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lg optimus black

  1. H

    Separate tones for email and texts?

    I have managed to input a custom ringtone for incoming calls plus a separate short tone for 'Notifications' BUT this short tone sounds for both incoming email and texts. Texts are fine but emails from GMail include all the advertising dross and can arrive at any time of day and night and I don't...
  2. S

    Help LG Optimus Black P970

    I wish t install a calender app such as Jorte, Calegoo or Google Calender. Each time I enter the Play Store, I am unable to find any of these apps, or down load them. I am am running Android Gingerbread. Can anyone help?? Please!!!!! Sweetlip6. :)
  3. A

    Help Back, Home, Search buttons do not work

    Hi, I have an LP OPtimus Black P370 phone bought in Nov 2011. A few months ago i noticed that sometimes the search, home, back (and the other button) do not always work. Of late they have almost completely stopped working. They work once in a while but mostly dont work. This has forced me to...
  4. T

    Root Root/rebind

    Hello, I have recently upgraded my LG P970 Optimus Black from 2.2.2 Froyo to 2.3.4. Gingerbread (seems slower than before tho). I have tried rooting the phone in the past, but the related firmware was always missing in the guides (mine says V20c, but there are V20o's and i's for the Czech...
  5. G

    Help downgrade ics to 2.3.4

    hello everyone.i want to downgrade on my lg optimus black from ics to gingerbread,but i don t know how to do it.
  6. S

    Next Update

    Hi Guys, I successfully upgrade my Optimus Black to ICS 4.0.4 and I'm very much satisfied about the upgrade. GUI is really awesome. When can we expect the next update from LG, any idea?
  7. H

    Help me please

    Hello I'm newbie here but I really need your help now.. My LG P970 was be root, But after that my phone restart and there is an android doll that jump from box i was waiting from restart until now just like that.. and I confuse how to do.. please help me....
  8. Zukaro Travon

    Help Unlocking the LG P970

    I'm thinking about switching carriers since I can get a much better deal with another carrier than who I'm currently with. However, my phone is locked to the carrier I'm with (which I don't like, even if I wasn't going to switch, as I like having the option to just put any SIM card in I want...
  9. S

    Help Sim reader fried?

    Hi guys, hoping someone will recognize my issue and know if and how it can be fixed. Lately any time I go somewhere with no service (like a subway) it takes a crazy long time for the phone to find service again, and sometimes it just doesn't. If I turn the phone off and back on it usually...
  10. K

    Help looking for advice

    I have just bought an LG P970 ex T mobile contract phone from a friend and I want to unlock it to take my sim card. I see plenty of sites that supply unlock codes but I don't want to get ripped off, so what I want to know is as anyone tried to unlock their phone, did it work and where did they...
  11. J

    Boot Loop Help

    I was trying to use CWM I downloaded the recovery file for my Lg Optimus Black (Straight Talk) & flashed it. Well when my phone went to restart it is stuck in a boot loop of the Lg screen. I have tried the Hardware keys too access CWM Recovery so I could restore from a backup but that didn't...
  12. J

    Help Signal Help Please!

    I just bought a LG Optimus Black from a friend of mine. It has no service no matter where I go, every time I try to make a call it just says dialing but the cool never connects. I cant even do any of the system updates if somebody could help me fix this somehow I would greatly appreciate it
  13. M

    Help Unable to ugrade Android for LG Optimus Black

    Trying to upgrade my LG P970g optimus black android to 4.0. I have been directed to use the LG Mobile support tool. I am able to connect my PC to my phone no problem. Once I get to the step to download and upgrade the phone, the LG Mobile support tool program spits back a error message and the...
  14. D

    Help Out of Memory - Texting

    My wife's P970-g has recently started to have memory problems. It has 100+MB free and comes up with a low memory error. Also, it rejects texts due to out of memory for texts, although she has less than 40 texts in all threads! Any advice would be appreciated. Dan
  15. S

    Help Problems after ICS upgrade thru the lg pc suite support tool

    I upgraded My handset to ICS 4.0.4 using the LG PC Suite. I also run a Nova launcher. 2 problems I have encountered are: 1. when making calls or taking calls the speaker must be on. 2. Instagram is unable to hook or upload the images from my camera or gallery. Apart from that I am very happy.
  16. R

    Root Lg optimus black bricked! Help?

    Hi Today i was using a application called pimp my rom on my rooted optimus black phone and i rebooted my phone but when my phone turned on again all i could see is a black screen and nothing else but a black screen, i am pretty sure i have bricked it but i was wondering if anyone knows how to...
  17. N

    Help updating android version

    i wanted to know how to do this. assuming an official update has been released. some of my friends can just go to settings -> about phone -> software update -> check for upates for them if one is available it will say and they'll be asked whether they wish to install it or not. when i go through...
  18. G

    Hidden menu & test menu problem

    When I press 0 in the dial, the test menu shows up and when I press # in the dial, the hidden menu shows up. It's very annoying because every time I want to dial a number I can't press 0 first. First I need to press another number and then 0 and after that I delete the first number and so i can...
  19. X

    Help Security error?

    After a failed attempt of rooting a P970, each time I start the phone a screen with the LG logo pops up with the text Security Error beneath. The only thing I can do is enter S/W Upgrade mode. Is there any way to reset the phone, or just make it startable? Thanks, FIXED
  20. V

    Help how can i move applications

    how can i move applications from the phone memory to the sd card??
  21. L

    Help Bricked ptimus black

    Hi, Im new to the forum, first of all I've read lots of posts to ensure there is no previous answer to this problem. I have an Optimus Black, I rooted it around 6 months ago, everything went fine. Later I started to have problems to charge the phone, I read some posts and noticed this is common...
  22. A

    Root Android 4.0.4 ICS for LG P970 Optimus Black V28A

    This is the final version of the Android 4.0.4 ICS for Optimus Black. Downloaded and converted from LG server francuzkiego: Original: V28A_P970.zip h*tp://d-h.st/sep SmartFlashTool h*tp://hotfile.com/dl/143853325/ed430ad/SFT.rar.html * = t Installation Instructions Original...
  23. T

    Help Won't connect to internet after coming out of sleep

    Hi, I have the following simple setup: - Netgear DG834G v5 modem/wireless router - 1 LG Optimus Black (P970) running android 2.3.4. - Win7 PC connected via ethernet cable to modem/router The android phone is using WiFi to connect to the modem. The problem is that when my phone goes to...
  24. A

    Help Microphone Does Not Mute on conference calls

    Hi, I have been using a LG p370 (also called LG optimus black) for the last one year. I have a strange problem. When I get onto conference calls (India 1800* numbers) & click the mute button on the touchpad, the phone does not mute & people can hear all the noise around me. I have to then use...
  25. J

    Help Driver for CDC Serial Device

    I updated my LG Black to Android software 2.3.4 Now when I plug the phone into my PC running Vista I get the message "Found New Hardware" Windows needs to install CDC Serial Driver. The phone also wants drivers for LGE P970 USB Device. I am able to access the SD Card and I am able to...