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lg optimus l7

  1. T

    Help error when building cyanogenmod

    hi everyone , i have a problem , i'm trying to build cyanogenmod 13 but , during the brunch , i get this error : /with-local/classes.dex CHK include/linux/version.h /bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: ";" unexpected make[3]: *** [kernel/bounds.s] Error 2 make[2]: *** [headers_install] Error 2 make[1]...
  2. M

    Help Home Screen

    I have an LG Optimus L70 MS323. My home screen contains a photograph of a dear person. However, along with the photograph and in the way of it, are displayed the Date, Day, Current time, and a smaller "MetroPCS". I have four icons on the bottom of the screen that do not pose a problem as they...
  3. M


    how to download updating softwar lg p700
  4. H

    Root boost zone app

  5. S

    Is this a problem of charger or something else?

    Hi, I charged my stock battery in my LG Optimus L7 yesterday and turned it off. After a few hours, upon restart, the phone did not light up. Swapped back to 5000mah extended battery, nothing seemed to change. Is this a problem of charger or something else? Thank you for your answers.
  6. V

    Will rooting re-carrier- lock my L70?

    Yo. I just unlocked my L70 from Metropcs so I can swap carriers overseas. Working sweet. Bought a code fron ebay for $1.39 NOW im just curious about rooting, will my device be re-carrier-locked If I apply towelroot? Any help appreciated,Simus. Necessity breeds invention.
  7. S

    Help L70 PC USB problems

    I went to the LG site and downloaded the USB drivers for the phone and installed them. Then I connect the phone and did see it show up in Windows explore right under the hard drive. Seemed like it would be working but then the phone installed some driver and killed the whole thing. Whatever...
  8. L

    Help App drawer problem!

    Hi guys. I kinda have a stupid problem here. I accidenatly removed the app drawer icon from the bottom of the homescreen and now I don't know how to put it back where it's supposed to be. I mention that I don't have any kind of custom launchers on the phone. Everything is stock. I think it's...
  9. IBreakPhonesDude

    Root L7 stuck at lg logo. [someone bricked it with chainfire :( ]

    Ok, so i have here an LG Optimus L70 on MetroPCS that refuses to boot into android because someone I had accidentally tapped the install driver button when browsing through the app (the phone was rooted). I've tried all of the usual methods of trying to pull up any emergency mode, factory reset...
  10. MattDaddy572

    Help DelMe0-99 files on L70 KitKat?

    Does anyone know what these DelMe0- DelMe99 files are? They seem to take up 774kb each and reappear shortly after deletion. I am running an LG Optimus L70 using KitKat. Thanks. This is driving me crazy.
  11. C

    Is the LG optimus L70 a good phone?

    What's your opinions on this phone? What don't you like about it? What do you like about it?
  12. M

    Metro LG L7 Possibly the buggiest phone from LG Yet

    Ok so i have a few issues with the phone. Obviously not rooted, not sure if they will ever find a root method for this thing. Bug 1: Locking the screen, then barely touch the screen and it unlocks itself. It does not even go to swipe to unlock. It just fully unlocks. Bug 2: Text message...
  13. V

    Help HELP: When I lock my phone, it unlocks itself

    :confused::confused::confused: Please help me out. Everytime I lock my LG L7, in less than a second it unlocks itself. What's wrong with my phone. Please help. Thanks
  14. M

    Help flash lg optimus 7

    Can u flash a lg optimus 7 us780 from us cellular to boost idk where to have this info answered ... Thank u guys
  15. K

    Help Typing feature doesn't work

    I dropped my phone today, everything works except typing. I am able to click on the area where I'm supposed to type, I can hear the click, but the keyboard never pops up. Any suggestions? I would like to not get a new phone if possible.
  16. G

    Help sdcard0 vs external_SD

    Hello, I just want that my phone (LG p710) when I send an app to "move to sd card" goes in fact there and not to this usb storage or sdcard0. Is there a way to make this without having to use the pc?, or even if I have to, can please someone tell me hw to do this, I have been searching a lot...
  17. S

    Root I Need Help

    I installed cyanogenmod 10 and when i want boot or start the phone it is simply stuck on cyonogenmod logo for ever and i even cant boot to cwm recovery pls i need help P.S i have unlocked Lg L7 p700
  18. L

    unknown automatic shutdown

    Hi, a newbie here:) So I got an old LG Optimus L7 from my cousin. It worked really great at the first two week but few days ago, black screen came up several times each day, and follow automatic shutdown. I told my friend using same model, then he lent me a mpj extended battery which he...
  19. O

    Phone Keeps Turning Off *Please Help!*

    Aight. Hello! I have an LG Optimus L7. I have been using that phone for about 6 Months now and never faced any serious problem except the fact it's sooo laggy. Anyways, One day I take my phone off the charger and start messaging some friends on WhatsApp and the phone just turns off. The screen...
  20. A

    Help Signing out off playstore

    Hello So I used my google account to download an app for someone leaving everything on my phone on hers too (contacts,backup pictures and other stuffs) I tried signing out off Playstore but seem not to find anyway on how to do so. Please I need to clear my stuffs and signout my playstore...
  21. A

    Help apps to SD

    It's a boost mobile LG F7. I was on Google play and downloaded every app to SD and NOT ONE worked? Says I have 2.97 gigs left out of 4.10? thought it came with 8 gigs? any clue on how to get apps on my 8 gig sd card?? thanks ( not rooted)
  22. P

    Help Cant factory reset

    Hey guys i have a LG Optimus L7 that i wish to factory reset yet i cannot as i get a black screen when i try to get into recovery mode. additional note : i tried rooting before and unrooted before.
  23. R

    Coonecting a usb drive to a LG 7

    Hi, How can I copy some files from a usb drive (thumb drive) to my LG 7 Optimus? I have a usb drive adapter connected to a usb drive and to my LG 7, but nothing is showing up on my screen as an external drive. Thanks. LG -P705G, Android 4.1.2
  24. L

    Help screen calibrating.

    So i broke my phones digitizer. I orederd a new one from ebay and replaced it and now the new one glitches and menu button doesnt work, when i press it lights up but nothing happens. Can i calibrate the digitizer?
  25. K

    Help Need help entering recovery mode

    Hey there, So I've been trying to install a custom rom in my LG optimus L7. Everything was going well, I wiped my data and factory resetted my phone, but then the installation of the new rom failed. I tried a bunch of times with no success. I accidentally turned the phone off, and I haven't been...