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micromax a60

  1. S

    Root can anyone tell how to root micromax a61

    can anyone tell how to root micromax a61 i cant find the software pls someone tell
  2. V

    Help process android.process.acore has stopped

    Hi Guys, I am facing the issue on my "Micromax A60" handset like "process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly". Whenever i try to view or save any contact.I search a lot but could not find a satisfactory answer to my problem. Someone told me reset the phone and i did the same then...
  3. D

    Root Fix on camcorder for a60 needed !

    Hi .... Micromax a60 users ! Did any one tried Microfire 2.1 and X-Zoom v2 rom . The problem in both rom is that CAMCORDER ------- IS NOT WORKING ... but camera pic is capturing . One more thing Microfire rom doesn't have aroma installer but xzoom rom have both are good rom !;) So here a...
  4. punk23

    Micromax A60 Bricked?? Need help..

    I rooted my A60 and deleted system folder by root explorer. Now my phone got bricked. My PC doesn't recognise it. I can't use ADT.......Plz help to flash a new firmware
  5. D

    Root Recovery not flashing

    I have micromax a60. Rooted I tried many times flashing recovery via rom manager but error arise while flashing recovery. Is there other ways for flashing recovery custom recovery
  6. D

    Help Recovery not flashing

    I have micromax a60 rooted. I downloaded rom manager i tried to flash custom recovery but it says. Error while flashing recovery. I tried many times with different.version custom recovery.but it did not flash is there another way of flashing recovery.:confused:
  7. D

    Help problem

    am using micromax a60 i upgated it to 2.2 by using the tutorials in inter-net but it is not working properly. now i want my older version how can i get it............ pls help me
  8. H

    Help help me master plz urgent

    i have micromax 2.1 . i want update it so i flash it AndroidDownloadTool after set hang only micromax and not connecting to pc help me fast plzzzz .when i try to flash it sd card it say signature verification failed .
  9. prax45

    Root Original rom

    Can some one give me the original rom or micromax a60 as update.zip file pls help.
  10. C

    Help Proxy Setting in Micromax A60

    How can I change the proxy setting for WiFi in my Micromax A60 with Android version 2.01?
  11. G

    my micromax android a60 gets reboot as i connect to pc..

    I am facing problem in connecting my a60 to pc through usb cable,my phone automatically gets reboot as soon i connect to my pc....:confused:
  12. jaicool

    Root plz help

    when i goto recovery it says cant mount cache,etc,,,,when i try to install a rom it says something about asserts boot couldnt be written i installed th boot using ADT and i know the roms can also be installed by that but i dont have any system.img,recovery.img,boot.img plz sum1 solve my problem
  13. akash akya

    Root {Froyo Rom} | MicroFire | micromax a60 |

    Hi guys....... "MicroFire" my first rom name..... its based on Rohan's Freek v1 which is stable & fast.... now i'm want to share it with all of u..... :) lets move on to FIRE world,,,, here i only mentioned few features.... all basic features are there Features: 1.ICS theme...
  14. jaicool

    Help who is the developer of claro for a60

    whoever made that claro thing for a60 , it's just rebooting and rebooting and rebooting and...........i mean it starts starts loadinjg where the colour things come n stops n reboots if u got my prob, plz help den........:):):):):)
  15. jaicool

    Root plzz som1 helpp

    can som1 gimme the boot.img, cwm recoverry.img and system .img for jet2.1 or kulrom or ny other updat.zip
  16. D-U-R-X

    Micromax A60 FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Micromax...
  17. jaicool

    Help killed my phone plzz help.....!!!!!!!!!!!111

    som1 gave a link to install froyo without recovery mode so i did it... now it doesn't start and keeps rebooting..now the recovery mode also got problem. it keeps saying recovery/log not mount and not found..when i try to installl another update .zip it says cant format .. plz helppppppp...
  18. J


    how can i use wi fi in micromax a60. its not workng in that. please suggest me some ideas.
  19. S

    Help bricked a60

    I flashed a cwm rom for my a60 , but this rom was for a70. Now i'm not able to get into recovery and it get's stuck at micromax logo. Please help
  20. A

    Help guys

    Hi Friends i had a problem related in my micromax a60 that when i download any app or game it is installing in phone memory instead of memory card plz help me guys how can i install games &apps in sd card help me guys
  21. ashudb70

    Help how to get out of safe mode??

    guys please help me please it is very urgent help me how to get out of safe mode in our a60. please its not getting out of it please help for additional info my phone is rooted and linked all apps to sd
  22. arnabghosh

    Root Help with partitioning SD card

    hello every one....I am using micromax a60 and I root using z4root,I download the partition sd card tool from xda ...but I done something wrong ..bcoz when I put my memory card into phn .......its damage and say me to format it.....
  23. S

    Help Bricked my a60

    Bricked my a60....friends please help me in reflashing my phone....i heard that its possible with fastboot.u guys have any idea...so please help me..lots of thanks.
  24. S

    Root micromax a60 hang on logo

    micromax a60 hang on logo for few sec then triangle logo appears ..i tried rebooot and wipe data/factory reset but no use. assit plzz i am new to deal with android regards!
  25. cool.gautam

    Root Suggestions for Jet 1.3

    Sorry guys varun has been already working on RC 2 Hello Guys , I will take over Jet series soon..!! Varun my friend has built a perfect one for you guys and i will add on to his donations :P and want to hear from you people...what all u want in jet 1.3 . Answer the poll and any apps or any...