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Help Unlocking the LG P970

I'm thinking about switching carriers since I can get a much better deal with another carrier than who I'm currently with. However, my phone is locked to the carrier I'm with (which I don't like, even if I wasn't going to switch, as I like having the option to just put any SIM card in I want and have it work).

So I was wondering if anyone knows how I can do this for free (I don't want to pay $50 to use a phone I already paid for on another network). I've been looking around online but all I've been able to find is free unlocking for Nokia phones. Plus I don't really trust the majority of these sites I've been looking at.

If it's possible to do through software I think that's the route I'd rather go, but if I absolutely need an unlock code I'd like to know of a site or a program which can give that to me for free.

If that's impossible then is there a cheaper way of doing it? And through a site which I can trust?


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