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micromax a25

  1. techie_28

    Help Micromax bolt a27 vibrates endlessly on startup.

    Hello All, I have a Micromax Bolt A27 which is a Spreadtrum SC6820 device and I have managed to bricked it.It now just buzzes endlessly without showing anything on the screen:eek:. I have tried various ways like installing CWM via fastboot and using the ResearchDownload.exe flashing utility...
  2. N

    Help sd card unmounted ERRor

    there is a problem with my trancend 4 gb sdcard. when i use to open gallary it shows "sd card unmounted or not present". after rebooting it shows files but after sometime it is same as before. While in File Manager it shows all Data but nothing could be deleted. Formatted on pc but after...
  3. A

    Root Nandroid backup

    Hey people I'm New MMX a25 user here. I have flashed a wrong rom and bricked my phone can anyone give me a nandroid backup or a link so i can restore my phone. please its urgent....:(:(:(:(:confused::confused::confused:
  4. A

    Help Factory reset

    Is it advisable to do a full factory reset of a rooted mmx a25 phone??? has anyone tried it??? does it remove root???
  5. aslam77

    Root Fix. My problem please

    Hello I m new to root and I mgetting android partition size changed error while rooting micromax a25 I wanted to root my sw ver is A25_0201_v3070 Anyone post all rooting method here I m getting partition size changed error while flash boot.img and recovery.img please solve the problem because...
  6. A

    Help Micromax a25 duplicate msg problem

    Hi guys.... I've been using MMX A25 for 8 months now and all was fine.... But recently for almost a couple of weeks now i've been receiving duplicate msgs sometimes even 10 times... I'm also not receiving msgs on time.... I checked with my service provider and they're saying there's no issues...
  7. nightwalker

    Root [fix][root]partition|size|changed|error

  8. P

    Root custom rom insatallation problem in micromax a25

    hi um new to the android..i just rooted my phone .when trying to install custom rom using rom manager its s reboots and shows an android logo.thats it.. nothing will happen .plz help me guys
  9. R

    nothing vibrates while playing games,message,incoming calla,pressing soft keys

    my phone does not vibrate. i mean that, while i play game when i crash it vibrates when i receive call and messages and by pressing soft keys now it is not vibrating??????????????????????????? what to do?????????????????????
  10. M

    Help generic failure

    Dear admin, I am new in this forum and need your help. I downloaded a banking tool which needed my registration. After completing it the tool was processing my request but while the process was on a message appeared which says GENERIC failure. It went on to complete the process without showing...
  11. R

    micromax a25 power button problem

    i have been using this mobile micromax a25 for past 7 months... now facing problem with the power button... its not working sometimes, i have to click 4 to 5 times to wake it up... but most of the time its working properly... almost 20 % power button clicks are not working... phone state -...
  12. S

    Help No Service Error after stock recovery

    After trying many methods, my Micromax A25 was bricked. So I searched for stock ROM and got a version ending with 70. I flashed my phone and successfully unbricked. But I noticed that Invalid IMEI message was shown. Using an app, I've write IMEI successfully, same as the main IMEI. Now, after...
  13. D

    Root Android Backup Question

    I've made a backup using stock recovery. But I am unable to restore it due to checksum error. Now that I've installed CWM, it doesn't shows that backup file. Is there any way I can have a restore of the my original .backup file?
  14. S

    Root [Vision V2.0]Update Micromax A25 Custom Rom[MF LINK UPDATED]

    [Vision V2.0]Update Micromax A25 Custom Rom[MF LINK UPDATED] DESCRIPTION : This is an update package for Vision V1.0 Micromax A25 Custom Rom. After installing this package your Custom rom will be updated to V2.0 . REQUIREMENTS : CWM recovery Vision V1.0 Custom Rom V2.0...
  15. S

    Root [Vision V2.0]Update Micromax A25 Custom Rom[MF LINK UPDATED]

    [Vision V2.0]Update Micromax A25 Custom Rom[MF LINK UPDATED] DESCRIPTION : This is an update package for Vision V1.0 Micromax A25 Custom Rom. After installing this package your Custom rom will be updated to V2.0 . REQUIREMENTS : CWM recovery Vision V1.0 Custom Rom V2.0...
  16. 0

    Root Micromax Stock Rom Recovery by JASPREET

    This is a STOCK ROM Backup which any MMX A25 Smarty Holder can use to RECOVER HIS OR HER PHONE FROM WORSE Cases, as i have also passedfrom a stage like this where i flashed Clockwork Mod-hence my a25 HANGED ON BOOT SCREEN(micromax/smarty).. so i decided to add this thread to help all others who...
  17. S

    Root CUSTOM ROM MICROMAX A25[Vision V1.0]Custom Rom For Micromax A25[MF LINKS]

    Finaly the wait is over First Custom rom for micromax a25 is hear Made by tepu chaudry DESCRIPTION : After working of around 20 days I am able to release the first custom rom for micromax a25 on 04th April 2013 . This is a initial version of vision, many features will be added in...
  18. nightwalker

    Root [guide][root]micromax a25 rooting via images

    Hi guys,I will tell u how to root micromax a25. 1.Download screenshots folder and the images will be from 1-19,see them sequence vise.download link=(4shared.com - free file sharing and storage email=sharmasanjay7071@gmail.com,if needed 2.Download micromax a25 rooting kit.Download...
  19. nightwalker

    Root [Theme][Mod]Ginger Bean

    Hey Guys:):),Here I Present you a new theme for Micromax A25.You will not refuse this Theme to flash.It is called GINGERBEAN V1.1 :DThis took a lot of time i.e 2-3 Days simultaneously.So,please don't write thanks rather click thanks button.It would be nice either.:D So,Let me tell you the...
  20. N

    Root Install Custom Roms in Micromax A25

    Is There Any Custom Rom For Micromax A25?? I'm sure this phone support custom roms of galaxy s duos as they are having same processor and configurations! But the main problem is about camera and resolution! If anyone can help me in resolving that problems i can make custom roms for this...
  21. M

    install xloud in mmx a25

    plllllsssssss take cwm backup before proceeding ihave done it on my mmx a25 so dont worry search google and download signed beats audio+xloud.zip from your internet connection and flash it with cwm recovery after flashing your music player will not work because xloud is working :(:( but...
  22. S

    Root Need Custom rom for micromax A25

    Need a custom rom for Micromax A25 please thanks in advance:)
  23. vaibhavcoolm

    Root How to Increase Internal Memory of Micromax A25 Ny Vaibhav

    HOW TO INCREASE INTERNAL MEMORY OF MICROMAX A25 BY PARTITIONING MEMORY CARD Hey Guys I have A wonderful tutorial for all of you TO increase internal memory of Micromax A25. As we know Micromax A25 has an Internal Memory of only 120MB. So we can't install much apps in our phone. If we try to...
  24. D

    Root How to run Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) on Micromax A25.

    Micromax A25 is a really small device and running a desktop/laptop OS on it will be, what can I say..horrifying? :D But I do it anyway, not for any productive purpose. I do it out of curiosity and it's amazing to see what this little Android can do. In my experience in trying to get Ubuntu to...
  25. vaibhavcoolm

    Root CWMR (Clockworkmod Recovery) For Micromax A25 by VAIBHAV

    Hey Guys I have modded Clockworkmod recovery 6 for Micromax A25. ::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::----::---- Download Link :- (THE LINK HAS BEEN CHANGED AND CWM IS WORKING NOW) MT6575 Scatter File : MT6575_Android_scatter.txt CWM recovery.img ...