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lg spirit 4g

  1. B

    When play game it kill my music player or discord/skype

    Hello everyone! Please as 1st step i am sorry for my bad english... Now the issue with which i have problem. When i play my game ( Bleach brave souls ) it is all okay... But when i want to play my own music or want comunicate by discord or skype whatever... It "kill" that... But game is still...
  2. Screwyjo

    Solitaire that won't kill battery

    Hi, can anyone recommend a solitaire collection game that won't kill my battery please? I'm using the 250+ solitaire collection at the moment but it uses a huge amount of power. Thanks for your help. Jo
  3. G

    Root Help with rooting please!

    Hi all I'm a little new to this, I rooted my previous phone so I have a little experience but have really struggled with my LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N. With Lollipop 5.0.1 installed as stock. In case there are any similar phones it is this one, I live in the UK and am on the Virgin network...
  4. K K


    I dont know what is wrong with my phone. I have looked everywhere, i have seen similar problems but they are not the same. Situation: I don't have network on my phone, its disabled somehow. Can't access networks from the Settings, Chrome crashes, Google Play Store wont come open.. I dont know...
  5. M

    System Data LG Spirit

    Hello everyone! I joined this forum hoping i could find some help with my problem. A month ago I got an LG spirit. Within a couple of days I noticed that the System Data under Misc files had already occupied a 5GB of space... The whole internal storage is 8GB and I have an SD card installed...
  6. L

    Help Apps are restarting every time

    Hi! I have an LG Spirit phone. I am an Ingress player, so usually this app runs on my phone. So, when I change the app to the home screen, start a calculator, and want to switch back to the game, the game is restarting. But this happens with all the other applicaions, like G+. My phone has...
  7. B

    Help Locks screen not working properly

    I currently have my lock screen set to knock code, but for some reason, every so often it would automatically change to swipe lock. Its starting to irritate me since out won't let me use my lock security. Its there any way i can fix this?
  8. N

    Can you install 6.0 to a LG Spirit 4G

    Hi just wondering if you could get the new 6.0 update through a flash image for the LG Spirit 4G? if so dose anyone have any links for how to do it with the downloads? :)
  9. Rondeau7

    Activation of this device.

    Will this device still run on the Metro PCS network? It isn't a GSM phone but Metro PCS still supports it.
  10. DH59

    Help Issue installing WhatsApp

    I had WhatsApp working fine on my Huawei phone since last November, but just changed to LG Spirit and now it's not working. I started using WhatsApp while still in the UK, and when we moved to Cyprus I changed provider, inserted the new SIM, and everything worked as it did in the UK, including...
  11. odatkid

    Root Back to Factory

    Hi All, Due to Metro's recall of my LG Spirit 4G, which I really enjoyed thanks to GT ROM's and this community's great support, I'd like to know how to reset my phone to factory after rooting it. I'm running GT's "Samurai" ROM. Is it as simple as booting into recovery and selecting "wipe...
  12. PHP87

    Adios, Amigos...

    Since I will soon have to migrate to a GSM phone, I bought a ZTE ZMax yesterday. In-Store price was $99 and $122.xx out the door. Also upgraded to the $50 Unlimited Data plan. The ZMax is a great phone and a fantastic bargain. Highly recommend going with this device. See you on the other side!
  13. PHP87

    Help WXP not supported? XP won't recognize LG Spirit

    Note: Resolved by using a Bose USB cable. If you have the same problem as I had below, try using a Bose cable or a quality USB cable. I've installed all the software, but WXP does not recognize my LG Spirit when connected via USB When installing the USB drivers, I change my phone Settings to...
  14. T

    sos.Help me.

    Last month I come to china with my spirit 4g.but,in there,my phone can not work.When I insert the china mobile phone card ,it said "invalid SIM card." Hope anyone guys can help me.
  15. J

    Root Best Spirit ROM to date for basic user who still wants extra storage; Running CyanogenMod 10

    Edit: I ended up using the Spirit Unbricking to take the phone back to the Factory Metro Settings. No further help needed. I'm older and not real tech savvy. I have been on Metro PCS for about 4 years. About a year ago I switched to the GSM network to the LG L9. About 6 months ago the service...
  16. MikiSunshine

    Help Wifi turning in for no reason

    I'm running Android 4.0.4 on an LG Spirit with MetroPCS. Recently MPC changed their wifi app to easywifi. And now, for some unknown reason, I will have my wifi off to save battery when I'm home and not in need of it, but something turns it back on. I'll just be reading a book in the Kindle app...
  17. A

    mobile hotspot help

    Hello guys i need help because i can't hide notifications for ANDROID SYSTEM and i want to hide the notificatons any help is apreciated
  18. SpartanJ59

    Root Probably beating on a dead bush but...

    So I bought a pebble, I'm trying to use it on my spirit that is running samurai. I don't know if its the ROM but the pebble is fine and has been tested. Did anyone else when using samurai back in the day have Bluetooth problems?
  19. W

    Help Flashing Spirit to other provider

    Hey, Hope You Guys can help Me out, I had to deploy and let My service Expire, Metro wont activate it in My area anymore. Can I flash to another Provider or is this Great phone worthless now? Thanks.:confused:
  20. ZombieBear

    Root Moving on

    Well guys, we had a good run but I'm done with ICS and was finally able to get a hold of a Oneplus One. Best of luck to everyone, and special thanks to all the great people as well as the developers who masse the rooms that made this phone so fun
  21. J

    Help Capacitive buttons not working

    I dont know why my LG Spirit's capacitive buttons(home, menu, back) are not working. Im seriously frustrated specially since I really cant get a new device because my parents can't.
  22. B

    Root Want to Unroot, Spirit isn't a brick, please help

    http://androidforums.com/spirit-4g-metro-pcs-all-things-root/847166-no-boot-access-please-help-first-root.html ^That would be my first and only post on this forum, and so explains the extent of my rooting knowledge. I've been running Samurai for 3 months now and I've been quite happy with how...
  23. KutuluKid

    Root Bootlaoder, backup and new ROM

    I have a friend who has a spirit, it is rooted. He was interested in trying to install a ROM after seeing my N5 with liquid smooth rom. Can anyone please post some links so I can point him in the right direction? He is not tech illiterate, but kind new to the android scene. I assume he needs to...
  24. F

    Root LGMS870 Security Error - Cannot flash / PC Not Recognizing

    Accidentally deleted a few mandatory apps like movies and videos. Now I cannot boot my lg ms870 and I get the "security error" at the LG screen. I can get to download mode using the unbricking guide posted here, but no luck with anything else. Any suggestions would be great. thanks guys...
  25. PHP87

    Help Device keeps dropping calls.

    This just started happening in the last week or so. I can be at home and attempt to make a call and it will disconnect on the first few rings or after a minute or two. I haven't noticed any problems away from home, but I make 95% of my calls from home so I'll have to wait and see if it's a...