, is there any way to unlock her Android LG 4 that is pattern lock screen protected? We have tried and 5tries remain before auto reset. I've been searching for the answer pretty extensivly and I practice common sense with an advanced knowledge in current...
  25. Bruce_205

    LG Backup App Not Saving Raw Photos

    Under backup and restore in settings there is an option to back up the phone, a stock LG feature. I tried it, very simple to use and quick way to transfer stuff from one LG phone to another. BUT.... I discovered something that might mislead people. It appears that it does not back up .dng...