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lg optimus c

  1. T

    Root Theme editing problems cm7

    Hi everyone, I recently downloaded theme and edited it to change the status bar icons (mobile data icons, wifi icons, and battery icons), then signed it and installed. However when I applied the edited theme into theme chooser, some windows, popups, toast notifications, and statusbar are messed...
  2. T

    Root USB problems in cm7

    Hey guys I'm having really annoying problems with my LG optimus c. When I connect my phone into USB, nothing happens all it does is charge. However, when I use a cable that's broken and wobbly my computer would randomly pick up my phone whenever I move the cable but then it's gone. I use a brand...
  3. G

    Help Can this phone become a hotspot??? (having to install other apps/programs is fine)

    Can you make the LG lw690 a hotspot??? What program(s) do I have to use (FREE) & What is the easiest directions to make it a hotspot (&yes I am phone-literate)? Thanks for the fast assistance!
  4. squirtmph

    Help Technical Support

    I Have LG LW690 I just bought SD Card Class 10 I use media player MX I am unable to play any format with 720p 700MB I start to lose audio every 7 Second, but Video plays fine just audio., I have Update software and driver. can any body help me to work around these problem am phasing right...
  5. L

    Help [HELP] Unbricking the LG Optimus C to Stock Rom -- Need BIN & DLL

    Well, it happened -- I bricked my Optimus C getting caught in an endless loop. To get out of this problem (following instructions in this thread) I used the provided Optimus M rom with LGNPST to get the phone unbricked. However, nothing is working -- I can't seem to get the PLS correct, it...
  6. N

    Root Google Store can't come out and play...Help!!

    My first issue was that I could not access my Google Play Store on my phone. It kept force closing every time I tried to open it. So I called my carrier and we went through a bunch of processes but ultimately they suggested to factory reset the phone. Now Google Play Store is gone completely...
  7. M

    Root Make into a Android Touch

    I am looking at making this into a touch with wifi and bluetooth stereo headset capabilities. Get rid of phone and SMS completely. Also, keep the camera. Is there a build I could work from to do this?
  8. A

    Root CM9 for the Optimus C?

    Anyway we could get a CM9 for the Optimus C? I've seen CM9 for the V, S, and T. Have tried to install the V S and T on it out of curiosity, and it does work, just no Cricket Service. Would be pretty awesome if I could get ICS on there! Anyone even working on this? I'd really love to have this on...
  9. C

    Root removing CM7

    I want to remove CM7 from my LG optimus c. I lost everything on my SD card and I no longer have the recovery image from before putting CM7 on it. but I still have CM7 and CWM on it. so how do I go back to factory reset?:confused:
  10. C

    Root cannot download from market

    my brother rooted my phone, backed up all my apps and put CM7 on it. I've been trying to download a few things from the play store and at first it said "insignicant space" when I had plenty of space. then somehow I was able to download "MarketFix" and it fixed that problem, and went on to...
  11. S

    Root ROM Manager w/ Optimus C?

    Has anyone confirmed it? playfulgod announced it over on his site, I donwloaded it and saw the Optimus C listed but I'm still a little leery of it. Has anyone used it successfully to install CWM on the C? I'm rooted and ready to ROM...
  12. sammyz

    Root [Guide] How to port M/V/S roms to C

    Ok so I have ported a few Gingerbread ROMs to the M and I ported BACKside to the C for you guys. Due to not much in responses I did not continue doing much more. So if anyone would like to take this up to support everyone for the C, here's what you do: 1) If it is not an Optimus M ROM follow...
  13. D-U-R-X

    Optimus C FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  14. kingmarsha11

    Root optimus c bricked from rom manager in need of help

    So I installed the recovery from rom manager ,booted into recovery and boom it bricked it. It won't go pass the lg screen. I have tried the lg update tool and recover phone thing with no luck. This has been a gift and curse because now I have a evo 4g fully flashed to cricket but would like to...
  15. U

    Root Preferences

    OK i need a phone.apk or something theme or god.. lol because i simply want to end a call using the slider tab. for instance when i unlock the lockscreen i slide it.. when i want to hang up i want to slide to end cal basically ive seen this on other gingerbread roms im running cm7.2 btw i need...
  16. sammyz

    Root [ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM [PORT]

    Hey, Everyone! This is a very popular ROM from the LG Optimus V ported to your device by me I am not a developer! I simply took a few files, switched them around, and posted it. Don't thank me, thank JerryScript in the original thread! [ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM (CM7) + Green Machine Theme -...
  17. C

    Help Need help with LG Optimus C

    A couple days back I started having a problem opening up my phone's camera. Whenever I open the camera app, it takes me to a black screen and it says, "Failure to start preview." I've had this problem happened to me before but it would usually go away with a phone restart. Not this time tho...
  18. U

    Root fully gingerbread

    ok you will need to install cm7 if you dont like launcher use the file attached to this post. i pulled it from a emulator i will continue to pull more from emulator and add to this post next will be gallery seeing cm7 doesnt come with a gingerbread gallery as far as i know. To help me use...
  19. U

    Root Recover From ANY Brick

    Download Lg support tool from LG Mobile Support: Find the Latest Drivers & Product Guides | LG USA click customer support then recovery phone then let it do the rest follow the onscreen instrutions you need the drivers installed for this phone so yeah. :p
  20. U

    Root Check it out!!

    okay Cricketusers.com has some info for the C i Have a video on installing either CM7.1 or CM7.2 Cricket Users News - Cricket Users Forum - Wireless news, flashing tutorials, phone information, and more! CM7 .1 or .2 on Lg optimus c - YouTube the video description will bring you major links SO...
  21. sammyz

    Root [Guide] Optimus V ROMS do flash with touchscreen working!! (Link)

    I own an Optimus M, the Optimus C is a twin to it, so I thought I'd share this with you guys, when u see "Optimus M" or "OM" just replace it with "Optimus C" (the only difference between the Optimus M and Optimus C is that the M is for Metropcs and the C is for Cricket and of course programming...
  22. O

    Help Keyboard freezing problems

    I have a nagging problem with the keyboard freezing. It doesn't matter if I am texting, emailing or 'IM'ing. I can shut down the app behind it and it is still there frozen. Only way to solve this is to turn the phone off/on again. Any hints for me? I have had the phone since July, and am still...
  23. T

    Root Question: Rooting LG Optimus C

    I'm trying to help my friend root his Optimus C. He has version 2.3.5. To do a basic root, couldn't I just find a 2.3.3 update and downgrade it to that. Then just use superoneclick. Am I correct? Any information is appreciated. (Note: I'm trying to do just a basic root, no custom ROM's or...
  24. A

    Sending videos with this phone..

    I'm trying to decide which phone to get. Optimas or huawei ascend. I read with the ascend, the video has to be 15 seconds or under for it to send. How long can the videos on the Optimas be in order to be able to send to someone else? On my current phone there is a 30 second limit. Thank you :)
  25. C

    Help LG Optimus C Download from text messages

    I am having troubles loading songs or pictures when I receive messages. It downloads the message just fine, To the text message thread, But if I want to save it to my phone, or use a song as a ringtone, I don't have the option of doing so. Help me! Please!