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motorola atrix 2

  1. maheshstark

    Help my motorola atrix 2 stuck in recovery mode !!!

    my motorola atrix 2 stuck in recovery mode give a suggestion please ???
  2. Matthewsteross

    Help Atrix 2 won't boot please help

    Hey guys, I have a completely stock Atrix 2 that's been running fine since 2011, never been dropped, wet, rooted or rommed. I don't know what happened, last night I plugged it in to charge and browsed the web for a bit, when I woke up this morning, it wouldn't even boot. I need help...
  3. F

    Help Touchscreen suddenly out of calibration?

    On the evening of 22 October 2014, I had my phone plugged in to wall power and charging. I was using my phone have the YouTube app control video selection and playback on my BluRay player. When I unplugged my phone, the touchscreen was suddenly no longer responding accurately to my touches. I...
  4. O

    Root Urgent help needed please

    I was trying to update to the newest version of MIUI, decided to do a clean install as I have been having some problems lately. So wiped the phone in BMM recovery and installed the zip for MIUI and GAPPs, but then my BMM removed itself (it did tell me it was doing this, but following the...
  5. T

    Root Rooted Atrix 2 - Factory Reset - Now Issues

    I did a factory reset on my Atrix 2 4G and now the "Accounts" icon no longer works and crashes when trying to start the app. I clear the data/cache on the app and it acts like it will load then crashes again and again. This all started after I did a factory reset on the phone. I'm looking to...
  6. D

    Help Reset Atrix 2

    Sir my Atrix2 is update through RSD but my mobile is show boot failure and when we have on the mobile then Show invalid CG OTV & Invalid SP Data. and after we have recover the data then You are not recover so kindly help us because this area is not any service center regarding mobile so...
  7. A

    Help How to make all photos show up in library?

    My boyfriend hooked up me with a larger SD card and transferred all my files over to the new card via his computer. At first, I was a little freaked out because I couldn't find the photos taken on the old SD card in the Library (located in Gallery). I finally found them after an hour or so of...
  8. vsa209

    Help Unlocked Atrix 2 Italy

    Hi All! I am currently studying a year abroad in Florence, Italy and at&t graciously unlocked my atrix 2 so I could buy an Italian sim/service while i'm away. I got a plan with TIM, a popular service provider, and pay a monthly rate so I can have a fully functioning phone. The problem is...
  9. zapjb

    AdAway, AdFree, AdBlock Plus or what???

    I don't know what to use. I've used AdFree before but replaced it with AdAway. Recently I switched from a CDMA carrier to a GSM carrier. And AdAway is telling me to alter my APN proxy. I already had to alter my APN proxy to get Data to work in the 1st place. So this is something I won't do...
  10. zapjb

    Help Atrix 2 4.04 Rooted System ROM too FULL! What do I delete?

    Atrix 2 4.04 Rooted System ROM too FULL! What do I delete? Forgive me AF'ers. I'm getting older & I forget what I've learned here at AF. It's been close to 2 years that I had my Droid X2, rooted it. Haven't played with other phones. So finally got an Atrix 2 & rooted it. Thank God found...
  11. zapjb

    Root Late to Atrix 2 searched here & net = CONFUSED

    please delete
  12. A

    Help Phone lost ringer volume

    Ringer volume is very low now and the volume setting is adjusted all the way up. It was working fine until the battery was very low. The ringer volume went very low and I originally thought it was due to some power saver but now the battery is fully charged and I still cannot get the volume...
  13. C

    Root hi i need help my motorola atrix 2 briked while rootting :(

    Can you guys help me, I bricked my Atrix 2 but I am not sure which state of brick it is in. When I turn on my phone it boots up into the Motorola "M" Dual Core Screen and after a bite the screen turn bright with black back ground. Also when I go into fast boot it gives me the message saying...
  14. G

    Root problem with entitlement check

    hello i was trying to disable the entitlement check using this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1912323 he says there, that there supposted to be a "settings" table in the settings.db file, but mine doesn't have it (added a screen shot) I can't find this...
  15. O

    Root Trying to root Atrix2 on ICS

    I have tried to root a number of times, but have had nothing but failure. I get to *server not running* *daemon not running. starting it now* *daemon started succesfuly* nothing happens beyond this. I have followed the root instructions as carefully as i can, I saw one set...
  16. CesarOC

    Help How to Watch US Netflix outside US with my motorola atrix 2

    Is there any free app that can help me with this? Ive already tried SETDns and tunnelbear VPN and does not work that well...:(
  17. B

    Help how to get rid of junk email to android?

    I am getting junk email onto my Android Atrix 2. (Windows Live Mail only...G mail is fine) I have a spam filter and junk mail blocking on my Windows Live mail on computer which works well, but don't know how to stop this junk email from getting to my phone. Thanks Barbara
  18. E

    Help Outward facing camera not working on Motorola Atrix 2...?

    Hi there! I've had my Motorola Atrix for a bit now, and lately I've noticed that the outward-facing camera does not work. In any instance where the front facing camera is utilized by an app, it will not work and the app and camera will shut down. For apps where the front camera is being...
  19. C

    Help See Hotmail Emails w/Browser Only?

    Can I Login to Outlook.com to View Hotmail Emails via the Atrix2 (AT&T) Browser WITHOUT setting up an Email Acct On the phone? Logging-in to https://login.live.com Only gets me Admin capabilities and my desktop URL to Hotmail Inbox emails has that plus /60+ more characters - a lot to enter on...
  20. PoorBoy52760

    Root ATRIX 2 SBF needed....

    Does anyone know where i can find a sbf for the Motorola Atrix2 Please Help
  21. C

    T-mobile support for Atrix2

    Reading it seems that T-Mobile is refarming it's network to offer 3G HSPA+ on 1900mhz. support.t-mobile.com/thread/34994 My question. If I go to the coverage map it shows I have 4G at my street address which I assume is LTE? There doesn't seem any way to check 3G coverage. Is it...
  22. macguru42

    Help 2 issues w/ Atrix 2

    Unlocked, running ICS, stock ATT rom, outside of ATT service (Brazil) 1. I am unable to setup a hotspot. I get a notification: 'Account not setup for Mobile Hotspot' Since I am not an ATT customer, or in the US, can I get around this? 2. Often , when leaving WiFi coverage, the cellular data...
  23. Davolt

    Help I updated to jellybean now i have a sound error help!

    OK so basically before I did the jellybean ROM my headphones worked flawlessly and now it like reset the settings for it and all I hear is my speaker..And headphones work fine on my lg motion so is not them. I also can't find the sound settings to change it from external to headphones...please...
  24. C

    Maybe getting phone- Are there ICS problems?

    I'm definetly thinking about getting a used atrix 2 off of ebay in good condition. I like that it has ics but I hear that alot of people started having alot of problems after they updated, is this just a few people or is it like a sure thing that if you update to ics you will have problems...
  25. B

    Root Motorolla atrix Rooting

    Hi there im from New Zealand, and ive been trying to root my atrix 2 so that i can put jelly bean on it, i have basically tried every single root intruction kit and every root tool i could find, ive spent over a month trying, but everytime i go to root it ive run the ABD file then start the root...