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lg optimus one

  1. P

    Help LG Phoenix 2 QI Charging Issues

    I have an LG Phoenix 2 and recently purchased a couple of QI receiver pads (5 volt 1000mA) and an LG WCP 300 charging base, and was successfully able to wireless charge my phone for maybe a day, but now even though the charging base blinks green to indicate it is charging, it no longer does...
  2. J

    Help Help Im a nubbie...

    bare with me I got a lot to explain..... I have an android 2.2.1 optimus C lw690 and a Android 2.3.3 Optimus S ls670. the point of me being on this website is for a custom ROM for the Optimus S 2.3.3 I can't find anything to download for know what's compatible with it car for that matter even...
  3. P

    Help Link2SD: Mount script error...

    When I try to mount the partition for Link2SD, I get a dialog that says: Mount script error --------------------- Mount script cannot be created. mount: No such device OK Button (to tap on) I had spent a few days studying the information to use this APP, and believe I got it down right... I...
  4. J

    How to root ZVJ with optimus S

    Trying to help a friend over at xda with rooting his Optimus S which is on the most current update ZVJ 2.3.3, i see that you need to downgrade but i dont now exactly how to do that with the threads, i read somewhere that you cant downgrade with the ZVJ update? anyhelp would be awesome
  5. P

    SuperOneClick Hangs, etc.

    The Carrier for my phones has replaced my Sprint LG Optimus S™, the previous one that went bad was rooted for $29.95, and I went back to those people to get this one rooted, and told them it was a replacement for the one they rooted, and they wanted me to pay again because they said...
  6. I

    No service (No SIM card)

    I get this message with a known good sim card: i.e. it works in another phone. I have already tried factory reset and have gone back to 2.2.1 but still no joy. If anyone can help me fix for this I'd be most grateful. Thank you.
  7. C

    Lg Optimus S not coming on anymore

    (Sorry this is kind of long and some of it seems pointless but it's not) It's an Lg Optimus S LS670 from Virgin Mobile and not rooted. It's my mom's phone and this started happening yesterday after she tried to help me fix my phone. My Galaxy S2 charging port is broken so I followed this video...
  8. AkihiroKurokami

    For those without a battery... Read this!

    DiSCLAiMER: "I am not responsible for any damage that may possibly or may not possibly occur; You and ONLY YOU are held responsible if you decide to try this for yourself." Edit of first attempt: Well the whole battery trick went down the shit-hole... :banghead: It kept rebooting with any...
  9. O

    Problem with LG Optimus screen

    I have an LG Optimus M (not sure whether it's the same thing). Every time I try to make a phone call my screen will go black and none of the buttons will work. Even if i try to hold the power button to just turn it off, it won't work and I have to take out the battery to shut off my phone. I'd...
  10. S

    how to recover lg p500 from bad boot message

    Hello, i had rooted my lg p500, and now i am stuck at an error message: E: Bad boot message, recovery. on top of this error, the menu is not responding as well. i cannot proceed from this point... kindly help me out... Suggest steps for recovery if any..... i also tried to flash the...
  11. D

    my phone is stuck on the earphone icon

    my phone is stuck on the earphone icon, appearing in the white tool bar on top of the screen... i can't hear unless i have headphones on; but it rings and people can hear me... How do i put it back to normal??
  12. PacMan13x

    [Tools][Recoverys]Optimus S[Root]

    Optimus S Flash Tools What this does Currently, it only flashes recoverys. It is still in beta. Meaning, I will add more features such as rooting. Recoverys available are: [SIZE="2"]
  13. K

    Root How to unfreeze LG P500 home launcher after root

    My LG P500 android ver2.3.3 have a black screen and cannot communicate after I root and freeze home launcher without other launcher install. How to unfreeze its or what to do to recall home launcher? Thank you in advance.
  14. J

    Help Phone network

    I am looking for a way to use my phone as a wifi lan. My phone does not have service but I was wondering if I connected 2 computers through wifi hotspot will they be able to connect to eachother?(PC's) or a way to usb tether to the phone on one pc and connect to the phone via wifi with the...
  15. D

    Problem with Fast Boot mode

    Hello, I am having problem with the "fast boot mode" of my gadget This message is displayed: Fastboot mode started udc_start() -- suspend -- -- reset -- -- portchange -- -- reset -- -- portchange -- What I do?? :confused: I found a similar topic but I did not understand the...
  16. N

    only 2% system memory remaining

    in my lg p 500 my phone become very slow. i have enough internal and external memory but system memory remaining 2%. pl. help
  17. M

    how to enter recovery mode in lg su370 (korean ver.)

    i cant seem to start it in recovery mode, it has a stocked rom
  18. B

    Help Force roaming

    My cell carrier must have either failed or shut down my local tower. Yesterday AM I had a call drop. Since then, I can't make or receive calls. Once in a while my phone will roam, but then it quickly slips back into trying to use the network. I haven't been able to find a setting to force...
  19. Q

    Rooted ZVD updated in my pocket to ZVJ

    I have an LG Optimus S. I refused to do the update, my son has the same phone, I thought it was horrendously ugly. The green on black kills my eyes. The buttons and certain functions changed and I do not like it. He is having problems of his own with it saying the sd card is corrupted, yet they...
  20. P

    Help Wrong Forum section

    IGNORE please
  21. pfoneguy

    Problem Adding Contacts???

    Exported my contacts from my SD card no problem and I had added additional ones since with no problems, then as soon as I add a google account I can no longer add a contact to my contacts list? Enter info - press done and poof vanished, it will not show up on the list. If I am in contacts and...
  22. D

    Should I get an Optimus S?

    Only need for talk & text. Won't use much. New to smartphones. Should it matter to me that it's no longer supported by the latest android firmware?
  23. Z

    Network fluctuates while using wi-fi hotspot

    Hello everyone, Good to see the forum. Registered today hope to be here often from now. As of now, I had an issue with my LG Optimus One P500. I'd appreciate if someone could help. I usually connect to internet on my laptop using the wi-fi hotspot on my phone that operates at android v2.2 ...
  24. V

    Seeking Cannibal Open Touch v2.1 for LG Optimus S live link and/or zipped file

    Anyone have a live link or zipped file they would mind uploading / sharing? All links on stickies seem to be dead. Thx.
  25. L

    Help Factory resetting flashed phone....

    Hi, I bought a Sprint Lg Optimus S off of Ebay and found out after I had received it that it had been flashed to page plus but is currently unactivated. If I do a factory reset on it will it revert the phone back to Sprint?I was told from someone else that it would work but I want to be sure...