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How to root ZVJ with optimus S

Trying to help a friend over at xda with rooting his Optimus S which is on the most current update ZVJ 2.3.3, i see that you need to downgrade but i dont now exactly how to do that with the threads, i read somewhere that you cant downgrade with the ZVJ update? anyhelp would be awesome
And here is giantpune's (that root method's author/creator) original thread over here at AF:



Wow! Wish I knew that a week ago :eek:

I've been able to move / delete some system apps too ... though deleting (not movable) "Sprint Installer" causes most of the phone functions to freeze up ... plugging the phone into the computer via USB made it function again, so I re-installed the "Sprint Installer" to get it back to function more properly now.

Looking into Link2SD now ...

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