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motorola cliq 2

  1. P

    Help Constant low storage memory problems no matter how few apps I install

    Based on the lack of activity on Cliq 2 here I'm not holding out a lot of hope this will be answered, but I thought I would give it a shot. I am having CONSTANT fluctuations in storage space and it affecting everything from me email syncing to my app updating to, most importantly, my text...
  2. R

    Help Gingerbread Problems

    I have the cliq 2 on att and have run into some problems. my friend installed the first beta(of five) of gingerbread on this phone. now im trying to upgrade to the official version because this beta is causing memory problems, but i have no way to fix this. The update software wont do anything...
  3. C

    Help Easytether issues

    I have been using easy tether to access my yahoo account on my laptop but all of a sudden am unable to. I also cannot access any secure sites such as banks. Help!
  4. S

    Help Cliq 2 Menu button not working

    So, my menu button on my Cliq 2 has suddenly decided to stop working today. I press it, and nothing happens. My phone doesn't even respond. Every other button works, except it. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  5. K

    Help Outgoing email probs

    For some reason now I am getting authenication errors on outgoing email. I deleted the account and reset it back up but still cannot send out emails. This is on cliq 2 system ver 1.1.30 T-mobile And version 2.2.2
  6. El Presidente

    Root Cliq 2: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have any...
  7. K

    Root Titanium Backup Issue

    When I click on my Text Messaging icon it appears that its opening but then closes immediately. I recently went through my processes today (in TB) to freeze some ones I don't need (or so I thought) so I'm assuming I froze something that the text messaging app needs to open. However, I just went...
  8. F

    Help Geocaching problems

    This is my first smartphone. I was really excited to try the Geocaching I had heard so much about, but I can't get it to stop jumping around! I have calibrated my compass many times, I use the opensource C:geo and make sure I am updated on that. In compass-mode, I pay attention to the +/- info...
  9. tattedman

    Root [ROM] [Leak] Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware 2.0.84 (8/19/11)

    This project was done by Eccentric Vision Development Team, which consists of myself and tatted. It is Android 2.3.4 with the new Blur. At this point, no root is achieved. That is still being worked on. Download here Copy update.zip to root of your sd card. To install, enter stock...
  10. S

    Root We have gingerbread.

    Tattedman has proof.... And ill be flashing later! im not sure but think he might post links and directions later.
  11. S

    Help 1.1.30 Update Issues?

    I just got a Motorola Cliq 2, brand new. About a month ago, I got the 'System Software Update' notification, and proceeded to download and install the update. Nothing happened. The update downloaded, the phone turned off, then there was a momentary icon of something downloading, but it stopped...
  12. tattedman

    Root Project ECC Unlock

    Ok I got some good news The moto cliq 2 now has access to the dev servers!! I will post details in a short time. I am currently going through the dev servers as I type this
  13. D

    Root cliq 2 no data connectivity

    if anyone could help me with this, it would be great. so i sbf flashed a rooted mb611 and now i cant get the data connection to work at all. wifi works but not anything outside of that. i used rsd 5.3 and this p3e_begonia_umts_begonia-user-2.2.2-BGN_1.1.30-ota-keys-T-Mobile-US_generic-signed.sbf
  14. S

    Root Custom rom.

    Ok so someone over modmymobile.com has released a semi-stock semi-deblurred rom for the cliq2 ... I got an MD5 error. But maybe you'll have better luck. Don't forget to thank the devs behind the rom and as always, spread the word.
  15. S

    Motorola Cliq 2 is same as??

    Hey guys! Okay I just have a pretty simple question I guess, the Motorola Cliq 2 could be compared to what other moto phone? I'm asking because when I install Rom Manager in order to have ClockworkMod Recovery i need to choose from the following phones: Motorola Defy Motorola Milestone...
  16. O

    Help!my Cliq2 can't read SD card after update to 1.1.30

    i updated my cliq2 system to 1.1.30 yesterday.But mobile can't read the SD card.I have two SD cards.One is the original 2G sd card,the other is kingston 8G sd card i bought previously. I am sure of the 2 SD card is OK.i can use them in my PC.And i tried them in my friend's phone.They can work...
  17. dlamber7

    Root [Mod] Big Update! 2ndInit!

    Awesome news guys! I have successfully ported the 2ndInit Recovery to the C2! I replaced the Defy recovery with the recovery I worked up. As of right now, I do not have an apk to install it, it will require the use of ADB. Thanks to the Korean developers that created the 2ndInit method...
  18. A

    Help Motorola Cliq2 Orientation Issues

    I hope someone else has experienced this issue. My phone's orientation keeps switching back and forth between portrait and landscape. About every 4 - 30 seconds. Which means it never 'sleeps' so it kills my battery. I've closed and uninstalled almost everything, I've done a few factory resets...
  19. S

    Help Help changing the color of my time font in notification bar.

    So I installed a grey transparent notification bar and I can't figure out how to change the font from black to white. I have used root explorer to look in the build.prop but don't see the notification bar=1 or 0 like im used to seeing.. any help?
  20. B

    Help Can we put a custom recovery on this

    Any thoughts? I've read that it has a messy bootloader that's similar to the atrix, but if it can be done on the atrix, cant see why it can be done on this.
  21. S

    Help 1.1.30 Motorola update.

    So got a message this morning and said install now after downloaded. Don't think it installed.. Anyone know how to check what version of motoblur is on the phone?
  22. tattedman

    Root "Soak" Update rooted!!!

    Ok as I mentioned yesterday z4root doesn't work on the latest update..... Problem solved. the answer: [APP]SuperOneClick v1.9.1 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App) - xda-developers I personally used v1.7 but the latest version should work...
  23. tattedman

    MOTO Cliq 2 Software Tester

    So I got accepted to try the moto cliq 2's beta code name "soak!" I will post here how it is .... and see if root still works eheheh Its downloading right now
  24. tattedman

    Root Light at the end of the tunnel

    Ok I was so upset about not being able to install netflix I was searching my good old friend google and Root and custom recovery available [Release] Clockwork MOD recovery for Moto Defy [Updated 2010-12-18 04:08 am CST] - xda-developers I havent tried it yet.... who thinks we should...
  25. tattedman

    Root Netflix

    Ok so as you may all know by now the netflix app is finally active. I have tried to trick netflix into thinking that it was a G2...... The problem is thanks to the locked bootloader when you restart the phone the file you edit reverts back to the default settings... I will keep looking into...